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Harry Potter and the Law of Attraction

All my life, I have been very interested in esoteric perspectives regarding life and existence in general.


Law of Attraction in Harry Potter World

Philosophers have through centuries educated us about the so-called law of attraction. This concept that talks about the importance of energy, thoughts, emotions, etcetera, has its clear representation in the world most of us are very familiar with, the enchanting world of Harry Potter. We may not notice it at first when having in mind that Rowling's creation is just fiction and not the actual world we live in. However, there are very important and useful learnings to discover and embrace in Rowling's stories. Learnings that can boost your manifestation and open you to the world of magic.

If you really think about it, magic equals work with energies and in Harry Potter, magic is king and queen of it all. Waving with wands and casting spells is only a representation of a much deeper, yet to this day still mostly undiscovered, world.

Concentration and Intention is the Key

If you really think about it, from the first moment to the last, there was an intention and a concentration in the process to make that intention come alive. When Harry's mother saved her child she did it with an intention to make Harry live and to make him survive. Her power and emotions in that process were so strong that it almost drained Voldemort of all energy he had.

This is just one example of many more you can either see or read in Harry Potter movies and in so overly popular books, but more about this later.

From my perspective, what almost perfectly represents the law of attraction was the fact that Harry actually could not control the magic at all in the beginning, although magical things surely happened around him. This randomness is what most people get to experience on their day to day basis.

They have this incredible power to attract and manifest in a much more favorable way, but because of the society and the norms that are always present all around us, the power goes uncontrollably through. Being able to direct it in the right direction is the key here, but it also is the most difficult part of it all. To be fully able to leave that uncontrollable random state of living and instead gain more control and power in life, you first need to learn to control your energy and learn to direct it the way that benefits you and your desires. The happy news is that you will not need to go to Hogwarts in order to achieve all this. Truth is that you can learn here and now, without any delay.

Magic Tools Do Help in Our World as Well

You maybe start to wonder what I am trying to get yourself into. It is not what you may think right now. I am not suggesting walking around wearing wizarding clothes and pointing around you with a magic wand, although you naturally can do this if you are into these sorts of stuff.

What I want to explain to you is how useful magic tools can actually be for us when trying to attract something new into our life. The magic tool can for example be an object you have some strong personal attachments to and one you like a lot. It can also be something totally new that you completely create by yourself. If you then manage to set a clear intention into this magical object of yours, you are already on the right path to successfully manifest your greatest desires.

This is exactly what you can find in all of the Harry Potter movies and books. In those, you will come in contact with all sorts of magical tools and objects. These are used to transform energy from one form to another. It may be done in order to attack someone, defend, manage to move objects, and so on. A magic wand is probably the most known object however it is not the wand that is magical itself. It is the combination and the energy exchange between the wand and its owner that creates the magic. It would never work properly in the wizard's favor unless he or she manages to put out a clear intention and direct this intention in the proper way.

Dementors Represent the Blockages in Our Life

Dementors constitute a hugely important part of the wizarding world. Those are in many ways extremely awful creatures and they perfectly illustrate to us how the law of attraction work.

Assume you have a great desire of yours that you want to manifest into your life. Unfortunately, you are for the moment being surrounded by negative-minded people that seem to manage to suck out all the positive energy out of you. All those positive vibes you so much need to have in order to manifest your specific desire. Those people I am talking about are basically dementors themselves. They spread negative energy all around them and as a result of that make you feel miserable.

To get rid of these you need a strong Patronus. The Patronus is in this case a way for you to be able to disconnect from all those negative energies you are surrounded by and to successfully push them away by creating positive and wonderful emotions and thoughts. Basically, a Patronus could be a strong affirmation you create to stay positive and closer to your specific desire.

Everything is Energy

Albert Einstein once stated a sentence that would, later on, become one of the most important quotes we have to this day. It says the following: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” This is a very valuable and powerful quote to understand when it comes to the law of attraction and magic in general. If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then it means that all energy already exists around us everywhere in space. The energy that however can change forms.

Basically put, whatever we want to create requires energy, and because all energy already exists all around us, it means that we all have literally infinite possibilities. Possibilities to transform our energy in whatever way we desire and as a result of that manifest what we want in life.

Whether you see it or not, in the Harry Potter world, there are a lot of references referring to this topic in one way or the other. Perhaps you are now already scanning through your mind and revealing all these references or perhaps you are planning to watch the movies or read the books again in order to gain a new perspective and knowledge. It is even possible that you are not yet familiar with the world of Harry Potter. If so is the case then I strongly recommend you to watch all the movies and read all the books because they truly are fantastic.

No matter what your experience regarding the Harry Potter world is, there is always something new to learn in order to help you with the art of attracting and get a new perspective and knowledge about magic.

© 2021 Jan Stepan

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