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Health Benefits and Other Uses of Calamansi


What is Calamansi?

According to Wikipedia Calamansi × Citrofortunella microcarpa, the calamondin or calamansi, is a fruit tree in the family Rutaceae native Asia. Other English language common names include calamonding, calamandarin, golden lime, Panama orange, Chinese orange, acid orange. Its cultivation has spread throughout Southeast Asia, India, Hawaii, the West Indies, and Central and North America. The plant is characterized by wing-like appendages on the leaf stalks and white or purplish flowers. Its fruit has either a spongy or leathery rind with a juicy pulp that is divided into sections.

Calamansi is a versatile fruit. It is rich in phosphorus, iron, calcium and vitamin C. It serves as a protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. It is similar in appearance to a small round lime and taste like a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. Calamansi maybe small in size but if we are going to enumerate the health benefits and wonders of Calamansi, you may say that this fruit is a Giant.

How To Make Calamansi Juice


You will need:

10 pieces of green calamansi fruit
White Sugar or Honey
A cup or glass of warm or cold water.


  • Clean the calamansi fruit and cut into two.
  • Squeeze to get the juice and pour into the glass or cup of water.
  • You can use your fork to remove the seeds.
  • Add sugar or honey to taste, stir and drink.

If you want to drink Calamansi Juice to treat your cough, use it warm or hot, if you want to use it as refreshment use cold water and put some ice if you really want it cold.

Health Benefits of Calamansi

  1. Calamansi is good for colds, flu, and fever. It will help increase perspiration and it serves as an effective antihistamine that will lessen the unpleasant effects of the common cold, including inflammation, stuffy nose and aches.
  2. Calamansi helps strengthen immune system. Since Calamansi is rich in vitamin C, it will help protect your body from infections and maintains healthy bones and teeth and it will quicken the body's ability to repair wounds.
  3. Calamansi can help aid sore throats. You just mix one Calamansi with warm water, a pinch of salt and gargle.
  4. Calamansi may help control high blood pressure and so it helps lessen the probability of hypertension and other serious health problems.
  5. Calamansi may also help expel phlegm. In Malaya, it is mixed with pepper to expel phlegm.
  6. Calamansi mixed with water can help a person who has respiratory problem.
  7. Calamansi is extremely beneficial for the body as it helps eliminate toxins that result to a faster weight loss.
  8. If you have burn, Calamansi can help reduce burning sensation because it acts as a cooling agent.
  9. Calamansi juice serves as a liver cleanser. It lessens toxic damage to liver cells and helps keep the liver clean.

Nutrients Found in Calamansi

  • ascorbic acid
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • iron
  • zinc
  • sodium
  • sugar

Some Helpful Tips:

I remember I heard one doctor said in a Radio interview that when you open Calamansi, you must consume it in 5 minutes, because it will become acid after 5 minutes. So if you are going to mix it in your hot or warm tea or any drinks, make sure that you finish it in 5 minutes so that Calamansi will not turn to be acidic.

Other Uses of Calamansi

  1. Calamansi can be use for hair growth. Before taking a bath, rub calamansi in your scalp and after 15 minutes you can already rinse it. Do it every day to help your hair grow.
  2. If you have dandruff, you can also use Calamansi to reduce dandruff. Just rub it to your scalp to reduce itching.
  3. Calamansi can also be use as a deodorant. After taking a bath, rub the slice Calamansi in your armpit and let it dry. One calamansi is enough for your two armpits. It will also help lighten your armpit because sometimes deodorants tend to darken our armpits.
  4. Use as a body whitening. Calamansi extracts have a very distinct alkalinizing effect on the skin due to presence of alkaline properties which helps whitens your skin.
  5. If you are dizzy or nauseous, you can smell the peel of Calamansi just squeeze it, just be careful not to squeeze it near your eyes.
  6. If you have stains in your clothes, dab some calamansi drops on it and it can help remove the stain.
  7. If you are washing white clothes, soak your white clothes to water with calamansi extract and powder detergent for atleast 10 minutes and it can help whiten it.
  8. Calamansi fruit can also help remove acne.
  9. We all know that Calamansi Juice is cheaper than any other health and beauty products, but it contains similar benefits, yet natural.

How to Use Calamansi for Whitening:Caring For Your Teeth

calamansi as a dipping sauce

calamansi as a dipping sauce

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Uses of Calamansi In Food

  • Calamansi can also be use as a marinade. Mix calamansi juice, soy sauce, sugar, pepper and garlic. If you want it spicy include chili.

  • Calamansi can be mixed with soy sauce, fish sauce and salt; will make a delicious dipping sauce.

  • Calamansi can also be added to pancit and arroz caldo to add flavor and aroma.

  • If you will cook beef steak calamansi and soy sauce is the main ingredient of it.

Fruit bearing Calamansi Tree

Fruit bearing Calamansi Tree

Planting Calamansi Tree

In the Philippines, Calamansi is easy to cultivate and the most popular and commonly used citrus fruit. The top 10 major producing provinces are Mindoro Oriental, Quezon, Nueva Ecija, North Cotabato, Davao Del Norte, Guimaras, Cagayan, Agusan del Sur, Compostella Valley and Batangas. The trees will start to bear fruit in one to two years after planting. The tree bears fruit 2-3 times a year. But if you are really excited to have Calamansi tree in your backyard, and see them grow fast, you can buy seedlings. Here in the Philippines, you can buy seedlings which are sometimes 3-5 feet tall and sometimes bearing fruit already. Prices range from P60-P100 pesos. There are also some sellers in Amazon that are selling Calamondin seedlings.

I always dream of having a calamansi farm not only because of its many health benefits but also because I wanted to invest in Calamansi business which is also profitable in the Philippines.


Some of us prefer natural ways to improve our health not only because we lack budget but also because we sometimes believe that doing it naturally is safer rather than doing it chemically. As I have already elaborated the Health Benefits and Uses of Calamansi, as a Start, why don’t you include drinking Calamansi juice in your daily habit or why don’t you try mixing Calamansi in your dipping sauce. You may not feel the effect now, but in a long run, you may benefit on it. Remember prevention is better than cure.

Importance Notice:

This herb does not serve as a medicine but as a supplement. Before taking any medicine always consult your physician.

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