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When it comes to a longer, healthier, and happier life, the key aspects have always been the same - a healthy diet coupled with physical activity at the top of the to-do-list. Apart from this, there also things that can boost life expectancy up to fourteen years. As we advance in age, our body changes and athletic prowess may decline. Study after study has done to help people understand and adapt habits or lifestyle that can improve humans' health and overall wellbeing. Here I have compiled the changes you should consider making to live a longer and healthier life.


Ten habits that can help you live a longer and healthier life

There is nothing more intimidating than the fear of dying young. Here is the top advice we have got from health experts to help you live a long and cheerful life.

Better eating habits

The phrase, 'You are what you eat' is 100% accurate and authentic. When you load your body with a lot of junk food, it does not function as it is supposed to do because it lacks a lot of nutrients needed to perform it to be healthy. A better eating habit is imperative, and the first step towards it is a healthier lifestyle. Consider adding more fiber or nutrient-rich food like beans, legumes, fruits, fresh vegetables into your daily diet.


Gratitude has a more substantial and consistent relationship with happiness. It triggers more positive emotions, improves physical and mental health, and help you deal with adversity. People tend to express gratitude in multiple ways. No matter what method they opt for expression but the role it plays in boosting the sense of wellness is terrific. Melissa Okabe, one of the renowned yoga instructors in Los Angeles, says being grateful every day helps to focus your mind on the positive things that you own.

Self-care is critical to surviving

Never put other's need ahead of your own. Always take some time out for self-care. There are different self-care practices you can opt for, ranging from spa treatments, yoga classes or anything enjoyable and relaxing for you. Dr. Wayne Jonas, Executive Director of Samuel Integrative Health Programs, emphasizes self-care and declares it critical to surviving.


Get a better Zzzz!

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest hindrances to your physical and mental health. People devoted to having a better at least eight hours sleep are more productive. Enough zzzz is vital to living a healthier and peaceful life. Many health experts reinforce the importance of sleep and urge never to put it on the backburner. When you sleep, you eventually put the body and mind in the rest phase that does not allow your brain to trigger hormones responsible for fear, frustration, and tension.

Take a proactive approach to your health

Most of you may consult doctors when you are sick, but it is better to be proactive and take the health professionals' health advice more often. Lisa Doggett, the Medical Director of Axis Point Health, reinforces the idea of checking in with your doctor more often. A visit to a health professional may not be your ultimate priority when you are healthy, but being up to date with the screening test can prevent you from chronic illness. All adults should consider themselves screened for diabetes, high cholesterol, HIV and others tests depending upon their health condition and age.

Regular physical activity is imperative

The role of exercise in improving your physical and mental health can not be over-emphasized. A leaner, more robust, healthier body is what we all need. Regular workout also reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases. Eric Richard Allen, an experienced and top-rated personal trainer of Miami, urges to put earnest heed on physical health as physical activity has long-term health benefits. Regular exercise also maintains proper body weight and makes your cardiovascular system more efficient.


Schedule technology-free time

Disconnect yourself from the technology, especially before going to sleep, switch off the phone and give yourself enough time to unwind. It is advisable to give yourself at least some time to reset mentally without being bombarded by unpleasant messages or by the digital world. You should be strong enough to disconnect yourself from the technology as long as you want. This disconnection allows you to better connect with your inner self and eventually leads to improved peace of mind.

Don't believe the hype

We live in a technologically advanced world, and we have access to every information; therefore, if you hear news about health or anything, do your homework, check the statistics from the trusted sources. We all should be wise enough and never blindly trust every hype that can impact our peace. Work on your risk and pursue a wide range of generally accepted health practices and never let anything disturb your wellbeing.

Drink plenty of water

There will hardly be a health expert who will not emphasize drinking water. It should be your ultimate preference as drinking more water can let you have many benefits from carrying nutrients and oxygen to cell and flushing bacteria from the bladder to cushioning joints and stabilizing the heartbeat. Not to mention the role of water in normalizing blood pressure and preventing constipation.


Be Consistent

Committing to a healthy lifestyle is the key where you reap most of the benefits. It would help if you were consistent with everything: lifestyle, physical activity, or a diet chart. If you want to see the results, consistency is the key! Giving up on anything means you eventually give up on your self.

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