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Hacks for Complex Ptsd


With the advent of instant news and social media, people are becoming more aware of the different mental ailments thriving in society. PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is common, but are you aware of the variant called Complex PTSD?

It’s thought that one or two specific traumatic experiences are the cause of PTSD. The concept of traumatic experiences is broad, however. Those who grow up in unstable homes or are persistently exposed to negative situations are likely to develop a complex version of the illness. As opposed to one or two traumatic events, an assortment of them over a long period of time can cause the disorder.


Although symptoms can overlap between the two related illnesses, a sure flag of suffering is hypersensitivity to loud, sudden noise. For example, some motorcycles are notorious for being loud and are considered by many to be a nuisance. A motorcycle could pass another driver suffering from the disorder and cause them to have an anxiety attack.

The annoying and startling sound can bring on a variety of negative thoughts and emotions including anger — within minutes. It can affect the sufferer throughout the whole day. Moreover, persistent loud noise caused by a variety of sources can make it difficult to cope with life in general, making symptoms of the disorder worse.

Another symptom  of complex PTSD is the irrational, unconscious seeking of safety and security. We can be deprived of general support in childhood which ends up unconsciously sought in adulthood. Repeated failures to move away or become self-sufficient are characteristics of the symptom  —  sufferers often move back in with their parents, seeking the closure never fully obtained as children.

Simple Treatments

Noise-canceling ear muffs work great if sensitive to prolonged or sudden noise. Noise-reduction earbuds also work great and because of their small profile, have the advantage of not getting in the way.

Another solution for coping is to break problems into smaller pieces. PTSD sufferers often steer away from perceived danger to reduce anxiety — this technique will help overcome it. For example, if the thought of creating a garden causes anxiety, start by first clearing the space for the garden, then take a break. Next, buy the soil, distribute it, then take a break. Continue with breaks between each subsequent step until the project is complete.

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Doing projects in small pieces  will gradually build confidence and help overcome fear and anxiety. The concept can be applied to various situations in life to help achieve self-sufficiency.

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