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How Covid-19 Affected Mental Health

We as a family encounter Covid 19. I have personally faced the situation and understand how covid-19 can affect the Mental Health.


Mental Status

Mental Status

As all the Country and Concern medical organizations are more focused on, how to stop the spread of covid19, keeping medical infrastructure ready for treating Covid19 patients, and providing vaccination to the mass. Very little affords has been emphasized to monitor the mental health by concerned organization and individual also.

In my family, my husband has been affected by Covid 19 in the second wave in India. I am clearly able to appreciate a noticeable change in his approach due to a lot of under entity around us. We have felt personally the effect of covid 19 on the mental health of the covid 19 suffers. This is the point that has given me the motivation to write this article so that I can highlight the problem which can associate with covid 19 infections. We have able to recover in 21 days with home quarantine along with medication suggested by a doctor through video chats.

Now it is time to look at the effects of Covid 19 on the mental health of different classes of individuals, and take a serious note of this issue by individual and concern medical departments.

In recent times some reports and technical papers are getting published in the issue. In addition to these reports here we are going to know how the Covid 19 has affected mental health and how we can come out from this serious problem.

Every third patient who has had a coronavirus infection suffers from a mental or nervous disorder, six months after infection. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the United States and Great Britain, writes the Lancet Psychiatry magazine on Tuesday, April 6.

The large-scale study involved 236 thousand people who had recovered from COVID-19. Specialists tested them for the presence of consequences in the form of 14 different nervous or mental disorders six months after they were diagnosed with the disease. The most common nervous or mental disorders were anxiety disorder (it was found in 17% of those who had recovered) and affective disorder (14%). At the same time, for 13% of patients, diagnoses associated with mental or nervous disorders were made for the first time. It also turned out that people who have had COVID-19 have more brain disorders than those who have had the flu or other respiratory diseases.

With the reference of above information now it very clear to us that there is scientific evidence exist for the “Effects on Metal Health by Covid- 19” and we all are affected by this.

Reason for Stress:



The main reason for the negative impact on mental health is stress concentration in our life. The reasons for feeling stressed in this pandemic can be as follows:

  • Life-threatening Situation around us.
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Unemployment
  • Isolation
  • Overloaded Medical System
  • Difficulties in getting necessary items
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Too much watching sensational news about Covid-19 sufferers
  • Nonspecific symptoms of Covid-19 or symptoms matching with the common flue.
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Effects of Stress on Personal and Social Life:

Effects of Stress

Effects of Stress

These stress are slowly and continuously changing our mental and personal health by changing our behaviors. In this stress condition we can develop or encounter the following changes in our mental and personal life:

  • Anger, lack of happiness, Too much thinking, a feeling of frustration, Fear, numbness
  • Feeling Less interested, low appetite, feeling a less energetic, reduction in desires.
  • Finding difficulty in making decisions
  • Not able to concentrate
  • Change in sleeping pattern
  • Having physical problems like pain in body, stomach, headache, and rashes in skin
  • Incremental effect in chronicle problems
  • Decremental effect in Mental health
  • Excessive use of Alcohol, Tobacco, cigarettes, etc.

How to counter the Stress:

Fighting with stress

Fighting with stress

We cannot live happily with this mental state thus we have to practice a healthy lifestyle so that we can come out from this mental state and live our happy life as we are spending in the past before this pandemic. There are many ways to come out from this situation by practicing a healthy lifestyle, which can be listed as follows:

  • Should not watch too many stories related to Covid19 suffers
  • Practice Yoga and Exercise like: Take deep breaths, stretch
  • Eat healthy and favorite foods.
  • Maintain excellent personal hygiene
  • Try to make yourself busy with a regular schedule by contributing helping hands in daily routing home activity.
  • Always emotionally attached with loved ones through talking
  • Try to help others in whatever way if you can.
  • Reminds your happy moments with your family, friends and try to express yourself and pay gratitude to others.
  • Rediscover your old hobbies like reading books, watching web series/films, gardening, etc.
  • Try to have as much sleep time.
  • Avail of the vaccination facility when available.
  • Spread positivity

In the final line: try to entertain yourself and your surroundings to feel positivity all around you.

Happy Life

Happy Life


Namita Kumar (author) from Hyderabad on July 07, 2021:

Thank you very much for your words

schoolgirlforreal on July 07, 2021:

Great coping skills. I also add prayer. It's wonderful effects as well as meditation. thanks!!!!

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