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Health and Wellness for Employees

The need to consider the health and wellness of employees is not a new thing. There is strong evidence that work, health and wellness are very much linked.

While many consider working from home to be an advantage or even a benefit, it can be a potential harm to employees. Working remotely presents new needs and challenges that impact your employees. Failure by employers to recognize the importance of promoting the health and wellness of employees may lead to problems such as stress. In the Health and Safety Authority publication that was published in October 2020, it is stated that work-related stress simply refers to when a person perceives the work environment in such a way that their reaction involves feelings of an inability to cope. It was also added in the same publication that it may be caused by perceived, real pressure, deadlines, threats, and anxiety within the working environment.


When employees are feeling well, work becomes more fluent and productive. Investing in the health and wellness of your employees makes good business sense. Employers can support their employees working remotely by encouraging flexible working and setting goals, than accruing hours. There are studies that show there is actually more benefits to the employer in the long run than negatives such as employee retention and reducing absenteeism.

How has your organization been encouraging health and wellness in your workplace?

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