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A Man Should Cast Seed Into The Ground; And Should Sleep, And Rise Night And Day, And The Seed Should Spring And Grow Up.


The Scripture Says Let The Weak Say I Am Strong

You can hear from the Lord today. Does that change things when you hear from him? When you put it into practice, if you do it, it changes things. Let’s agree together right now father in Jesus name we agree together, we’re asking you for utterance, for anointing, for ears to hear, for answers, for direction and help. You know exactly what we need right now and we ask for it throughout this day and we thank you for what you’ve already done. We thank you for what you are doing, we thank you for what you will yet do in advance we thank you. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus' name Amen.

Praise God. Mark 11: 23 and 24. Well, I want you to go there. Let us look at Mark 11:24. But if you know anything about Kenneth Hagin's testimony, he was told he was born with what was considered incurable conditions and some of the best doctors in the country told him he couldn’t live past age 16. Getting a hold of this passage of Scripture helped him off a bed where he was paralyzed with no hope and not only was he healed but he went on to preach the gospel. He’s still preaching it today through his students.

There is no such thing with God as too hard a case or too impossible a situation. All things are possible to him that believes. All things are possible with God and all things are possible to him or her that believes in Mark the 11th chapter. Jesus had spoken to the fig tree and it responded to his words and dried up from the roots. It didn’t happen, you couldn’t see it instantaneously. But something happened immediately in the realm underground that you couldn’t see and then it showed up in the realm that you could see with the leaves.

His disciples remarked when they came by it and they said look at the tree and he took that as an opportunity to teach them and teach us about faith in verse 22. He said to have faith in God and other translations say have the faith of God. Did you know the faith that is in us as believers is a measure of God’s faith? That’s exciting because that’s what he used to create the heavens and the earth.

And a measure of that is in you I don’t know if you heard that or not. God said let there be light. He spoke the worlds into existence. He did it by conceiving it in himself the vision of it and the faith of it and releasing it through his words.

And Abraham following in his footsteps and following his example learned to call those things that be not as though they were and the power of words, not just empty words but faith-filled words.

The scripture does not say let the weak say: “I just don’t feel like I can get up this morning.”

Let the weak say “you all pray for me I feel so weak”

Anybody know what the scripture says let the weak say “I don’t know why I feel so run down all the time huh I don’t know what’s wrong with me”

Let the weak say “man I wish I felt better now” The scripture says let the weak say I am strong.

Anybody remembers Romans 4 that I just referred to. In fact, this is not the way I intended to go but you’re not surprised by that probably. Romans four look at it. Mark 11 will still be there. It’s been there for a long time. It’s not going anywhere.

Romans 4 talking about how Abraham following God’s example. Verse 17, Romans 4:17 says as it is written I have made you a father of many nations. Didn’t say I’m going to. He said I have and so before are like unto him whom he believed even God who quickens the dead and calls those things which be not as though they were.

Calls what those things that be not as though they were. Well, what’s the difference. What did the text say? Call those things that be not as though they work now.

I’ve seen folks do this in calling things that are as though they are not, thinking they were doing this. But it’s a mistake. If you’re hurting, the scripture didn’t say go around saying I have no pain, I have no pain, I have no pain. Faith is not denying what we see or what we feel. There are other pseudo religions and other things that do this. Faith calls those things that are not.

What if I’m hurting? If my body’s not operating like it’s supposed to. Can you see this? I called my body healed. I called my body hold, I called my body strong right. Well, that’s in line with the Scriptures by His stripes you’re healed. Let the weak say I am strong. I’ve seen people do this concerning financial issues and you know the creditor calls and says you know you’re three months behind on this, when are you going to pay your bills. And you say “I have no bills in Jesus' name.”

I’m not going to confess that I have bills well, you got bills whether you confess them or not. Faith is not denying what you feel and see. Faith is exercising the power that God operates in to change what you feel and say. Thank you, Lord. It can be changed if you want it to be changed. You got to quit calling it what it looks like and feels like and call it what God calls it.

Get in agreement with him not only that if you go around so pace the floor half the night going I have no pain. Saying the same till midnight. What are you hearing? I have no pain. I have no pain. You’re hearing about pain. You’re focused on pain. You’re meditating on pain. You need to be saying I call my body healed, I call my liver clean, I call my lungs cleaner amen. I call my bills paid.

