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Health Benefits of Dragons Blood (Sangre De Drago)

At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.

Sap coming out of dragon's blood (sangre de drago) tree

Sap coming out of sangre de drago (dragon's blood) tree. It looks just like blood.

Sap coming out of sangre de drago (dragon's blood) tree. It looks just like blood.

Showing the sap from Sangre de drago.

Showing the sap from Sangre de drago.

Carving out some of the dragon's blood (sangre de drago) tree.

Carving out some of the dragon's blood (sangre de drago) tree.

Dragon's Blood (Sangre de Drado)

Sangre de drago is a tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest. This was written in December, 2011. No Komodo dragons are injured to make this herbal remedy. Dragon's blood is also called sangre de grado and sangre de drago. Links below are in blue.

The sap of the sangre de grago tree is used for healing. Sangre de drago means dragon's blood in English. The scientific name for this tree is croton lechleri. Wikipedia says:

Croton lechleri is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae, that is native to northwestern South America. It is commonly known as Sangre de Grado (Peruvian Spanish) or Sangre de Drago (Ecuadorian Spanish), both of which translate to "dragon's blood". They refer to the tree's thick red latex.[2]

The latex has medicinal properties, and is used by local peoples as a liquid bandage, applied to seal wounds, as it dries quickly to form a protective skin-like barrier

There is the doctrine of signatures. This is where nature will give a clue to what an herb or healing plant is good for. The sap of the sangre de drago tree looks like blood coming out of a cut. Also the leaves are shaped like a heart. One scientist also calls it morphism but I don't see that on the internet, like doctrine of signatures. Wikipedia says:

The doctrine of signatures is a philosophy shared by herbalists from the time of Dioscurides and Galen. This doctrine states that herbs that resemble various parts of the body can be used to treat ailments of that part of the body.

Other examples of the doctrine of signatures is how ginseng root (man root) looks like a man. See 9 Health Benefits of Ginseng Root. When a walnut is broken in half it looks like the brain. Also a strawberry looks like a heart with its 4 chambers. So the sangre de drago or dragons blood sap is great for the blood, blood vessels and cardiovascular health.

Sangre de drago is anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory substances like turmeric and blood of the dragon prevent lifestyle diseases and can even help to fight them. These diseases become more prevalent as people get older like cancer, high blood pressure (hypertension), cardiovascular problems like heart attacks and strokes, arthritis and more.

Dr. James Duke has a PhD in botany. He worked for the U.S.D.A. for over 3 decades studying plants or herbs and identifying phytochemicals in them want what they can do. He may be the countriy's leading expert on herbs.

He wrote a book on the best 13 herbs to use but all of these herbs were American herbs so it did not include dragon's blood. Here is an article about the 13 best herbs that he listed in his book called: 13 Best Herbs for Healing.

I have written many articles on herbs and picked the one that I thought was the best herb. I did choose dragon's blood or sangre de drago as the second best one. Of course many times a combination of herbs can have the best results. So I chose as the best one, another herb that grows in the Amazon rainforest. To learn more on this herb see: Health Benefits of Stone Breaker Herb. I chose this one since it helps the cardiovascular system by lowering high blood pressure and it also nourishes the liver and kidneys.

Dragon's blood helps the skin to regenerate and it is an anti-aging herb. It helps the intestinal tract and helps circulation. Since it helps the blood and circulation, a couple of drops of it taken with an herbal or nutritional supplement makes the supplement work better. Some studies show that it acts as a painkiller.

Proanthocyanidins are also known as OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins). OPCs have been sold as supplements like extracts of maritime pine bark, known as Pycnogenol® and also from grape seed extracts. But the sangre de drago sap is 90% OPCs. No other food or plant has anywhere near that much of OPCs in it.

OPCs are antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. It helps the blood vessels, like arteries, to be more flexible and also stronger. The above strongly helps the blood vessels to resist heart attacks and strokes. If someone gets a cut or severe gash, they can rub this sap on it and the resin in it forms a second skin that stops the bleeding and prevents infection.

