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Health Benefits of Soy Bean Sprouts

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Soya Bean Sprouts

You may sprout many different seeds, legumes, and grains, like fenugreek, alfalfa, sunflower, oats, barley, peas, lentils, chick peas, mung beans, pumpkin seeds, raw peanuts, etc, but I prefer soya beans.


Natural Chlorophyll Increases Our Vitality

Some sprouts are rich in substances called nitrilosides, which are concentrated largely in immature shoots.

Degenerative diseases are seldom seen in cultures where foods containing nitrilosides were eaten regularly.

They are found in abundance during the sprouting stage of grains and certain legumes, like soya beans, alfalfa and mung beans.

But they are reduced when the plant matures. This also applies to many of the vitamins and amino acids.

Chlorophyll’s function is to convert energy from certain of the sun’s rays into sugar and starch which becomes energy for the plant.

Natural chlorophyll increases our vitality and prevents anemia. It also has an alkaline effect on human saliva, and prevents unpleasant body odors.

Some of the sprouting seeds are a rich source of chlorophyll, although they are not exposed to sunlight.

To increase your sprouts chlorophyll content, place them in the sun for a few hours when they are ready.

Enzymes Are Destroyed by Cooking

  • Enzymes are involved in all the vital processes in your body.
  • They are substances that are part of every cell in your body.
  • They are obtainable only in raw food, and your body must provide them in very large quantities every day.
  • Sprouts are the best source of food enzymes.
  • They protect us from degenerative diseases and are anti-aging.
  • When sprouting, do not remove the outer skins.

How Do You Sprout?

  • Sprinkle your seeds or beans into a wide-mouthed jar, so that they can swell to at least five times their original bulk.
  • Cover with lukewarm water and leave them to soak overnight.
  • Then tip the water out of the jar, add clean water, and rinse them well.
  • Now remove all the water. Do not add more or they will rot.
  • Place the jar in a warmish part of your room, away from direct sunlight.
  • Rinse the sprouts in fresh water, twice a day, and then remove all the water.
  • The little shoots should start appearing by the second day and by the fourth day they should be ready to eat.
  • Rinse again then leave them in sunlight for an hour or two, for extra chlorophyll.
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Store In The Fridge


Soya Bean Sprouting


Revitalize The Body

Then store your sprouts in a glass jar, or a plastic bag in the fridge. To revitalize the body, make smoothies and add sprouts.

You will receive all the health benefits from raw food. A handful of sprouts will make all the difference to your smoothies.

Smoothie Recipes

Cabbage, Celery, Sprouts, Smoothie

Blend the cabbage, celery, apple, sprouts, and apple juice together.

You will have a healthy smoothie with all the vitamins, minerals, and anti-aging benefits of sprouts.

Beetroot, Carrots and Sprout Smoothie

Blend the beetroot with the leaves, carrots, sprouts and apple juice. Or whatever fresh juice you prefer.


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Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on April 17, 2017:

Great post about sprouting. I used to do it, and after reading your post you inspired me to I do it again. I love your Smoothie Recipes.

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