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Benefits of Oolong Tea: a Unique Blend of Tea for Weight Loss & More


For all the tea enthusiast's out there, I'm sure you've heard of oolong tea, best known for its unique taste and aroma. For those of you who haven't a clue of this mysterious 'oolong' tea, at least you might have had a guess that oolong tea originated from China, owing to its unique name, 'oolong'. The name 'Oolong' comes from a Chinese word meaning 'black dragon tea' Generally, the oolong tea was supposedly named after its creator.

Oolong tea is a type of chinese tea whose tea leaves have been partially fermented before drying them. There are many varieities of Chinese teas and oolong tea is definitely a unique blend, settling between a spicy black tea and a slightly bitter green tea.

With the varying degrees of the fermentation and oxidation process of the tea leaves, oolong tea can be more inclined to black or green tea.

In this health article, let's look at the healing health benefits of oolong tea,

Benefits Of Oolong tea

1. Anti cancer properties: One of the major health benefits of oolong tea is that oolong tea contains a super load of anti-oxidants that fight off free radicals that are cancer causing agents. The polyphenolic compounds particularly 'catechins' present in oolong tea act as chemo-preventive tools that help thwart the activities of carcinogenic cells thereby preventing growth of cancerous cells in the body. Moreover, research says many oolong tea drinkers are unsusceptible to attaining ovarian and stomach related cancers. Drink at least two cups of steaming oolong tea a day to get the full benefit of this cancer-preventing tea.

Interesting Facts about Oolong Tea

Though Green Tea is known the most famous "weight loss tea", you'd be surprised to know that Oolong Tea has more weight-busting capabilities than Green Tea!

Several recent studies, including a Japanese study in 2003, have shown that Oolong Tea is a better calorie-burner than Green Tea! This is why Oolong Tea is becoming more and more popular among weight watchers.

The 2 main producers of Oolong Tea are China and Taiwan.

Oolong Tea is also known as Wu long Tea. Other names for Oolong Tea are Rock Tea and Brown Tea.

2. Treating skin disorders: Oolong tea helps in effectively treating eczema
and reducing its effects. A 2001 study carried out in Japan on more than 100 participants who suffered from eczema shows that the participants, in addition to drinking one litre of oolong tea a day while continuing their dermatological treatment, showed a more than 60 percent improvement in the condition after 30 days. In addition, the powerful anti-oxidants in green tea help fight offfree radicals that are responsible for premature aging and wrinkles, thereby keeping skin looking youthful and glowing.

3. Weight loss management: Are you looking for a healthy and nutritious drink that can aid you in your weight loss programme? If yes, look no more! One of the powerful health beenfits of oolong tea is that it contains zero fat and actually help burn excess fat. How? The polyphenol compound in oolong tea helps control the metabolism of fat in the body, thereby activating the functions of idle fat cells in the body hence burning them off effectively.


4. Mental alertness: Oolong tea, like any other tea contains a generous amount of caffeine that will generally keep you alert and boost your mental performance throughout the day. This is one of the most important health benefits of oolong tea for students as oolong tea can be taken in place of highly caffeinated sodas and fizzy drinks that are unhealthy.

5. Calming the mind: Take a cup or two of freshly brewed oolong tea for a soothing calm mind and to relieve stress, depression, anxiety problems and negativity in your mind and body. The natural polyphenols in oolong tea act as a strong stress relievers. Ultimately, when you feel a slight headache building up, be sure to immediately take a steaming cup of this elegant Chinese tea to cool down your headache.

Move over, Milk! Who knew that drinking Oolong Tea could help you strengthen your bones?!

Move over, Milk! Who knew that drinking Oolong Tea could help you strengthen your bones?!

6. Strong bones: The high levels of antioxidants found in Oolong Tea help promote dental health and strength bones. People suffering from joint pain are strongly advised to drink four to five cups of Oolong Tea daily. This helps palliate joint pain and prevent bone disease like osteoporosis among others.

7. Diabetes: Oolong tea helps regulate blood sugar in the blood stream thereby controlling diabetes inspidus (diabetes type 2). One of the major health benefits of oolong tea is to prevent the rapid spikes and dips of blood sugar or insulin, thereby controlling diabetes and its harmful effects in patients.

8. Blood pressure: Another most important health benefit of oolong tea is that it helps lower high blood pressure in individuals. A study conducted on more than 1000 people who were told to drink two and a half cups of oolong tea at any time during a day showed that oolong tea can indeed lower high blood pressure by 46 percent.


People who excessively drink oolong tea should be aware of the caffeine amounts in oolong tea. Although the health benefits of oolong tea are numerous and very powerful, you should be wary of the harmful effect, which comes from the generous amount of caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause potent side effects like anxiety, headaches, heartburn among others.

Nevertheless, a cup or two of this wonderful healing tea can't cause more harm than good as seen with the numerous health benefits of oolong tea above.


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