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How to Boast Your Self Confidence

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What Is Self Confidence?

Confidence means having faith in something. In this way having self confidence means having faith or belief in your own self. self confidence is little different from self esteem. Self esteem is related with merely feelings, which we have about ourselves but self confident means we have an ability to do an action, which is positive and beneficial for ourselves. Simple way to judge whether you are confident or not is just go somewhere; where you have not been before and talk to a stranger. Strange places and strange people make all of us conscious little bit, and that's the best way to judge your confidence level. Believe me you are self confident even if you dare to go such kind of place. People who lack self confidence, do not take such steps vulnerably. So my point is that if you are able to challenge your self you have confidence and that's what means to be confident.And if you aren't then don't worry that's why you are here.


Know Your Confidence Level

Before treatment it's important to know what is the stage of disease. In this case knowing what your confidence level is, or how much your self esteem is distorted, will help you find a solution. When it comes to confidence problem, there are two kinds of people.
1: Those who can manage their daily life activities, without getting headache at the end of the day. But they become anxious when it comes to public speaking and doing things which are out of their daily routine.
2: Those who can't even manage to speak with their acquaintances. Expressing their self to others and giving any kind of opinion are the most difficult things for them. Word public speaking is not in their dictionary.
Most people belong to the first category. There are very few people who don't have public speaking fear. And many people don't like things which are out of their comfort zone. These people require little effort to become fully confident and improve their selves. Because all they have to do is challenge their selves and they are good to go.
On the other hand, people who belong to second category need a bit more effort in respect to category one, because their problem is low self esteem which occurs due to multiple reasons, for example, bad parenting, abusive environment and various other problems which can be avoidable and unavoidable. If problem is avoidable then get your self out of it, if not then accept it. Sometimes acceptance is what help us restoring our self confidence.

Why Can't You Accept A Compliment ?

Ever wondered why is it so difficult to take compliment? When someone compliment a person who lack confidence, that person don't know how to respond it. That's because when we think about our self very poorly we don't believe other peoples opinion about our selves, we think they are buttering or making fun of us. We always take compliments negatively. Some people do say things which they don't mean but we should have self awareness to know what we possess in us and what we lack.So next time when somebody compliments you, accept it and give it back as well. It will not only help you feel better but also help you make new friends, which is very important for healthy living.


Have Certain Things In Your Mind.

  1. Remember every human being is like you.They have feelings and emotions too.
  2. You have not come from Mars. You also belong to this world.
  3. we are all dealing with fear anxiety and self worth issues on a certain level.
  4. No body is superior and inferior. We all are equal.
  5. Every body is not thinking about you. People just remember their own stupid deeds.

Psychology of Being Self Confident

confidence is a positive feeling about certain things and when we act in a certain way according to that feeling, that action, if derived by positive energy will cause positive results. Here arises a question. what we should do to develop positive feeling in us when we need to be confident?
Well, here is a quick remedy for your problem. when you feel that you are leaning into fear and anxiety. Try to remember that time when you were self confident or you were very happy. Because when we feel happiness we become less self conscious.Every body has those moments in their life when they were feeling a lot of confidence. That could be about the day when you won any kind of prize in academic area or it could be the day when you were feeling beautiful. This trick works wonder because when we recall our past achievements, that allow us to think highly about our selves. In this way our self esteem get increases and when we have no self doubts nothing can resist us to be confident.

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We all want to be confident, but some of us really manage to be it. why? Because sometimes we don't know why we want certain thing. So be very clear why you need self confidence and that realization will help you to attain it. When you will have a clear idea that without it you can't do anything then you will get it.


Liz Westwood from UK on November 08, 2018:

This is a confidence boosting article.

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