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Healthy Ageing- 5 Tips To Help You Age Gracefully

Charlene loves all things home related and has a wide range of knowledge/skills learnt day-to-day as a caregiver, home-maker, mom and wife

“Aging is inevitable, but getting "old" is entirely optional!”
― Lisa Levine



I am the big four-O and I would like to think I have learned a thing or three over the years to be able to pass along my ‘wisdom’ or what little I know thus far to whoever is interested. I feel ancient mentally but I am usually mistaken for my daughter (who looks exactly like me-my mini-me). I am usually tickled pink at the fact that people think I am way younger than I am but trust me that ‘youthfulness’ is just skin deep LOL I literally feel my age at about 10 o clock when all I want is a glass of wine and my bed. Anywho, here are my top 5 tips to help the aging process along and I hope it works for you as it (sort of) works for me.


1. Take charge.

As we age, change is inevitable. We can not control the aging process but we can control how we age, meaning our bodies and minds will obviously alter but how quickly it transforms is entirely up to us. Naturally, as your body ages, more nutrients and vitamins are utilized, your body does not operate as effectively as previous albeit younger years therefore your body works more needing more essential minerals than before. So you have to increase your daily intake of vitamins and nutrients by taking stronger supplements preferably one suited to your age group that caters specifically to your needs.


2. Exercise.

Exercise provides that all-important role to strengthen your body and rejuvenate your mind. When we mature in body, retirement casts its infamous shadow over us and compels us to become sluggish. This inactivity or lazing about causes bones to stiffen and a mind to drift, which is why to fight the effects of old age a while longer, getting active is required for some good old fashion zest to bring some life back into you. Exercise helps your body and mind maintain vitality as well as longevity. Remember exercises should never be done just before bedtime and would be better suited in the morning to get that extra boost for the day. Afternoon exercise works well too if you are not an early riser, it replenishes the energy already used though it is important not to over-tax yourself. So pace yourself whichever workout time suits you and your lifestyle.


3.TRY to stress less.

Stress causes all sorts of different grievances to your emotional and physical well being though it is especially demanding on an aging individual. When stress takes hold depression becomes inevitable. Stress causes individuals to become recluses hence isolating the problem which then leaves them open to self-pity and eventually depression. Major health risks could manifest and in order to manage these manifestations correctly, one must often prevent stress from becoming an issue. Take care of your body and mind by healthy eating as well as healthy living. One example is to pamper, indulge and splurge on decadence to spoil your body through massages as well as treatments for the ultimate relaxation. Another example is to take a trip to the beach, let the whimsical salty breeze invigorate, the musical roar of the foamy waves rejuvenate and the scintillating rays of the warm sun recuperate.


4. Eat healthily.

Healthy living is exercising your body and eating healthily. Age comes gradually through the maintenance of a good eating plan that provides all the major food groups daily in the correct proportions to obtain the optimal benefits required for your body’s needs. At times professional advice is needed to ascertain the correct amount of specific nutrients you may need because it differs in some individuals. Water is a natural diuretic and detoxing agent so drink at least eight glasses a day.


5.Try new things.

You have experienced difficulties and worked tediously for all these years. Now is your time to enjoy your life, go on an adventure, or try something new. Is that not what retirement is all about. Your time to do whatever you want. Go traveling and become one with nature, take up a hobby and just enjoy yourself. Be capricious and feel exhilarated or enthralled by an exciting activity because that fresh youthful-looking glow of accomplishment can never be bought.

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Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on September 15, 2021:

You're welcome:) thank you Umesh

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on September 15, 2021:

Thank you, MG:) glad you think so...much obliged

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on September 15, 2021:

Thanks Pamela:) really appreciate it

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on September 15, 2021:

You have given some good tips, thanks.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on September 15, 2021:

Nice article, ageing is a natural phenomenon and your suggestions are helpful.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 15, 2021:

You have provided healthy tips to age more gracefully, and it has obviously worked for you, Charlene. Thank you for sharing this information.

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on September 15, 2021:

Thank you, John:) much appreciated

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 15, 2021:

Some good tips here and they obviously work for you. Thank you for sharing, Charlene.

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