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My Fellow Americans? Have You Noticed How Quiet It Has Been At Night?

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

*Note - This article here of mine was initially published on December 31, 2020.

"susan-lu4esm" is the author of this photograph.

"susan-lu4esm" is the author of this photograph.

These days we all have been hearing mostly news about President Donald J. Trump's challenges of the 2020 American presidential election. People are wondering whether President Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated as president on January 20, 2021. I admit that I have published a noticeable number of articles having to do with the 2020 American presidential election here on this writing platform.

Nevertheless, last summer was absolute madness with all the noise throughout my community at nearly all hours of the day into the night. Neighbors would let their kids go outside early in the morning to play and wake up everyone who was trying to sleep in late on the weekends. I had this one next-store neighbor who liked to Skype loudly on his laptop in his backyard in the wee hours of the morning when everyone was still asleep. He finally moved away. And dog owners? If you have ever lived in a community that has a great number of dogs, I don't even have to explain to you how they are about letting their animals drive everyone crazy when people are trying to sleep at night and early in the morning.

Down the street there was this one household that held parties out in their backyard as late as four in the morning and made all sorts of loud noise of every kind. I had to call the police on them more than enough times, but they just couldn't seem to get the message. I don't know why they could not have taken their party inside their residence. Most considerate neighbors would have done so. However, these are the kinds of neighbors that only think about themselves and show very little or no consideration for others around them. Then again, they also should have been socially distancing and not throwing those parties at all.

One type of motorists that I really developed a strong aversion to were motorcyclists. Now, if any of you out there own a motorcycle, I did not publish this article as a personal attack against you. One time I rode on the back of a motorcycle that a co-worker of mine was driving through New York City, and it was a different experience from anything that I had ever done. I was getting ready to move to the Big Apple, and riding on a motorcycle certainly introduced me to much of the urban scenery of that city. My father even used to own a motorcycle, and he was in his fifties by then.

I've heard of stories about motorcyclists who have studied law and have become attorneys who represent other motorcyclists in personal injury claims. I understand why such litigators are necessary, because other motorists can and do get belligerent with motorcyclists on the highway for every little reason. I also find it interesting that motorcyclists hold conventions throughout our nation.

After living in New York City for so many years, I eventually moved to Southern California where many motorcyclists are reputed to be living. I remember seeing a whole gang of bikers drive by me while I was waiting for a bus in Topanga Canyon Beach. However, none of them ever seemed to bother me or anyone I knew. In fact, at nighttime when I was sleeping in my West Los Angeles apartment, I never recall hearing any motorcycles roaring by me. Unfortunately, it is not that way where I live now.

1. Motorcyclists Are The Rudest Motorists On The Road Where I Live

In the state where I live, motorcyclists have gone from bad to worse. One night last autumn, I was trying to get to sleep and I heard what sounded like four motorcycles rumbling and roaring loud behind my residence at the same time. A dog even started barking. During the daytime, I have seen motorcyclists drive by in droves. One of them was stopped at a traffic light, and he rumbled his engine loud on purpose. It is though these people get a great amount of pleasure out of annoying others around them, especially at night.

I found out that this problem has been happening in other parts of the nation as well. You can find a news clip from a Boston television station reporting about the problems that motorcyclists have caused their communities below on YouTube.

Bostonians Appear To Be Fed Up With Noise From Motorcycles

Now, I realize that the above news clip is from six years ago. However, I have surfed the Internet and have found that state jurisdictions are having problems with motorcyclists being loud to this very day.

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My state jurisdiction has some kind of law that requires that motorcyclists place a silencing device on their motorcycles to keep such noise to a minimal at night. However, motorcyclists don't seem to pay much mind to this law, and people are losing valuable hours of sleep as a result. Luckily, the governor in my state jurisdiction imposed a curfew from sundown to 5 in the morning, which has cut down on most of the noise that comes from motorcycles at night.

2. Motorcyclists In My State Appear To Pay Some Mind To Our Governor's Curfew

Medical experts believe that curfews do prevent the spread of COVID-19 as explained in Cathy Cassata's article titled "8 Ways to Protect Yourself When Someone in Your Home Has COVID-19." I agree with Ms. Casatta.

The governor of my state recently imposed a 7-week curfew that would prohibit motorists from being out late after dark up until five in the morning, unless, of course, they had official business to do so. Before this same curfew went into effect, it was as though I was hearing motorcycles rumbling and roaring outside my bedroom window at night every 15 to 30 minutes, and this madness went on even into the early hours of the morning. I don't remember hearing so many motorcyclists driving at all hours of the night before this past autumn. However, after the curfew went into effect, all of a sudden I rarely heard any motorcycles on the roads after 8:00 P.M.

Motorcyclists would not have any legitimate reason to be riding around loudly during the hours of the curfew. This curfew also likely gave the authorities the ability to take harsh punitive action against motorcyclists who violated it. I also have not heard any neighbors throwing any loud parties until four or five in the morning. Of course, the onset of cold winter weather has contributed to the decrease of such parties.

Now, I don't doubt that the governor of my state imposed the curfew mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those of us who live in the temperate climates of our nation are going into the very cold months, and Coronavirus cases are spiking left and right. However, I would not doubt that my state's governor also felt encouraged to impose this curfew because of the problem with loud motorcyclists and the likes throughout the nights here in my state.

Nobody should have to be deprived of a good night's sleep just because a bunch of middle-aged men failed to mature past their rebellious adolescent years. If enough of these motorcyclists get fines and even jail time for making loud noise with their motorcycles at night, perhaps they will finally get the message that nobody wants to listen to them. Why they congregate in highly populated areas is beyond my comprehension. Hopefully, they will not return to their old ways after the curfew is lifted, even though I realize that old habits die hard. Many motorcyclists insist that the loud noise their vehicles make somehow provide them with safety when they are riding at night, but I don't believe that excuse for even a minute inasmuch as there are other ways that they can practice safety upon riding at night without being noisy.

"philm1310" is the author of this photograph.

"philm1310" is the author of this photograph.

3. My Conclusion To This Topic

The year 2020 has brought us Americans very trying times. Finally, we are coming to the end of this tragic COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and schools have been shut down over a period of time, and it has changed our way of life for the most part.

Nocturnal noise has gone from bad to worse in highly populated areas throughout our nation as we have moved further into the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the spike in COVID-19 cases, governors in numerous state jurisdictions have imposed curfews to alleviate the impact of the virus. As an added fringe benefit, these curfews have caused a significant decline in the amount of needless noise during the nighttime hours. It would be great if this peace and quiet could remain with us after the curfews end.

A Poll For Americans Who Have Had Bad Experiences With Motorcyclists

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Jason B Truth (author) from United States of America on December 31, 2020:

@Umesh Chandra Bhatt Thank you.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on December 31, 2020:

This problem is there in some other countries also and you have covered it nicely.

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