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Health Benefits of Gur.



What is Gur?

Gur also known as jaggery is made form the sugarcane juice. Sugar cane is grown extensively in India and in rural India you can see every few3 miles someone making jaggery from the sugar cane.

Jaggery is unrefined sugar made from the sugarcane juice or from the juice of date tree. In India it is called Gur while it is also called by various names in other countries like Panela, Hakuru or Rapadura. In India it is usually made from the juice of sugarcane and in India it is unheard of that it is made from date tree. It is easy to make. Sugarcane juice is filled in hugh tanks and is boiled till whole of water evaporates and only a lumpy solid is left. This solid is of light brown colour usually. It is called gur and no other processing is done. That is why it retains most of its properties and the benefits of sugarcane juice are not lost.

Benefits Of Gur

  1. In countries like India many sweets and dishes are made from it and it is used in many dishes too. It is also eaten raw after lunch and dinner.
  2. Gur is used to treat Hiccups when mixed with ginger.
  3. Gur is rich source of Iron and thus is very beneficial in treating anemia. It is usually given with chana ( black grams) in rural India for anemia.
  4. Gur is also used to purify blood in Ayurveda.
  5. Gur is used to prevent and cure acne.
  6. Gur is very useful for the health of hair and skin.
  7. Gur cures premenstrual symptoms like cramps of stomach.
  8. It is also helpful in muscle soreness, cramps and pain.

9. Since Gur is rich source of Iron it is given to pregnant ladies to prevent anemia during pregnancy.

10. Gur helps in cleaning of the body as it neutralize the excess salt intake in the diet so thus reduce salt in the body thus not only reduce water retention but also reduceweight.

11. Gur relax the blood vessels and thus reduce the blood pressure.

12. Gur is strong anti oxidant agent. It eats away the free radicals in the body. Thus gur fights cancers in the body.

13. Gur also relaxes muscles and nerves so thus helps in aiding the treatment of headaches and migraine.

14. Gur also clean the respiratory tract and thus reduce respiratory problems in diseases like bronchitis, asthama or other respiratory track infections.

15. Gur is natural sweetening agent and thus can replace sugar in many dishes. Since refined sugar is one of the biggest health hazard in modern times so gur can be used in its place in many dishes and the dish would be comparatively healthy.

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Gur as called all over world

Gur as called all over world

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Gur Ki Roti


Indian Chef (author) from New Delhi India on May 16, 2013:

Thanks for your comment Hariom. Yes if you are going for cheaper ones then there is problem but go for the brown one or from good companies like mawana sugar then it is good.

Hariom from INDIA (Haryana) SAMPLA on May 16, 2013:

Now a days Gur also refined.It contain many chemical. It is not so useful as describe in hub. If we get natural gur then we get many more benefit.

Indian Chef (author) from New Delhi India on February 05, 2013:

Thanks Marrisa

Marissa Buhalog on February 05, 2013:

This sounds really good,for we are sugarcane producing country .With lots of its health benefits surely i will gonna try this .

Indian Chef (author) from New Delhi India on February 05, 2013:

Thanks ashok for the comment.

Ashok Pralhad Raghute on February 05, 2013:

I am sorry to say that now a days we are running behind refined food and loosing natural nutrients of food. Instead of consumeing sugar it is always better to consume Gur. But now a days youngsters fell it below dignity.

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