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How Did the Strawberries Arrive on Your Plates?


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The strawberry takes its name from the Latin Frag aria, or more precisely from its exquisite fragrance. Indeed, long before being known for its taste, it was used by the Romans for its smell and its color which, at the time, were used by women for aesthetic purposes.

Since antiquity, our ancestors have therefore started to pick wild strawberries. These first appeared in America, Asia and parts of Western Europe.
It is also suspected that their distribution was facilitated by birds which would have spread their small seeds in different areas.

It was not until the Middle Ages that the first strawberry plants were introduced into vegetable gardens. At that time, the cultivation of this fruit began with the transplanting of runners from wood strawberries. From there were born innumerable varieties, thanks to the work of the peasants. Later, during the Renaissance, strawberries began to be consumed more and more, especially with cream and wine. Thanks to numerous colonial expeditions, the diversification of strawberry species gave birth to the cross which became known to the whole world: F. ananassa. That said, the French seem to prefer their modest wild strawberry to the big hybrid from America. Then, after the inauguration of the Brest-Paris railway line, its cultivation experienced a real development, with an increasingly high yield. Currently,

Health Benefits Of Strawberries:

Like most fruits and vegetables, strawberries are full of health benefits. Indeed, thanks to its antioxidant properties, they protect the eyes from any progressive blindness due to the opacity of the lens. In other words, it would slow the occurrence of a cataract.

It also contains vitamin C which helps fight against UV rays from the sun. On the other hand, this vitamin C content has been shown to be very beneficial in preventing cancer. Indeed, if it stimulates the immune system for a better defense, pelagic acid will slow down the growth of cancer cells.In addition, very rich in fiber, strawberries are one of the fruits that most promote good digestion. It is therefore a food to be consumed without moderation in the event of chronic constipation.
Thanks to its high potassium content, it also helps fight the effects of salt and reduce high blood pressure.In addition, it should be noted that the flavoring contained in this fruit make it a real natural anti-inflammatory. With at least three servings per day, these antioxidants have a neutralizing effect on bad blood cholesterol. Heart health can only benefit.In addition, being a good source of folic acid and vitamin B, strawberries are particularly recommended for pregnant women. In addition to participating in the development of the fetus, they also help prevent certain birth defects.Many studies have also been able to show that red fruits help improve learning. They are even reported to be able to reverse memory loss and cognitive decline associated with aging, but that's not all. Strawberries are also found to be one of the many natural anti-wrinkles.Thus, a regular serving is enough to promote collagen formation and achieve healthier, younger skin and a more radiant complexion.You will understand, all the reasons are good to consume these little sweets. If you don't have the time to buy them regularly, you can have them delivered to your business, just like you do with fruit and vegetables at home.


Fruit Basket In Compines: A New Concept To Motivate Employees

For some time now, fruit baskets have become the new trend to pamper employees.

The concept is quite simple, as with home delivery of fruits and vegetables, business leaders arrange for fruit baskets to be delivered to their workplace.
To do this, they will simply subscribe to brands to receive one or more seasonal fruits each week. Of course, all the details are studied in order to find the most suitable subscription: number of employees, preferences and tastes of each, office configuration, etc.

In addition, all products must be fresh and seasonal, hence the interest of this concept. In addition, a quality control must always be done before delivering fruit to a company.

Finally, the company in charge of the delivery will also take care of installing the fruit baskets in the places indicated. It is also possible to request personalized baskets, with decoration, spices, etc.

The Fruit Company Season's Bounty Gourmet Fruit Basket - 16 pieces fresh pears, apples, oranges and pineapple 2 Fresh Oregon Cheeses Summer Sausage Gentile Sala

Benefits Of Delivering Fruit To The Office

Whether in the break room, in the offices or even in the hallways, placing baskets of fresh fruit offers several advantages.

Indeed, since most of the day is spent at work, it is extremely important to adopt healthy eating habits. And what better way to stay in shape than eating fruit rich in vitamins?

Low in calories and packed with fiber and minerals, consuming them regularly can only improve your health and your daily life.
In addition, several studies have shown that the work environment is conducive to snacking. With the dispensers stocked with crisps, chocolates, and sugary drinks, it's easy enough to give in to temptation.This is why delivering fruit to the office is a good way for the company to promote more responsible consumption and a healthier lifestyle.Even though many managers overlook it, it has been proven that an unhealthy diet can reduce employee productivity rates by at least 20%. Fruit baskets are therefore a simple way to boost them, in order to improve their performance.On the other hand, we notice that most employees tend to have coffee and tea several times a day to stay in shape. Instead of these stimulants, a good fruit rich in natural sugars would just as well increase their energy, while avoiding the side effects of other substances.
Finally, having fruit baskets brightens up the workspace by bringing color and conviviality. Because of the pleasant environment they create, they will inevitably improve employee morale and their performance.

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