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Healthy Mind: What’s at stake?

Shamsheer is a second-year engineering student with keen interest and in the fields of content and creative writing


An individual is said to be mentally healthy when he/she can deal with stress in day to day life with a healthy and positive mindset. Dealing with a broad and sensitive subject like mental health which talks about maintaining the brain, the most complex component of our body requires a lot of knowledge and patience. It is continuously defying all the limits of human expectations. Unlike other topics, the research in mental health will never come to a saturation. There are endless possibilities of discovery of new theories that govern then dynamics and function of the human brain, also known as the command centre. Ironically, the topic of mental health, which is usually side-lined by the common mass, is the area where most of the research takes place. The high complexity and unawareness of this field is the main reason for ignorance.

Coping with mental health issues regardless of their severity was never an easy task, even for the great American mathematician John Nash who suffered from a severe mental condition called schizophrenia who later was known for his groundbreaking theories in mathematics like Nash Equilibrium. Mental illness has always been a hot topic for research. Depression, another form of mental illness was the cause behind the death of several genius personalities like Alan Turing, known as the father of Modern Computing. On the other hand, Savant Syndrome, another type of brain disorder was the cause behind the intelligence of personalities like Kim Peek who had exceptional memorizing abilities and known as mega savant. Well, this field never fails to amaze us.

Mental health is not all about curing and coping with mental illness, it also focuses on keeping our brain healthy and positive for better thinking and cognitive abilities. These abilities and positivity are necessary to bring important changes in one’s life regardless of his/her role in society. A better and healthy brain is often a major contributor in achieving good results and productivity. Due to negative influence, we often depend on external factors like nootropics or supplements to get an active mind. Instead, small changes in the environment and life leap towards a healthy and positive mindset. Achieving small goals in life, maintaining discipline in following life cycle, being in a good shape boosts our mind and provides us self-confidence. This helps us in keeping our brain healthy. This healthy brain is immune to mental diseases or disorders.

Humanity’s instinct to survive even in severe situations and push beyond its limits has always portrayed its capabilities in accordance with the statement of great physicist Stephen Hawking who once said that there is no boundary to human endeavors. Our brain and mental health are dependent on small secretions of brains called hormones. Mental health can be improved by controlling the hormones. Restraining ourselves from activities that produce excessive harmful hormones like Dopamine and performing those activities that promote the secretion of good hormones like Adrenaline that motivates and drives us to achieve our goals is the only effective solution to reduce mental diseases.

We can conclude that awareness plays a major role in the self-diagnosis of mental illness. Many scales such as Hamilton M. A rating scale for depression (HDRS) are used for assessment of levels depression. Mental health should be given equal importance as physical health as it will adversely affect to the society and its structure in general.

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