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How to Deal With COVID-19 Anxiety

Covid-19 has left deleterious effects on all over the world. The whole world has been affected by this pandemic. The people all around the world have to face psychological trauma in this uncertain situation. Due to Covid, anxiety and stress among people are rising, and as a result, the state of fear prevails the entire world. Still there is no proper vaccine available to fight against Covid-19, although few countries have conducted experiments of making vaccine but not any effective results have come out of them. In this uncertain situation, people experience various social, economic and psychological problems that pose a menace to their mental and physical health. Covid-19 anxiety is a very serious issue and it should be addressed properly with keeping a view of social and economic situation. It needs to be understood that Covid-19 is a pandemic that the whole world is undergoing and even the developed countries like America, UK and many others have to face a very alarming situation. In these countries, the death rate is rising, and daily the thousands of people are diagnosed with Covid symptoms. So the people all around the world have to deal with anxiety. In this article, I share few useful tips which will help to fight against anxiety and stress and also lead to a healthy life.


Without information, we know nothing. Authentic information is very necessary to knowing facts about things. In this situation, we depend on information, but it should be authentic and reliable. We come across many articles and posts on social media about the pandemic, it symptoms and cure, but we have no idea it is true or false. Unfortunately majority of people began to believe in them, and this kind of situation is very dangerous for our mental health. After reading something on social media about Covid symptoms, we start feeling ourselves Covid victim. This attitude is really irresponsible in this alarming situation. If you feel fever or any kind of complication in breathing or body, you should go to doctor and get cheek up. Do not assume things based on social media or unreliable source. Be aware of the situation and act responsibly and follow the SOPs designed for you.


An active immune system is essential for healthy life style. The main function of immune system is to fight against various diseases in our body. If our immune system is week, then we can be the victim of many diseases. You should boost your immune system through healthy and fresh foods, and prefer to eat diet which is rich in nutrients. Vegetables and fish are the greatest source to boost the immune system. Junk foods are detrimental for health, and should be avoided. An active immune system will be shield against the thread of Covid. So do not be remiss about the selection of food.


Exercise and work out is the best thing to do these days. You can exercise at home. Work out will definitely help you to reduce stress and release the tension which cause due to Covid-19. It also improves your psychical health too and you will experience the amazing kind of feelings which leaves positive effects on body and mind. A positive mind will be helpful to survive in this dreadful situation. Yoga and meditation can be very helpful to reduce stress and anxiety.


To help others is a noble thing in the world. In this situation, we need to be cooperative and kind hearted with one another. When we give our helping hands to others and hear their problems, then we feel that our problems are smaller than theirs. It creates the environment of brotherhood and harmony among us which is the need of hour in this crucial time.


Entertainment is inevitable for our mental health. It also gives us immense pleasure and joyful feelings which are also necessary for our body. In this critical situation, you stay at home and have nothing to do, than you should divert yourself with music or movies. You do not need to get rental movies, you can watch them online and spend your time enjoying with them or music. Apart from movie, there are many things to do at home like repairing broken electricity circuits, cleaning home, garden and courtyard, and many more which will surely keep you occupied and never let you think negative.


Being positive is also important these days. Do not get worried about petty things and should try to look at the cheerful side of scenario. You do not need to exhaust yourself with things that are unchangeable. Be realistic and positive and move forward with hope that good time will come soon.


In this hard time, our social life is restricted to our home and we cannot go out and hang around with family and friends. But we can be in touch with them through social media and regular phone calls. It will not only kill our spare time but also keep in touch with friends and family. You can also share our fear and anxiety with them which will be easier for you to release anxiety and get a positive energy from our friends and family.

Remember that you are not alone who is experiencing this. There are millions of people in the whole world who are facing this drastic situation and feeling vulnerable. We should face the situation with optimistic thoughts, and I am quite hopeful that this drastic situation will go by soon and good things will ensue. So we should not lose hope and look forward to happy moments again.

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