I called my bills paid. Well, in thinking about that go back to Mark 11. Now in the 11th chapter he said to have faith in God. Have the faith of God in verse 23 is the great verse where he talked about speaking to the mountain.

Instead Of Speaking To The Mountain, Multitudes Of Good Church-Going People They Begged God To Move The Mountain.

Speaking to the mountain is not prayer. That’s speaking to a big issue. Verse 24 Jesus said therefore I say to you what things soever you desire when you pray so that is prayer. Believe that you receive them and you shall have them. That’s the verse that brother Hagin said got him off the bed of being paralyzed and hopeless. That verse right there he had prayed and prayed and begged sometimes said he’d pray all night long and he didn’t feel any better.

Sometimes he’d feel like maybe God had heard him then he’d check his body. He’s still paralyzed and thinks well I thought God heard me but I guess he didn’t. He finally after months and months realized I’ve got to believe I’ve received my healing right now. Before I see anything before I feel anything and then he did and then the Lord told him to act on it. And a miracle happened. God’s no respecter of persons. Is that right, and he has not changed. He’s doing the same things. He’s always done but many have changed what Jesus said to do.

Instead of speaking to the mountain, multitudes of good church-going people they begged God to move the mountain. Well the same thing that’s happened with verse 24 instead of believing that we receive, people believe all a myriad of other things. What did the Lord say? What things soever you desire will cover anything that you desire. What do you do? Help me out what things soever you desire when you pray. Do what? Believe. Believe that God is able. You need to believe that God is able. But that won’t get this done. That’s not what he said to believe.

Believe that it’s God’s will for you to be healed. That’s one of the greatest things to believe, you’ve got to believe that. But believing that alone won’t cause you to receive. Believing it’s his will. There are people in this city they believe God is real. They believe Jesus came. They believe he died on the cross but they’re still lost because they have not received him as their Savior.

Devil believes that there’s one God and they tremble. Well, we don’t want demon faith. You got to go beyond demon faith. What did he say? believe. What I’ve heard people say well, and I just believe that when God gets ready in his own good time and his own good way he’s gonna heal me. That’s not what the scripture. That’s not what Jesus said to believe so Mr.

What do you believe? Come on help me out. What did Jesus say whatever it is, you’re desiring, healing you’re desiring your bills paid, whatever it is when you pray do what? To get in faith, there’s got to come to a point where you believe he heard you. You believe it’s been provided and you believe something else.

Suppose, Mike is here. He is helping me to demonstrate this idea. Take that Bible and hold it out towards me and we’ll say that Mike represents God and the Bible represents healing. It represents everything that Jesus has bought and paid for. Has he bought it? Has he paid for it? And is God offering this to the world whosoever will believe whether it’s the new birth, healing whatever it might be and Jesus said when you pray believe that you receive them. Now in John, it’s also written that a man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven.

We can’t rend out of the hand of God something he hasn’t given us. Doesn’t want us to have he’s already given? But what has been so freely and abundantly given by grace must be. What is received by faith and faith has hands. This same word that’s translated believes you receive them can be translated take, believe that you take them and you’ll find these words describing the same process and the same thing. Lay hold, receive, take hold, and hold fast.

Have you ever seen those scriptures, those words in the scriptures lay hold, take hold, receive that’s not God’s part. He’s not going to do that for us. That’s our part. How did you get born again child to God? How did you get born again? There was a time, there was a place where you laid hold where you believed you received what the Lord has done for us. But what many have said they’ve done. Oh God please give me, please give me that, I need that, I want that please, please, and turn in prayer request. All pray because I need it so bad, I mean I need, if I don’t get it I’m gonna perish, please God out of love, I’ve fasted, I’ve prayed I don’t know why. Why I don’t know? Why God won’t give it to me I don’t know why? I wish I knew.

But people are miserable and crying and hurting over this. God why won’t you heal me, why won’t you heal my babies, God why won’t you meet my needs, I’ve tried to be a good Christian I go to church regularly I just don’t understand it I don’t understand it nothing’s gonna happen unless what? What do I get to do? What things soever you desire Jesus said when you pray, beg, plead, wait believe but believe something specific not just believe. God can do it and I just believe God is able. Believe what? Believe that you receive or take what it is you’re desiring. What you’re asking for you got to believe that you receive it.

