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How About Good Health

Health is directly related to food, so proper nutrition is the basis of sound health because food is both disease and medicine, so every per

Health crown

Health crown

How about good health

It is said that health is a crown on the heads of healthy people and that this crown is only seen by the sick, perhaps because he who loses something feels its importance and value, and perhaps because he who owns the thing gets it. A person with good health does not feel valued and important.

But what a great gift is the gift of health, for there is nothing more important than it, whether money, a child, luxury or good things are more important than health.

Let us know together some points related to human health.

What do we mean by good health?

Good health is what makes a person feel satisfied and stable, and protects him from Fear and Anxiety.

On the one hand, good health helps us live comfortably and brings us the well-being and energy that we would otherwise miss in case of illness.

What is its importance?

The importance of health is that it protects us from the pain associated with the disease, and had it not been for pain, we would not have felt this great value that health gives us.

When we feel pain, the earth constricts us to what it welcomed, we feel that we have never seen grace, and we are on the verge of insanity. Unfortunately, most people do not feel the value of health and waste it for what is not useful.

What are the reasons that affect our health?

Many reasons lead to the deterioration of our health, and we resort to treatments that may not be necessary and sufficient.

Among these causes, there are internal causes related to our body and other external causes related to our surroundings. Let's find out about these reasons together.

- Infectious diseases and malnutrition:

Our health may deteriorate due to neglect or due to some diseases beyond our control.

Such as infectious diseases caused by bacteria and viruses, which can be transmitted from person to person or from animal to person, due to exposure to pollutants and unclean ground.

Or eating food and drink contaminated with bacteria and viruses, as environmental factors such as bad weather and other conditions can lead to poor health.

- Getting old and following the wrong habits:

Although ageing is a major cause of poor health, there are some habits that we can do that lead to a faster deterioration of our health, especially with age, such as smoking, for example, which leads to serious health problems as well as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Also, following wrong eating habits such as fast food is the cause of many health problems, such as heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and weight gain.

- Lack of exercise and giving up walking:

Laziness and lack of movement can cause poor health as well, so exercise is essential for heart health, and maintaining cholesterol and blood pressure levels, so it is recommended to exercise at least 20 minutes a day, especially running, walking or playing tennis even if we don't have time.

Or if we can't do sports outside, we can at least go up and down the stairs a few times, or go for a walk instead of using the car.

- congestion and air pollution:

The problem of congestion can also be a major cause of poor health and the spread of diseases, especially respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia because this overcrowding causes air pollution that can eventually lead to death.

- Poverty:

But amid all these causes, can we consider poverty a cause of further health decline? Of course, poverty and declining health are closely related, because millions of people around the world are sickened by poor economic conditions and poverty.

Individuals who are in extreme poverty do not have any money and do not receive any health care that would help them prevent disease.

They can deprive themselves of things on purpose due to difficult circumstances, for example, you may find them depriving themselves of food so that their children do not go hungry, and this of course negatively affects their health.

How do we maintain our health?

Although we may not control many factors that lead to deterioration of health, especially those beyond our control such as poverty, life in an environment with polluted air and others.

But we can interfere with some other factors to preserve our health, and we will present some of them as next one:

- Eat healthy foods:

Like eating a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet that combines carbohydrates, protein, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

We must also pay close attention to the amount of food we eat, not just the type of food so that we do not become obese.

- Drink water and don't eat too much sugar with salt:

We avoid excessive intake of salt and sugar is important in maintaining our health from deterioration, so it is advised to drink plenty of water instead of harmful drinks such as soft drinks, as a cup of these drinks contains up to 17 tablespoons of sugar, where the body supplies an excessive amount of Sugar, and it does not help in hydrating the body at all.

Unlike water, which helps to hydrate the body, stimulate blood circulation, and rid the body of toxins, as well as drinking a lot of coffee, tea and other caffeine drinks, it harms our health and affects our sleep, focus and body functions.

- Sport exercise:

On the other hand, staying active is one of the most important reasons that protect us from deteriorating health, so it is advised to practice activity, whether in the gym or at home for an average of 30 minutes.

We can do this by going up and down the stairs or walking to the supermarket as a form of activity and sport.

With all this, we must take care of our mental and psychological health, because our mental health is closely related to our physical health, so we try to get away from stress and anxiety by doing exercises and sports games and sleeping for enough hours or reading and listening to music.

-We choose the people around us carefully:

We must know that the people around us affect our health and well-being more than we can imagine, so being in a positive environment and Surrounded by people we feel comfortable and reliable with them will help us improve our psyche and this, in turn, will affect our health.

as well as our presence in a certain group such as joining a volunteer association or providing assistance to others in any way. From the shapes, or to be in a certain sports team at the university, all things will bring us and our body enjoyment and well-being.

Finally, we say so :

Who among us can live happily and enjoy life without good health?
We may think that happiness is in money, and we feel that the lack of money with us is the reason for our unhappiness and that its presence will certainly bring us happiness, but this is not true,
Because a lot of money is available, but our body is sick, we will never feel happy, on the contrary, our body is in good condition, so we will feel happy, even if you are going through times when you suffer from financial restrictions.

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