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Healing Addictive Behaviours

Clearing Addictions


Addictions are a result of giving away our power. Addictions of any and all kinds, go hand in hand with all kinds of negative feelings, situations, aspects and thought-patterns, and can be the result of low self-esteem and a lack of self-respect.

Addictions can be destructive for all concerned … the ‘addict’ and family, friends those close.

The substance of addiction - be it alcohol, sugar, chocolate, illicit or prescription drugs, caffeine etc may be potentially harmful in long-term and/or large doses.

The addiction is a sign of weakness. The fact that the addict believes they can’t live without it indicates a lack of control.

The addiction can become a negative force, and a result of the addiction can become a negative thought-form or pattern as the brain keeps sending out the ‘demand and need’ messages and signals, and these become the main focus and driving force.

Below are some suggestions to help beat an addiction and break a negative habit.

· Focus on your intention.

· Be clear about your reasoning for giving up the addiction/habit. eg. health concerns, vanity reasons, relationships, sociability, mental and/or physical state etc.

· Think about and concentrate on something you intensely dislike, that you can imagine and visualize next to your habit or addiction (eg cigarettes or chocolate) to put you off.

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· Set a realistic date.

· Plan to make a definite decrease of your consumption day by day, marking the days off as you progress.

· Avoid ‘trigger’ foods, activities or situations that you usually associate with your habit or addiction.

· Avoid temptation.

Once you are aware of the effect of your thoughts you can control them and use them to their best and most positive effect and benefit. We are able to consciously make ourselves (and others) more positive and light just by using our positive intentions and thoughts.

Joanne   Body and Soul - Mind and Spirit


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irvene gerstel on January 09, 2016:

This has really helped, thank you

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