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15 Top Health Benefits of Mulberries

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Mulberry Fruits and Leaves

We all know that mulberry leaves are fed to silkworms for the thriving silk industries. But in China, mulberry fruits and leaves are eaten for their extraordinary health benefits and as a health tonic.

The leaves are dried as tea and the berries made into syrup. It is also used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Let’s explore the many health benefits of mulberries.

Did you know that in China, mulberry fruits and leaves are eaten for their extraordinary health benefits and as a health tonic?

Did you know that in China, mulberry fruits and leaves are eaten for their extraordinary health benefits and as a health tonic?

Health Benefits of Mulberry

The mulberry fruits are small, plumb yet juicy that are nice to eat. It also comes in dried form and is a delicious and nutritious snack. Besides turning it into syrup or eaten on its own, you can add mulberry fruits in your salad, yogurt, smoothies, or cereals. The fruits are high in Vitamins A and C, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, and antioxidants.

Mulberry Tea

Mulberry leaves are harvested and dried to form mulberry tea. It has powerful antioxidant properties to lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. When the fruits and leaves are taken together, it has several health benefits, which are:

  1. Strengthens Eyesight: Regular consumption of mulberry will help strengthen your eyesight. Its high level of Vitamin A also prevents eyesight loss and retinal degeneration.
  2. Hair growth and gray hair: Mulberry juice when applied directly to the head is supposed to help blacken your gray hair and promote healthy growth.
  3. Cancer: Mulberry is rich in resveratrol that is believed to help prevent cancer.
  4. Immune System: High in Vitamin C and flavonoids, it is a natural booster for flu and other minor ailments. Mulberry also helps with gastric problems and chronic hepatitis.
  5. Mulberry as a Brain tonic: With its high content of choline, mulberry is a good brain tonic that helps your memory
  6. Source of protein: Mulberry is one of the very few fruits with protein, which helps with muscle building.
  7. Arthritic pain: With its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve arthritic pain
  8. Diabetes: The flavonoids and gallic acid in mulberry assists in controlling the sharp rise of blood sugar. It also restricts the high amount of monosaccharides in the body.
  9. Post Pregnancy: Eating mulberry after childbirth is good to bring back energy and health.
  10. Cholesterol: Eating mulberry on a regular basis will keep your triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels low. It will also strengthen your liver and kidney.
  11. Constipation: Mulberry, with its high fiber content, will help treat constipation.
  12. Hypertension: Help control hypertension.
  13. Enhances appetite: Regular consumption of mulberry will improve the digestive and assimilating function; enhancing the appetite level.
  14. Calms the nerves: Nutritional content of the berry will enhance blood and indirectly calms the nerves.
  15. For Weight Loss: Mulberry tea prevents absorption of carbohydrates and flushes it out from the body due to the presence of moranoline (1-deoxynojirimycin), a strong α-glucosidase inhibitor.
15 Health Benefits of Mulberries Infographic

15 Health Benefits of Mulberries Infographic

Mulberry Nutritional Values

Mulberry is great when eaten for breakfast as it is rich in many health-benefiting plant-derived antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to kick-start your day.

It is low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Mulberry is a good source of protein, dietary fiber, Vitamin A, C, and K. It is also a very good source of resveratrol, riboflavin, choline, potassium, flavonoids, and iron.

If you don't have time for breakfast, just carry the dried mulberries with you and have them on the go.

Taking dried mulberries is a good alternative to fresh mulberries to enjoy its many health benefits

Taking dried mulberries is a good alternative to fresh mulberries to enjoy its many health benefits

Eating Mulberry

There are several mulberry varieties - the red, dark purple, white, and pink mulberry varieties. All the varieties will be sticky moist when ripe. The red and dark purple mulberries taste more like blackberries. The white mulberry has a honey sweetness while the pink variety is sticky sweet.

Fresh Mulberry

Mulberry can be eaten fresh, or with cream and honey. They can be added to your salad and great as jams, jellies, and syrups. They don't freeze well so, use them immediately. Because of their high water content and thin skins, they tend to get moldy or ferment fast. If you have a lot, it is best to turn them into jams, syrups, or bake as cakes.

