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Hacking into Happiness

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Sara is a writer and Civil Engineer. She lives in Pakistan. Her vision is to spread optimistic thoughts, hope, patriotism, and motivation.


You are not happy if; You are not overwhelmed with gratitude for Allah's blessings.

The access to nature, good education system, safety, childcare, free healthcare are the basic needs of every citizen but very few can get access to those facilities.

How can a person be satisfied and joyful... If; he does not have the necessities of life? But...yes there are some who becomes an epitome for other.

Naveed came into the office. Ducking his head so he didn't bump it. The girls' hearts are all beat faster as they saw him. His smile seemed to chase away the shadows. The smile lasted just a few seconds,then he stared at the floor.

He was one of the the best entrepreneurs in the country and most impressive thing is that he was very young and intelligent and his competitors are astonished with his successful practical strategies that he adopted for his company. And every year, his company won the excellence award. His personality portrays his cultural and ethical values.

He went into his luxurious office and mark the date. It's13th June...20 years back the day brought gloominess and sadness but that day changed his life.

If she wouldn't be with me, my existence would surely be vanished by the cruel people around me. He had seen depression, obesity in his life, he thought. But her love made him stronger and confident person. She had been his shadow, his strength throughout his entire life.


Neuroscience Research:

Naveed was a passionate reader and a good listener because life has taught him to observe and listen first and do not pour out your thoughts to anyone.

Our brain acts as a Laboratory. There are lots of chemical reactions taking place and our emotions and feelings are the result of these chemical reactions. Dopamine Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins (DOSE) are the neurotransmitters which plays a vital in our happiness and mood regulation.

He was attending the online lecture on human emotions.

How many complex functions are taking place in our brain but we only think that we face sadness or happiness. The other feelings are secondary.

While listening that lecture he felt nostalgic. The old times when he had suffered a lot and had nothing to eat for days. His mother used to work in a garments factory and at the end of the month when landlord came to his small quarter for the rent and his mother had nothing to pay and the loud abusive language he heard for his mother kept him stressed and sad. His mother spent sleepless nights and worked so hard for the double shift that he had seen blisters on her hand.

When he used to put his head in his mother's lap, she kissed his forehead and he felt her tears were falling on his cheeks. He used to close his eyes and he never asked about anything because he never wanted to increase his mother's pain.

She used to make halwa( sweet) on his birthday and it was just few teaspoons and she always said, it's for you, I tasted it while cooking. I know that's not true but she insisted me to finish it because she knows I liked that halwa. She somehow managed to take oil, semolina, sugar from nearby store to make that halwa for me.


Dopamine (A Positive Motivational Incentive):

The online lecture continued,

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Dopamine gives us a “pleasurable” feeling when we hit our desired targets or completed any complex task.

Dopamine motivates us and helps us to focus on our targets. We feel good to endeavour to reach our goals and get the rewards. Enthusiasm and optimism drives us to plan and organize our tasks and get them done.


Oxytocin (The Chemical of Love):

Oxytocin makes our social bonding strong. The feeling of love, friendship and deep trust are all oxytocin driven. When we go out of our way to help others or something nice is being done with us originates a stress free social circle where there are safety, generosity and empathy.

What is Love: “The feeling of not being with your dear ones forever takes your breath away”. It is the emotional attachment, understanding and great affection with your loved ones.

He closed his eyes and wanted to hide but he thought, everyone has to face the circumstances no matter what and has to pay the price but the time will come when that pain will be gone or it will be healed up to some extent.


Serotonin (The Mood Stabilizer)

It was the time when naveed hit his 10th birthday and that day his mother was very ill and she didn't go out for work; that day her mother didn't cook food and that special halwa which she used to cook on his birthday. That morning the landlord came to ask for the money and they had nothing to pay for rent nor had anything to give him instead of money. Then the landlord got aggressive as usual and tried to slap his mother.

He was silent the whole time but that abusive behaviour with his mother was unbearable for him. That little boy pushed the old man hardly, the landlord got hurt and went out of the quarter.

A boy with tears in his eyes like a flowing river falling into the ocean, hugged his mother and they decided to leave that place where there is no respect.

That day, he thought he wouldn't sit in home so he went to the mechanic shop, and in less than 3 moths, the mechanic owner liked his passion for learning and he gave him books to read after off time. He started reading. He used to wash cars and in return ask people to give him books to read.

That was the new beginning of a man with passion, integrity, hard-working, and determination and then his journey towards success continued after crossing many hurdles.


Now, the lecturer was entering into the last phase of the lecture.

This chemical acts as a leader. It makes us feel that we are original and important in our tribe. It contributes a lot in reduction of anxiety and depression. When we look back and remember our success in different stages of life that bridges to value our present state.

It is necessary for us to acknowledge the work of others. The element of gratitude boosts this chemical.

In live session when audience greeted the speaker with applause, ultimately gives him the feeling of appreciation and pride.

He thought, this luxurious lifestyle, success were not easily achieved, it required a lot of struggle with consistency.

Naveed had been a successful entrepreneur and it's a dream of his country men to work with his team.


Naveed was excited to go to home early to celebrate his birthday with his mother. He combed her hair, fed her food with his hands. He wanted to give all comforts to her and his mother's smile made him strong, energetic and his life bright and shine.

I'm nothing without her, he thought. She stood like a pillar and gave me strength to move on. She had seen many ups and downs and didn't even say a single word and dedicated her entire life for me so how can I leave her alone.


Want to be Happy... Try this Instead:

Happiness lies within you. There are so many ways to be happy if you focus on your daily activities and try to make them constructive.

Instead of blaming government and your fate all the times, it’s better to get up and start taking your responsibility.

  • You must be thankful because you are living in a free Muslim state.
  • You are gifted with health. It is a blessing. Ask those who are in constant pain due to some disease.
  • You are lucky enough that you have a meal on your plate.
  • You are fortunate enough to have a lovely family and friends.
  • You can be happy if you set your goals on daily basis and accordingly you can organize your tasks and strive to achieve them.
  • The cheerful act of toddler brings a smile on your face. Its happiness.
  • Helping the needy person gives you a soulful and peaceful feeling.
  • Your passion keeps you alive. Make a habit to meditate on new ideas.

I have seen people who are not even sure about their second meal are quite contented and have a sheer belief in Allah Almighty and they didn’t seem stressed and unhappy. They struggle and put in sincere efforts and leave rest to Allah.

My deepest wish is to see every human being on earth a happiest person. We just need to take a start.

Share your view what makes you happy.

Sara Shahid.


Farrah Young from Lagos, Nigeria on April 08, 2019:

"There are so many ways to be happy if you focus on your daily activities and try to make them constructive."

This is so true: there is so much to be happy for if we can but look around.

The fact that we have life, good health, the love and support of a family, supportive friends, and hope are all enough reasons to be and stay happy.

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