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How to Cope With Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attack tends to be a common mental disease. We find a great majority of people in our society who experience this or have gone through it. There are multiple causes of an anxiety attack. It is observed that most anxiety attacks come from the painful experience of past life; this could be either from near-death experiences or a history of physical or mental abuse. When someone experience life-threatening events, the body resort to fight or flight mode. It means either you encounter the threat or escape. The culprit hormone triggers the anxiety attack because the body produces cortisol. This hormone accelerates the heart rate, and hence episode takes place.


There are many symptoms of an anxiety attack, but the prominent ones are as follows.

When you run for a few meters, you would notice your heart beating fast, the same you feel as you get panicked. Your body starts shaking, and your heartbeat is fast. Do not be afraid. These are not the symptoms of a heart attack; you have an anxiety attack. You sweat profusely and feel like going crazy. You feel your flesh hot and cold, and sometimes you feel like vomiting and dizziness. You may have a strange fear of death from undetected illness, and you feel isolated from reality.


  1. Breathing exercise: Breathing exercise is the best way to reduce anxiety. Just hold your breath for five seconds and then release it. It will have calming effects on your body. The practise of breathing exercises helps to achieve calmness and relaxation.
  2. Positive thinking: Positive thinking is constructive to get rid of an anxiety attack. When you think positive, you motivate yourself for something. It will surely broaden your way of looking at things, and you look at the bright side of life.
  3. Yoga: Yoga is a fantastic way to relax your body. It will relax your body and produce positive energy in your mind and body. You will feel energetic and active after doing it.
  1. Exercise: Exercises like walking, running, and acrobats are very useful to release stress and negative energy. It also brings about good feelings. A daily routine for 30 minutes helps maintain good health and burn anxiety.
  1. Medication: Medicine is not a preferable remedy to reduce anxiety attacks. If you are taking medicine but do not feel any change or betterment, then you should consult with the doctor and follow his instructions carefully. With the help of the right medicines and counselling, you can lead a better life.
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If you are going through an anxiety attack, you do not need to worry; you can take the help of your family and friends by sharing your feelings. You should try to spend time with them and avoid sitting alone because loneliness may lead you to disappointment or frustration. s

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