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Harmful Health Effects of Pubg Game.

Writing on different topics,In this article try to explain the harmful effects of video game.

Addiction of games is Mental Disorder.

PUBG Player.

PUBG Player.

PUBG game Addiction.

PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground), this game has gained much popularity and fans. In these pandemic days mostly students and other people spent their time on it, without doing any productive task.

No doubt gaming is also necessary, refreshes us but if play it in one to two hour per day.

But, people play this game 5 to 6 hours in a day and few players play it whole day, and get addicted. They don’t pay attention to other creative and productive tasks.

Addition of this game cause harmful effects on its players. According to WHO, Game addition is a mental disorder.

Side Effects:

Effect on Physical Health:

PUBG game has many side effects on physical health. Most of its player become addicted and don’t even give time to other activities like outdoor gaming and Exercising.

This leads to unfit body, without doing any workout and sitting on a place cause weight gain that leads to obesity.

Playing only video gaming cause laziness in player that is very bad for heath. This game also effect on neck and backbone, and cause severe pain in shoulders and neck because of sitting or lying on specific posture for 5 to 6 hours.

Difficulty in Sleeping:

PUBG game also effects on the sleeping routine of players. Mostly people play this game at night time, that in actual sleeping time. Night sleep is more comforting and good for health as compare to day, but player of this game spend whole night playing this game. When you can’t get proper sleep, its effect your efficiency of work and health.

This not only disturbs sleeping habit but also harmful effect on eyes. Eye side becoming weak due to long time use of mobile and computer screen in the absence of sunlight.

Cause of Depression and Anxiety:

PUBG gaming also effect on mental health. When someone get addicted to this game, even can’t give value to its carrier, family or study. Mostly people play game and don’t give time to their job or carrier that’s lead to becoming jobless. That causes depression to its player, having no job, how to run home?

Students those are addicted to this game, when fail in exam get depressed and even commit suicide.

They even don’t do any healthy and refreshing activity, and full time use of mobile screen depression in children’s. Even if its player can’t get high rank in game became anxious and depressed.

Cause of Social Anxiety:

PUBG lovers are also remaining socially anxious. They feel awkwardness in relationship with new people. They even look alone in gathering. Only want to get a separate place where they play their game. Even if guests came into home, they can’t give them time and consider it’s a waste of time.

With the passage of time they become addicted and even can’t spend quality time with family and friends.

They don’t like to make conversations with people, like to live alone. These people can’t move properly in society.

Slowly their confidence and self esteem low down and hesitate to face people. Social connection and remain engaged with society is very necessary for healthy life and survival.

Changes in Behavior:

This game also has harmful effects on behavior. Changes in behavior occur with the passage of time when a player becomes addicted. His/her behavior show more aggressiveness on minor changes.

In this game player has to kill all enemies and become hero or winner at the end. So, they compare it with their real life. In response brain develops aggression. When they continuously shoot and see such killing scenes show aggressive behavior in real life, when someone advice them.

Even in few countries players killed their family member and neighbors in same style like game. They became over obsessed and even show rude behavior with their parents and family.

Low Performance in Other activities:

Like above explained all the harmful effects on physical and psychological health. PUBG player show low performance in other life activities like studies, carrier and in family relationships. Because they show shallow focus on these activities and easily get distracted.

They give priority to PUBG game instead of these activities that are necessary for successful life.

But, they did not realize that their life is destroying. Even can’t hear any bad words about it.


Gaming is source of recreation and refreshment, but its overuse makes it harmful..

It’s concluded that this game has more harmful effects then beneficial for those who are addicted to this game.

Every person should use this video game in limit, 1 to 2 hour in a day only for refreshment.

Players should give time to their studies, carrier and family.

Stay Safe and Live a Healthy Life.


Maryam Fatima (author) from Pakistan on July 16, 2021:

Thanks dear.

Moon from New York on July 16, 2021:

This is helpful article.

Maryam Fatima (author) from Pakistan on July 16, 2021:

Thanks! I always wait for your reply.

manatita44 from london on July 16, 2021:

Lovely article.

I was born in a different time and while this game may have its use in avoding boredom, I feel the Middle Path of Buddha still applies. One should not be extreme with anything in life. Excellent work.

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