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Habits of Thought


The Seed of Awareness

Every time we have an “Ahh” moment or a moment where we reach an understanding, it’s like a seed has germinated in our minds.

Imagine you are searching for understanding. You may spend days or weeks thinking now and then, when you have spare time, on something you wish to better understand. All of a sudden something clicks, or falls into place. Maybe something happens that allows you to see from a different angle or perspective. Then all of a sudden BAM! You have it! It is like a small seed of certainty has formed in your awareness. If this certainty continues to hold interest for you, it will grow from a seed to a well formed tree.

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Negative Thinking - A Tree of Thought

One day, I found myself in a funk. I began to wonder why I was feeling this way. I was not really depressed, but had a sense of dread, like I was asking myself a question and regretted the answer I might get. Looking closer, I found this questioning was a search for the negative, like I was waiting for something bad to happen. I think that perhaps this was a habit that I must have developed over time. Because, looking back, I can remember doing this before on several occasions. It was as if I had developed a daily negative theme of questioning.

I visualized the mental connections my brain must have made, over my lifetime of constantly searching for the negative. I imagined that the connections had, over time, collected and formed into a stout and mature tree. It was like, after constantly searching for the negative, and thinking negative thoughts, this habit became hard wired into my personality. I did not even have to consciously search any longer. My unconscious mind had taken on the task.


Positive Thinking - A New Tree of Thought

Well, let me tell you. Finding this habit, I was very thankful. After becoming aware of this tree trunk, I decided to plant a new tree, right next to it. This new tree would represent a new habit of thought. My new habit would be the opposite of the old. I would develop a new line of questioning and searching in my daily life. I would search for good. I would search for positive perspective in all situations and interactions with others. I would grow this new tree strong, giving it my full attention. I would shine the light of my focus on it until it grew, far surpassing in size and quality that of the old negative tree.

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Shine on The Positive

Now I guess I could have imagined myself cutting down this negative tree, but I decided I would keep it. It had served me well after all. It spoke to me of danger when I needed it. It had served me too well at times and the balance had been lost between negative and positive, throwing me into a general mental attitude of negativity. I decided I would simply remove my focus from it and let it wither. The negative tree can still serve me, and warn me of danger ahead, but my primary focus will be shining on the positive, helping me to search out positive situations that may benefit me and those I interact with.



Improving You (author) from Estero, Fl on November 23, 2011:

Vladi thank you for reading and commenting. You are right. It is not easy to cut that tree. visualizing the cutting of the tree would be purely symbolic, and symbols are powerful ways for the conscious mind to interact with the subconscious. Its a way for us to powerfully let our subconscious know what we want.

In this case by focusing on the positive tree, and thereby removing focus from the negative, I have been able to let the negative wither to a point that the correct balance FOR ME has been reached. When we remove focus and thought from a thing, it loses power for us and over us.

Again thanks for stopping by : )

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Vladi Dorfman on November 23, 2011:

By planting that tree you helped yourself grow more.

However, I'm not sure how easy it is to cut a deeply rooted tree like the one you decided to keep if I were to decide to cut it down anyway.

Improving You (author) from Estero, Fl on November 15, 2011:

Great story and great example, what a great opportunity too! Glad you stopped by Somethgblue.

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on November 13, 2011:


I work as an umpire part time and about four years ago, I tried something different in regards to folks becoming agitated and screaming insults and carrying on like three year olds.

I decided to talk calmly to them agreeing with their point of view and then explaining in a calm voice why I made this decision and what I saw as opposed to ignoring their outburst as we are taught to do.

What a difference, by infusing positive energy into a negative situation, it allow both parties to resolve the issue peacefully instead of letting it linger unaddressed.

I took that philosophy into my life and began seeing the positive in all things always looking for the bright side, seeing every negative situation as a learning experience!

Wow what a difference, the positive tree is always in bloom!

Great Hub, Awesome!

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