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Health Care issues in Rural India

Healthcare is the right of every individual but lack of quality infrastructure, medical authorities, and non- access to basic medicines and medical facilities has been a major healthcare issue in India. A majority of 700 million people lives in rural areas where the condition of medical facilities is very poor. Though a lot of policies and programs are being run by the Government but the success and effectiveness of these programs are questionable due to gaps in the implementation. In rural India, where the number of Primary health care centers (PHCs) is limited, 8% of the centers do not have doctors or medical staff, 39% do not have lab technicians and 18% PHCs do not even have a pharmacist. To control the spread of diseases and reduce the growing rates of mortality due to lack of adequate health facilities, special attention needs to be given to the health care in rural areas. The key challenges in the healthcare sector are low quality of care, poor accountability, lack of awareness, and limited access to facilities. India also accounts for the largest number of maternity deaths. A majority of these are in rural areas where maternal health care is poor. Due to non accessibility to public health care and low quality of health care services, a majority of people in India are turning to the local private health sector but due to low income, the people of rural areas are not being able to afford it either.

Most of India’s people, and most of its poor, still live in rural India. The burden of disease and its effects are disproportionately seen among the poor, with a clear gradient in illness and mortality between the lower and middle classes. This rural health crisis is becoming more complex and tenacious and is worsening the quality of life in rural India. Regardless of the problem, the underlying stories are most often the same: profound susceptibility because of associated under nutrition, delayed health care seeking because of difficulties of physical access, dissatisfaction with non-functioning or poorly functioning public health facilities, or problems exacerbated by irrational care by an unqualified practitioner. In rural areas, there is widespread hunger, high levels of morbidity, and a vast unmet need for curative health care. Without anyone to advocate for the people who live in such conditions, the high numbers of premature deaths lead only to the further marginalization of these populations and trivialization of their problems.

Rural areas in India have a shortage of medical professionals. 74% of doctors are in urban areas that serve the other 28% of the population.This is a major issue for rural access to healthcare. The lack of human resources causes citizens to resort to fraudulent or ignorant providers.Doctors tend not to work in rural areas due to insufficient housing, healthcare, education for children, drinking water, electricity, roads and transportation. Additionally, there exists a shortage of infrastructure for health services in rural areas. In fact, urban public hospitals have twice as many beds as rural hospitals, which are lacking in supplies. Besides that, the growth of health facilities has been highly imbalanced in India. Rural, hilly and remote areas of the country are under served while in urban areas and cities, health facility is well developed. The poor people are far away from modern health service which makes things difficult for them. Studies have indicated that the mortality risks before the age of five are greater for children living in certain rural areas compared to urban communities. India. Inequalities in healthcare can result from factors such as socioeconomic status and caste, with caste serving as a social determinant of healthcare in India.

There are many companies who are trying to deal with the healthcare issues in the rural areas. Few of them are:


Myupchar aims at creating a dream of a healthy India. Their mission is to "Eliminating the poverty of knowledge in Healthcare, thus making it accessible & affordable. Solving healthcare awareness and access problem for Bharat. We cater to all healthcare needs of a family - high quality healthcare content, teleconsultations, medicines, lab tests; all of it packaged into an affordable myUpchar Plus membership. It is an online stage that permits clients to get to wellbeing data and tips in Hindi.


Docprime aims to provide services on the tenets of utmost privacy, affordability, and easy accessibility to patients in India. Moreover, the company aims to provide high-quality healthcare services by tapping into fairly larger pool of India’s top medical personnel and professionals. The services provided by them are diagnostic tests, online doctor appointments and consultations.


Mediniz is an online health care platform that connects people with the right doctors and ensures better experience for all. It is headquartered in Kolkata and specializes only in primary and secondary care delivery. It offers easy, seamless and personalized access to quality and affordable care on demand through its website and mobile apps. Thanks to smart phones that people can use the internet from any rural areas to use this app to consult with the best possible doctors online.


Practo is a health tech company based out of India and aims to connect the fragmented medical community with millions of patients across the country. Practo has made information more accessible by creating a platform that allows doctors to list their services and manage patient interactions. The rural people can order medicine online and get them delivered. People from any rural parts can easily find the best doctors online and consult them. Other services provided are other health care products online, diagnostic tests, online doctor appointments etc.


Lybrate is a platform for medically authenticated answers to queries. When one asks a question, it is completely anonymous and doctors do not know that person’s identify. Lybrate also works on another angle where doctors can post health tips. As a user one can customize these health tips according to his interest. Since most of the people have smart phones, it is easier for them from any rural parts to find the best doctors online and consult them through the app or their website easily.


We develop and manufacture highly advanced medical devices, designed for the effective management of visual health. Our innovation arrangements are built for affordability and accessibility of both urban and rural patients. Forus Health is a medical technology company with an audacious goal —to eradicate preventable blindness, which is a global healthcare challenge today. We believe that innovation in technology and creative business models can help develop sustainable access to vision care. Making social effect is in our DNA and each item we configurate is an immediate outcome of taking care of an issue. This is the very philosophy with which our founding team — curious minds passionate about creative problem-solving — set out to create a healthcare ecosystem in 2010 in Bangalore, India.

How online consultation and doctor appointments help in the rural area

With the advancement in technology, people are finding an easy means of communication with doctors. For the people living in rural areas, online doctor consultation has become an advantage. One very essentials means for them to easily connect with doctors is Smartphones.

In this online doctors conference, patients can straightforwardly talk with the doctors and can ask questions through a video call. Individuals are looking for more accommodation in nowadays and they trust the web for all their significant capacities. They are also able to access the essential health and medical information through these apps, thus increasing awareness overall, which was not possible before. There is a scope for getting personal advice through online doctor consultation. Regardless of the spot, patients can get proficient clinical guidance inside less time. For a bedridden patient who needs doctor consultancy at regular intervals, online conference could help them in acquiring contact to doctors. Online doctors meeting is useful for the individuals who are living in where there is no way for doctors to reach.

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