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My friend's son was hitting a box with a hammer to break it up and on the upswing the claw of the hammer hit his head and gave him a bad gash. It was bleeding heavily. My friend, Dave, put a paper towel on it and it soaked right through the paper towel. Then he rubbed on this sap and it stopped bleeding right away. It also healed itself quickly with no problems.

In the Amazon rainforest it is hard to get to a hospital so they will take this sap internally to stop internal bleeding. Also they will use machetes to chop down overgrowth and sometimes they will get a bad cut from the machete. Also sometimes they get injured from a tree falling. This sangre de drago sap helps them to deal with many mishaps that happen. Dragon's blood has many different health benefits.

It is well known in the Amazon for its ability to stop bleeding and prevent infections. Studies show that it works a "broad acting painkiller." It is also good for the pain of stings, wounds, gastrointestinal disorders and the healing of gastric ulcers. It also has anti-viral properties. A U.S. pharmaceutical company has patents for substances taken out of dragon's blood and have them in drugs for the treatment of herpes, influenza (flu) and respiratory viral infection,

The phytochemical called taspine that is in it is effective against herpes and helps wounds to heal. Some of this information comes from the May/June 2001 issue of The Naturopathic Physician N.M.D. magazine.

Best Source of It

In today's world many companies are substituting a cheaper herb for the real herb. Here is information about a company selling sangre de drago (dragon's blood) in a very concentrated form in a capsule. Click on or hover over PRODUCTS and then click on Amazon herb and it will be on that page. This reliable U.S. company works with over a dozen tribes in the rainforest helping these tribes and showing that the rainforest is more valuable alive than with trees cut down.

PubMed is part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine that is part of the NIH (U.S. National Institutes of Health). They have an article called Review of sangre de drago (Croton lechleri)--a South American tree sap in the treatment of diarrhea, inflammation, insect bites, viral infections, and wounds: traditional uses to clinical research. It says:

The objective of this review is to provide an overview of the pharmacologic evidence that may or may not support clinical and ethnomedical uses of the sap of sangre de drago (dragon's blood; Croton lechleri).

The results of in vitro and in vivo studies [in live animals and in test tubes] largely support the majority of ethnomedical uses of sangre de drago including the treatment of diarrhea, wounds, tumors, stomach ulcers, herpes infection, the itching, pain and swelling of insect bites, and other conditions.

Best Source of It

In this day and age many companies substitute a cheaper herb than what is on the label. There is an American company that has been selling herbs from the Amazon rainforest for over 15 years and part owner of the company is Olivia Newton-John. They work with over a dozen tribes in the rainforest to help them. This company has merged with another company so you can buy products from both companies.

I have been a distributor for the company for over 15 years and my ID number is part of the website address. Just go to this website and hover over products and click on Amazon Herbs for this product line. It has vegetable capsules of sangre de drago (dragon's blood). The owners of this company (a couple) want to help the rainforest (and the people there) and want people around the world to benefit from the plants growing there. Go to Tri-Vita to see all their products.

The above tree only grows in the Amazon rainforest so this is another reason to help protect this rainforest from being destroyed. Charles, Prince of Wales says that the rainforest destruction in a year produces more carbon dioxide than all the cars, planes and ships in the world combined. See this 90 second video about it, below, with other celebrities in it, like the Dalai Lama, Robin Williams and Harrison Ford, besides Charles, Prince of Wales. Note that his sons are Prince Harry and Prince William, but he is not called Prince Charles. He is the next in line to become king so he is the one and only Charles, Prince of Wales.

harvesting Sangre de drago (dragons blood)

Charles, Prince of Wales ad for saving the Rainforest.

Dragon's Blood (Sangre De Drago) Healing Sap


tammy on April 14, 2015:

I was told by a friend to try dragons blood because i have very bad circulation to where my toes almost turn black and fingers turn a dark purple. After reading the information in this article I'm very excited about trying this. Will let you know the out come

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