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Travel Nurses Are Desperately Needed Along With Health Awareness

Claudette Carter has been a writer for more than 30 years. Graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on positive things in life.

“CBS News” Featured A Story On Nurse Shortages During the Pandemic. This video is from YouTube.

A Nurse Shortage Occurs As Hospitals Are Overwhelmed During This Pandemic

Hospitals and patients extend tremendous gratitude as vaccines arrive in millions of dosages. #Nurses continue to be vital for this overwhelming process to care for and vaccinate millions during this pandemic. David Begnaud of CBS This Morning news revealed this scenario by expressing, “The drive to protect as many people as possible from #Coronavirus could soon get a boost from two more vaccines. First the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine. Reportedly could be rolled out in Britain next week after it gets official approval there. That move is expected within the next few days. There’s another vaccine from Nova VAX that is now going into large late stage study in the US after delays that were caused by manufacturing issues.”

News Anchorwoman Adriana Diaz presented a compelling story concerning a nurse shortage nationwide. “The record breaking Covid surge is straining our healthcare system again. And we have seen three times more patients hospitalized in the past two months than we had in the entire first wave of the pandemic. Experts say vaccines cannot help overstretched hospitals right now. Many facilities are searching all over the US to find nurses to fill medical shortages. Senior Medical Correspondent Dr. Tara Narula who spoke with a travel nurse who sacrifices time with her young children to save the lives on frontlines”

Dr. Tara Narula explained, “At Saint Alphonsus‘s Hospital in Boise, Idaho nearly 25% of patients have Covid. And the increase of sick patients is overwhelming the hospitals staff.“ Nurse Kori Albe on the staff of Saint Alphonsus Hospital decribed the desperate medical situation this way, “We’re getting hit pretty hard in the recent weeks. Every day it seems like we’re getting more and more patients.” Kori Albe is a #Covid Unit Intensive Care Nurse and supervisor at Saint Alphonsus. She says hospital staff including nurses are also testing positive for Covid.“ Corey continued by expressing, “It doesn’t seem from contract tracing that it’s coming from the hospital setting. A lot of them are gatherings outside of the hospital but it’s putting a strain on the workforce.“ #Governor Newsome of California acknowledged, “Staffing is the biggest issue.”

Dr. Narula went on to explain, ”In California governor Gavin Newsom announced a state needs to hire 3000 temporary contracted medical workers to help with increasing #ICU hospitalization rates. And over 2400 miles away in New Jersey and 170 employees at three hospitals have contracted COVID-19 causing staffing shortages. As #Coronavirus cases continue to rise hospitals across the country are urgentIy in need of travel nurses, who work on temporary contracts for higher fees.” April Hanson also described it this way, “It’s certainly a really intense demand environment.” Dr. Tara agreed as she explained, “April Hanson is the Executive Vice President of an agency that recruits and employs #travel nurses. As of this week their requests in all 50 states and over 29,200 job openings for travel nurses.” April continued as she stated, “When I look at our job counts from the height of the first wave this spring and I look at where we’re at today, we are seeing more than double the demand. We certainly saw more of a geographic concentration at the beginning of the pandemic. What happened sort of into the movement of the second wave is that it’s more dispersed. So widespread demand.”

Travel nurse Laura Cotolo mentioned, “lt is 12:30 and our ER is full.” Dr. Narula explains additionally, “Thirty-two year old Laura Catolo is a travel nurse. She’s been on the road for months following Covid hotspots. From hard hit #New York in April to Arizona in July. And now in Green Bay, Wisconsin. What are you seeing in terms of staffing shortages at your current work location?“ Cotolo discretely described how, “The staff gets sick so they have to quarantine appropriately. And then additionally the community gets sick. So we have a swell of patients and then we have a shortage of staff. So then we come in to try and create a buffer so these nurses have some downtime.” Dr. Narula sympathized with the nurses by stating, “Cotolo said being a travel nurse comes with trade-offs especially as a mom of two young kids. But she says even with the risks she wants to set an example for her children. Did you ever question becoming a travel nurse?“ Nurse Cotolo responds, “l don’t know how the story will remember me. But l don’t know if that matters as much as how my children will remember me and what l can leave for them.” Sadly, we have to be in total agreement for these handworking travel nurses who are giving their lives, time and efforts. Numbers of Covid patients continue to rise during these critical times of the #pandemic due to diobedience in such things as travel and association revolving around the holiday celebrations. Numerous scientists pleaded with people that they should stay home and celebrate with those only in their households. Did we obey and listen? Only time will tell.

After the powerful interviews the anchors of CBS This Morning discussed their concerns by stating, “In a lot of rural areas they are relying on the military to actually come in and help,“ said news anchor David Begnaud. Adriana agreed by saying, “The thing is you can actually jigger a bed. And you can put people in the hallway which we shouldn’t have to do but we are doing. But you can’t create a nurse.” David Begnaud agreed as he explained with intensity, “That’s right. A lot of them are coming out of retirement like my mother who come to help out and give injections. Do what she can as close to the frontline as possible.” What a fine example of humility and genuine concern for humanity in general. Once again. We thank the hardworking hospital staffs during these critical times.

Nurse Shortage During the Pandemic Prove to be Detrimental

We are living in critical times during this pandemic. A guaranteed hope is given is Jehovah God’s word the Bible for the future where he said at Revelation 21:4 “And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

— New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures

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Travel Nurses Are Desperately Needed During This Pandemic but How Can We Beat It’s Fatigues

An Evening of A Outstanding Music and Health Awareness

What Is Your TruAge? A vital health question.

Possible suggestions on health awareness are vital in today's society. Visionaries and entrepreneurs combined with extremely talented performers created a platform of information on suggestions for natural health products and entertainment. Now That's Entertainment and members of the #Mad Team of Morinda, Inc., developed this concept. The team's leader, Valencia Pamphile, explained that the company is a, "Eighteen years old company that is international. Our passion is to use natural products that God put on the planet." Their mission is to also, "Help people get healthier." The emphasis is not placed on, how old you are but "How old are you really based on your lifestyle?" This does not refer to an individual's actual age as far as in numbers but "AGE, when sugar and protein combine and is possibly linked to obesity, cancer, digestion, high blood pressure " and numerous other health problems.

Valencia went on to state how we can possibly, "Live younger and longer. #AGEs, impact how well and how long you live. You could be 53 but your score could say you are aging like an 80-year-old. You can take care of your own health." Radio Personality, Monica of Heat 100 stated this about #Morinda's products, "Their products can possibly impact health problems. Years ago, people died from diseases like chicken pox. If we can try to eradicate them, these might be diseases of the past." Even the lead singer of The Intruders sang the praises of these products which helped his brother, who had a triple by-pass. He graciously thanked Valencia, for her help. The fact that these products have the potential to possibly be derived from Jehovah God's natural plants in order to improve our health is a positive attribute that we can all appreciate.

The evening of Health Awareness did not end there. We were delighted to experience exceptional musical voices of all varieties along with helpful information about natural products. Each of us look forward to a time when there will be no sickness, death, pain or sorrow based on Revelation 21:4 which states, “And God shall wipe away all tears in their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be anymore pain: for the former things are passed away.” (King James Version) Imagine a time when sickness, nurses, doctors or medications will no longer be needed. #Jehovah God, “who cannot lie, promised long ago;“ that sickness and death will be eliminated in the future. This we can put faith and trust in. (New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures)

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