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Heart Failure. Congestive Heart Failure.

Heart Failure and Aldactone (Spironolactone)

I am writing this update because many physicians and patients do not know the importance of this information in the treatment of heart failure.

I providing several web articles discussing the use of Aldactone (Spironolactone) in the treatment of Heart Failure.

(1) http://www.pslgroup.com/dg/11540a.htm "Aldactone Reduces Heart Failure Deaths By 30 Percent"

(2) http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/heart-failure/heart-failure-aldactone

"Treating Heart Failure With Aldactone"

(3) http://www.journalclub.org/vol2/a72.html

"The effect of spironolactone on morbidity and mortality in patients with severe heart failure " This article is quite technical; I have used it because it contains data in the author's discussion and comment section that is valuable.

My comment: Aldactone is the trade name for the generic named Spironolactone. Aldactone is used to get excessive fluid off the body. It's primary use is to get Ascites (Abdominal fluid from liver disease, or heart disease, or kidney disease) off the body as well as excessive fluid from other parts of the body. Aldactone is not a very strong diuretic but has a speciality use in medicine. I am really amazed how this drug is currently being used in heart failure and also surprised how many physicians are not aware of its effectiveness. Be your best advocate and keep yourself informed!

As always have your primary physician guide your medical care.  This article is to help with information gathering.

Normal heart. Abnormal heart with failure.


Heart failure.


New York Heart Association Heart Failure Classification.


Heart Failure. Weak Heart. Sick Heart.

The title sums it up. Heart failure is when the heart is unable to handle the body's fluid load in its vascular tree. The New York Heart Association has a classification that functionally describes and classes heart failure (please see link and photo).

When you or a love one has heart failure you will find shortness of breath, fatigue, fluid or edema in the legs, and sometimes ascites.

The links and photos are very informative.

Heart failure is most commonly caused by coronary artery disease.  Other causes of heart failure are .high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other diseases. 

Heart Failure.

Heart Failure/Mayo Clinic.

Heart Failure/NIH.

Heart Failure/WebMD

  • Heart Failure Center - WebMD
    Congestive heart failure affects about 5 million Americans. Roughly 550,000 people are diagnosed with heart failure each year. It is the leading cause of hospitalization in people older than 65. Short and Sweet.

Heart Failure. NYHA/ACC/AHA Classification.

  • Heart Failure. Classified by your physical limits (NYHA) and your risks ACC/AHA
    Heart Failure. New York Heart Association (NYHA) classifies by functional limitations; American College Of Cardiologists (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) classifies by risk to severe disability. Concise. Excellent!
  • Heart Failure
    Describes Heart Failure. The New York Heart Association (NYHA)/ American College Of Cardiology (ACC)/ American Heart Association (AHA). Short. To the point. NYHA is based on how you function. ACC/AHA is based on your risks that led to your function.

Heart Failure/NIH Seniors.

Heart Failure.

Heart Failure.

Heart Failure by Alphabeat!


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