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Healing Ourselves and Others

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Did you know that we can fully heal ourselves? Sounds so incredible right?

But did you also know that we can heal even others? Wow, this sounds even more incredible and hopeful. Well, it is not as long as tend to believe in miracles.

There are many theories, books and many gurus out there already claiming loudly that we can all heal ourselves, that you can heal yourself as well. Anyways let's see below what we can do to start healing.

Start healing yourself

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position, take some deep breaths, and relax yourself. Start relaxing your toes at first, your feet, your legs, and continue up towards your upper body. Pay attention to each part of your lovely body and tell them silently in a suggestive way to relax. You will feel such a relief, such a relaxing tension going all of your body, which feels relaxing and amazing. Now imagine a golden light standing right above your body.

Feel this healing golden light embracing your body, embracing each part of your body, every single cell of your body. If you feel any physical pain to your body parts, ask them politely and patiently maybe they have something to tell that you need to know. Let your body get soaked by that golden light and imagine that light vanishing from you every negativity and disturbance that has caused that current disturbance in your body.

According to the book of Louise Hay " How to heal your life," it is explained that every physical or spiritual disturbance we may experience is just sourced by us, ourselves.


The cause

The new pattern of thinking

Physical pain

Yearning for outer love

I love and approve myself

Anxiety and arythmia

Lack of trust towards flow of life I

I believe the process of life


Not accepting yourself enough

I am loved and I love myself

Bad breath and breathing i

Symbolizes life

I love life, Life is secure

Candida and feeling itchy

Feeling not centered

I deserve all the best in my life

Cancer and different tumors

Keeping the anger for so long

I release anger, life is beautiful

Unexpected accidents

Faith in violation

I am at peace, I am valuable

Lower back pain hernies


I am ready to move forward

Spine ache hernies discales

Symbolizes the support of life

Life always supports me




The affirmations to use in the health area

  1. I am healthy and radiant.
  2. I am already healed.
  3. I am beautiful inside and out.
  4. I am loved and desired.
  5. I am getting healed each passing day.
  6. I am lovable and l can heal myself.
  7. I am the source of my power.
  8. I am the source of my love.
  9. I love my body and l love my life.
  10. I deserve to be healthy and good all the time.
  11. It is very normal and natural for me to feel healthy.

Try to repeat the affirmations as much as possible. Try to repeat them loudly or silently according to your desire. You can repeat the affirmations anytime you desire when you are having your morning walk when you are having a bath when you do the chores and so on. And anytime you repeat the affirmations, imagine yourself healed and embraced in that golden or even white healing light.

Healing others

We can heal also others even if they are unconscious abt that. Get relaxed in a deep state and think yourself as a transmitting energetic tower of the healing towards the other person aura.
This energy is not yours, it is downloaded by a higher source, while your role is to guide and focus it wherever you want. Now imagine the other person, right in front of you. Imagine them surrounded by a white healing light.

Start talking to them and tell them that a higher power is taking care of them as long as they are embraced in that healing light. From now on, start to imagine them more often getting healed. Do not give energy to the problem of the disease of the other person because your duty as an assistant to their healing is only by seeing them completely healed.

You might feel drained after the process. It is okay to rest and to take also some breaks, but you do not need to worry because the energy you were transmitting mentally in an imaginative way is not yours. It is the life force energy that moves through you and all of us. Do not forget to assume that everything happens for a reason for all of us. Simply for our highest good.

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