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Have the Masculine Authority

Once a woman accepts to be your wife, she surrenders her independence, freedoms and privacy to you.

A woman is like your daughter. You don't fear going through your daughter's school books because as the father, you want her to account for the resources you put out for her. You are raising an accountable daughter.

Same with your woman. We have been blinded by the so-called ‘liberalism’ that we fear calling our women to account for the 4Ps you offer her.

This is the point. Once a woman accepts to be your wife, she surrenders her independence, freedoms and privacy to you. If she doesn't want, then that relationship will fail. In response, you give her your unconditional 4Ps.

She cannot be expecting you to risk your 4Ps while she is still holding onto her privacy. Abandon that relationship.

As the man, don't fear your woman going through your phone because you fear nothing. Men who fear asking to check his woman’s phone are cowards. They fear rejection or what will ensue thereafter.

A woman’s phone is part of her privacy. Her privacy is your responsibility. If her privacy harms her, you will be responsible for the harm because your responsibility is to protect her.

Your woman walks naked in front of you because she has accepted to give you her privacy and freedoms.

If some criminals are on her phone conning her or planning to kidnap her then she gets kidnapped and killed, you will be held to account for neglecting your role as her protector.

Now, this does not mean you start a battle on phone ownership, it means you draw boundaries on the first date and let her know that you will demand accountability from time to time when the need arises.

Like when you suspect her cheating through her phone, you will demand that she proves you wrong. Don't entertain sluttery, my kings. If she is not ready to prove, end that relationship immediately otherwise she will dump STIs or another man’s pregnancy into your life because, you know what, women don't know how to control themselves or understand that every choice has dire consequences. They only live on that particular moment depending on their moods and emotions.

Your woman must give you unlimited access to her phone anytime because you are her KING. If this is not happening, bro, just accept that you are being disrespected.

But why do men fear checking? Because they are weak. They are afraid if they meet uncomfortable truths, they will be ‘hurt’ and they lack the masculine spine to admonish cheating or call out the relationship.

I should also add that as a man, don't fear leaving your phone behind. You can cleverly leave it, let her scroll through thinking she has nailed it. Let her pick whatever she thinks will feed her ego.

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As a man, you are in control. There is nothing to fear. Even if she stumbles upon messages from other women, she will be dramatic but deep down she is happy of all the women, she is the one who has access to your castle.

You see, women do what their men do. If your behaviour is that of hiding your phone, she will do the same to test your forte. It is your duty as the man to draw the rules of the castle and enforce them.

Don't be a pantywaist who fears your woman.

The only person to fear is your mother in law. Keep her away from your relationship.

So, if you find your wife is secretly entertaining other men through her phone, don't jump and rush, take your time. Warn her strongly. If she continues, end the relationship on the spot. If you ask for the phone and she becomes defensive, count your losses and end it.

However, it is sad to note that many men find about it when she has already slept out with those men. It is because such men did not write down the rules of the game and neither did they enforce them.

Women will call you ‘insecure’ if you pull this action. They will use this word to scare you or demean you or attempt to deflate your ego so that you back off. Yes, tell her “I am insecure, anything wrong with that?”

Once you have rules and orders, then enforce them, she will not even attempt to think about entertaining other men because she knows the punishment and consequences are severe.

Finally, never hack your woman’s phone. That's cowardice. Leave that uncouth behavior. That's being insecure.


The truth of the matter is this: if you as a man get to the point of having to hack your woman's phone, then you have failed in terms of leadership and authority in that relationship. Contrary to what you hear these liberal feminist say about independence and whatnot, women desire the authority and control of a man. You just have to make yourself the most alpha version for you to acquire access to the suitable women, and for her to fall into and fall for that atmosphere. Woman have sympathy, they just don't waste it on simps.

Her phone is her source of validation through dm's, likes and comments. I've had a glimpse of a female associate's dm with 180 unread messages and many others that were blue ticked. Her phone is like holding an antenna up to get a signal for the next possible brunch for her to jump when the time comes.

If you have no masculine authority to draw the line early in the relationship and set terms and conditions so she knows what crossing the line means, then you are setting yourself up for failure. LEAD! SET PRECEDENCE! TAKE CHARGE AND MAKE THE FINAL DECISION.

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