You got to believe that you take it now. On the other hand, some people in our camps believe this. They’ve heard this but their spirit is weak. Did you know your spirit can be weak, your spirits? Not the Holy Spirit. He’s in you but the Bible says the inner man is renewed day by day. Well, if it couldn’t be depleted it would need to be renewed. Now with me or not and you can be weak and the scripture in Proverbs says the strong spirit of a man will sustain him. The amplified says in bodily pain and trouble and so I’ve seen cases like this that people go through.

I know that Jesus bought and paid for it and I know it belongs to me and I’m gonna believe. I’m just in. The devil will say, you can’t, you’re too weak, your faith is too weak, you just can’t. He’s a liar. I said he’s a liar. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Well, are there times you need to be strengthened? Do you need to be filled with life and might by his Spirit in the man. Does he quicken you well? If you never needed to be quickened that wouldn’t even be applicable.

Feeding on the Word of God and spending time in his presence and cutting off the things that drain you will help you strengthen your faith. Did you know you can come to a good meeting like this, you can get built up in the word you can pray in tongues and beat all fired up and you can go and have a blowout argument with somebody for 30 minutes and you feel like somebody pulled the plug on the drain and your strength just ran out? Feel like you can’t hardly walk across the room. It takes strength, spiritual strength and faith to say that’s mine, and if Jesus thought of me to buy it and pay for it I’m gonna have it nothing is going to keep it from me.

In the name of Jesus, I believe that I received now. I’ve got it. Didn’t say I saw it and I felt it but I’ve got it. I have believed that I received it. I wish I could tell you this is the end but it’s not. Now that’s what come here and let’s say you received. What will happen after? This is your adversary, I don’t care if it’s healing, if it’s a revelation or any good thing from God. He’ll come and say now you don’t think you’ve got that. Do you because look at how you feel. Look at this and if you turn loose and cast away your confidence. What the Bible said not only must you believe you receive. What you have received, you’ve got to hold fast. That which thou hast, you got to hold on to it.

That takes strength of spirit too. That is why you need to be feeding on the word of God regularly. You need to be in a good church where you get fed. Go to good meetings. Is that right? Get you to keep your spirit built up, keep your faith built up because you’ve got to hold on and the enemy come and say no, and he’ll try to reason with you, look, feel that doesn’t make sense, look the reports worse now than it was, you don’t have it. You don’t have it and if you’re passive and weak and say well, I prayed I thought something happened but I guess they didn’t. You had received but now you’ve lost it.

Spiritual things are real brothers and sisters. How’d you receive your salvation? How did you? How were you born again? How did you receive cleansing? There was a point where you received, believed, you received it, your hands that laid hold and took unto yourself and you were gloriously born-again. Well, that same process will get you healed, to get your bills paid, but you got to play square now. Lay hold, tighten up now and the enemy will come and say, you don’t have it. You don’t have it, feel that look at this. What’s he trying to do? Give up and quit, look it’s been six months and you don’t look any better than you did before you started. You know this didn’t work, you know it didn’t?

I had the enemy one time trying to do that to me. I had believed I had received something and months went by and it didn’t happen. Months went by it didn’t happen, and it been a year and a half and it hadn’t happened and these thoughts kept coming to my mind you’re just kidding yourself. That’s never gonna happen, it didn’t work, it didn’t work, it didn’t work and these thoughts kept coming to. I didn’t realize what was happening. The enemy’s real subtle and finally the Spirit of God, thank God for the Holy Spirit, inside me said, he brought it to my mind, he said if it’s not working why is he bothering you about it not working.

The devil is a known liar, if he says it’s not working, that ought to be the service sign and that was what was going on I realized. I’m so close to these things and about to break out and if he can’t get me to give up he can’t stop it. That’s his tactic, that’s the last thing he can do. He keeps telling it’s not working, it’s not working, it’s not working. I’ve already received it I’m not trying to get it I believed I received it then the Lord did it way back.

I received it then, and you’re not moved by what you see, by what you feel or somebody says. I walk by faith not by sight, and if you’ll hold on to it and not let anything, and let’s not let the enemy get it out of your faith grip. It’ll surely show up, it’ll surely. What things you desire when you pray do believe that would happen, you shall have them. You’ll see it, you’ll feel it.

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