Dried Mulberry

Dried mulberry is more crunchy and is a good healthy snack. It can be used as pie fillings and as mulberry muffins. For some variety, you can add it to your cookies, cakes, ice creams, and yogurts.

Mulberry Leaves Extract

You can enjoy the benefits of Mulberry by drinking Mulberry tea or from its tea leaves extract.

This mulberry leaves extract is now available in capsule form. This is great for weight loss, boost immunity level, and as a source of antioxidants.

I find this capsule form convenient instead of the dried mulberry when I travel.

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Your Comments on Health Benefits of Mulberry

Carrie Lee Night from Northeast United States on May 08, 2020:

I don' t think I have ever tried mulberries before but I would. Our area does not have any fresh ones but I think one store has them dried. Thank u for sharing :)

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on July 06, 2014:

cw, thanks for sharing your experience. I have tried the blackberry and apple cobbler, but not mulberry cobbler. Must try this one day!

cw on July 03, 2014:

I made a mulberry cobbler once. I twas so good.

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on September 20, 2012:

@loveofnight , Yes, sometimes we tend to ignore fruits that do not look appetizing. We have cats and I kept observing them ‘munching' on a certain plant in the garden and if was only recently that I have to know it has herbal benefits for human being as well. Thanks for the visit.

Loveofnight Anderson from Baltimore, Maryland on September 17, 2012:

I find it amusing that although I grew up with mulberries all around me I always thought that they were bird food so I never tried eating them, good info. Thanks

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on May 23, 2012:

@neslihan, thanks for the visit and sharing. Since you have many mulberry trees, you may want to dry the mulberry fruits and keep for future use.

neslihan on May 22, 2012:

we have many mulberry trees...

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on May 03, 2012:

Hi Ali Rose. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I am glad you had no problem with freezing the mulberries. Being a delicate fruit, they don't freeze well. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ali Rose on May 02, 2012:

I freeze my mulberries every year and I have no problems with them. I rinse them and freeze them for a couple of hours in the colander, so they are individually frozen and then put them in freezer bags until I can make jam, jelly or smoothies.

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on February 24, 2012:

I think it does work, since your eyesight were excellent until you turned 40. As we get older, esp. after the age of 40, the eye lens becomes stiffer and we tend to have difficulty focussing on close up object. This is called Long-sightedness. Anyway continue taking the raw mulberries, it is also good for age related problems such as memory, arthritic pain etc. Thanks for responding. I now know for sure that it at least worked for the eyesight.

Sheila Brown from Southern Oklahoma on February 24, 2012:

Hello greatstuff! In answer to your question...I don't know if I ate enough of them to make a difference, but I always had excellent eyesight until I turned 40. Now that I know that are good for your eyes, I plan on eating more of them, maybe I will see a difference now. If I do, I will definitely let you know. :)

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on February 24, 2012:

Thanks!! I hope you can find something useful in here. Thanks for Sharing and thanks for following. Keep writing.

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on February 24, 2012:

Thank you sgbrown - You are very lucky to have them growing on your property. Mulberry supposes to give you a good memory and strengthen your eyesights. Since you ate them raw, when you were young, did you see any of these benefits? I hope you don't mind me asking this question. (call it research & data validation!!)

Sheila Brown from Southern Oklahoma on February 23, 2012:

We had wild mulberry trees growing near our house in Texas when I was a child. I would eat them right off the tree. I had not seen any in Oklahoma until we moved to the country and there were two growing on our property. My husband laughs at me when he sees me bending the limbs to get at more mulberries! LOL I am glad to hear they are so healthy for you. I may have to try to pick some to bring in instead of just having them all to myself! Wonderful hub, voted up and interesting! Have a great day! :)

JR Krishna from India on February 23, 2012:

Great information!

You have even included a video on a recipe

Thanks for SHARING:)

Debby Bruck on December 20, 2011:

You are very welcome. Berries are wonderfully healing and delicious too.

Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on December 20, 2011:

Thanks Debby for swinging by

Debby Bruck on December 18, 2011:

Great info. "Here we go 'round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush." Blessings, Debby

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