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How to Lose Weight with the HCG Diet

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Wondering about HCG drops and where to get them? Read on to learn about one of the hottest methods toward quick weight loss. With the best quality drops, you can lose as much as a pound a day which makes HCG weight loss one of the best ways to tone up for the summer’s beach days.

Don’t waste time and money on ineffective methods that do not work for anyone who doesn’t have hours to spend in a gym or who can’t stand starving half to death. Combined with the proper detox and nutrient intake, the HCG diet works quick and is safe for just about anyone.

Combining great juicing techniques and this diet program has helped thousands of men and women achieve their weight loss goals. Stick to this program and you’ll be ready for summer in no time at all. Get down to the weight of your dreams by getting started on an effective HCG drops diet that is proven to work quickly for anyone.

Real HCG drops have worked for thousands, now it is time to let them work for you!

What is HCG?

HCG is the acronym for human chorionic gonadotropin and is produced inside pregnant females and its presence is what turns most pregnancy tests positive. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin interacts wit progesterone and aids in a fetus’ development.

Studies show that HCG regulates appetite and uses body fat to ensure that a fetus is being properly attended with nutrients. In people who are not pregnant, HCG helps to burn body fat rather than storing it because it tricks the body to believe it is caring for a fetus.

Although it is not approved by the FDA, the HCG diet has helped countless people and the FDA normally never approves diet products of any kind.

The HCG Diet

Eat what you want on the HCG Diet.

Eat what you want on the HCG Diet.

What you need to know About HCG Drops

Dieting with something as new as this weight loss supplement comes with a lot of questions. Learning all of these things can be overwhelming but you shouldn’t worry, there are plenty of resources online about HCG and its benefits. The best HCG drops along with juicing and walking for weight loss can make you regret getting rid of those old jeans that you loved so much.

Read on and learn everything you need to know to get started.

HCG side effects, are they dangerous?

  1. Acne and increased sweating has been observed (but juicing along with actually clears skin and lessens sweating)
  2. Early puberty in males.
  3. Increased chance for twins or triplets when taken during pregnancy.

HCG is a safe diet formula that with proper liquid intake and nutrition, is one of the safer options for anyone seeking quick and efficient weight loss.

HCG occurs naturally in pregnant women and aids in removing fat from the mother to feed to the forming fetus. There really couldn’t be a more natural and safe diet supplement, but as with any other health program, a doctor’s advice is always best for the patient’s health and for the eventual end result.

Where can I buy HCG?

A doctor can prescribe HCG shots or you can link from this page to real HCG drops available on Amazon if you don’t want to get any shots. I highly recommend trying the drops before anything.

Is the HCG diet protocol real?

The HCG Diet is one of those “can this be real?” type reactions when someone who has had trouble with diets in the past first hears of it. Rapid weight loss programs usually require people to work out harder an eat a lot less. The whole idea of exercising more than usual on top of not getting enough to eat is always counter-productive and it is a rare person who can stick to something so strenuous and debilitating. The HCG drops diet isn’t one of those kinds of diets. In fact, the second phase might be right up your alley because part of it requires eating fatty foods. Amazing huh?

When I ballooned up to over 250 pounds, it took me less than two months to get back to a comfortable 195 pounds using the HCG diet. Combining HCG drops, juicing recipes and walking for weight loss, I managed to get where I wanted to be in a short period of time.

Not only is HCG effective, it is easy and fun.

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The HCG Diet Protocol works to lose weight fast.

The HCG Diet Protocol works to lose weight fast.

HCG Diet Reviews and Recipes

HCG Diet Cookbook

Eating well during all phases of the HCG Diet Protocol isn’t as difficult with the help of Tammy Skye’s cook book HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook. Pick it up to get the low down on over 200 recipes that will help you eat like royalty during your HCG phases.

"Enjoy over 200 delicious "Low Calorie" Recipes for the HCG Diet with the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook. The recipes in this cookbook can help you enjoy flavorful meals while losing up to a pound a day on the "HCG Phase" The HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook features delicious soups and salads, chicken, beef, and seafood entrees, and sweet desserts and beverages.

Enjoy these easy and delicious recipes and add variety, spice, and a touch of gourmet to your weight loss journey."

Real HCG drops and a well thought out HCG diet protocol can lead to astounding weight loss.

Real HCG drops and a well thought out HCG diet protocol can lead to astounding weight loss.

HCG Drops - The Juice on HCG Diet

Let’s get started getting weight dropping off by summarizing the ins an outs of this HCG diet and the reasons juicing and HCG works so well together. Once you get a breakdown of the HCG protocol, you will begin to start believing in the HCG diet and its effectiveness.

The breakdown:

1. HCG Phase One - Clean out your system to prepare for HCG ingestion.

In the initial clean-up phase, getting rid of body toxins may create a sick feeling and result in diarrhea. Many times during body detoxification, the urine may darken and gain a stronger odor and your body may react with runny stool. These are good signs that you are quickly reaching clean mode but remember to keep a doctor advised of anything abnormal.

During phase one of the HGC diet, body detox’s rapid detoxification needs a boost and juicing provides this easy to digest and absorb answer to rapid nutrient intake and clearing up the path.

Getting a 100% clean system will help intensify the HCG diet’s effects and encourage a more rapid weight loss that also remains healthy. There are several tools that helps to achieve a full body detox.

Detoxification Tools:

  • Fasting Cleanse
  • Fiber Intake
  • Vitamin an Mineral Intake
  • Plenty of Water
  • Colon Cleanser
  • Probiotics
  • Juicing

Once the full detox as been reached by using several or all of these tools, your body is ready to move on to the next phase of the HCG diet protocol.

2. HCG Phase Two -

  • Three days of fatty foods load up.
  • 23 - 40 days of 500 calorie maximum Pounds & Inches meals and 23 - 40 daily owes of HCG drops.
  • 3 - 4 days 500 calorie Pounds & Inches cool - down.

Maintaining 500 calories a day can be rough on your energy levels. This is where juicing becomes your best friend and how this HCG diet differs from the others you will read about.

Although I agree with the 500 calories a day whole foods regimen, I do not think all calories are treated the same within the human body. I think that calories from raw fruits and vegetables are the first to be in line for immediate use. I say this because upon taking in raw fruit and vegetable juices, I immediately feel the surge of power.

In phase two, fill up the empty periods with juice an do not count these calories. Use these calories for your walking for weight loss routine which I will go into in detail in the phase two section.

3. HCG Phase Three - 21 days of maintenance - No starches and no sugars. Maintain, do not lose or gain.

When it comes to weight gain, starches are the main ingredient. I do not agree with typical HCG diet protocol that sugars are evil. In fact, again, here is where the difference lies. If juice calories are immediate, so are juice sugars. Juice here as well but stay away from breads and potatoes in your whole food. The juice of some foods are fine to take in during this phase and it has worked for me quite well without the drag that this phase brings to anyone trying to stick to HCG protocol strictly.

4. HCG Phase Four - Normalized hunger control. The rest of your life phase.

Live well and be happy at your perfect body size.

Phase One HCG Diet Protocol

Drop the toxins here. This is where intelligent juicing first comes into play. In order to get right inside your digestive system so that the HCG drops give you the most benefit and thus, the most dropped weight.

For this Phase of the program, there are two separate areas that need special attention in cleansing. There are also two methods to cleaning these areas in order that the HCG drops do exactly what you want them to do.

Cleansing -

  • Blood, Liver and Kidney
  • Colon

1. Blood, Liver and Kidneys

A 3 Day Juice Cleanse is how everyone should start this diet. It sets up the body to begin taking in the nutrients and water that it needs to be ready to respond in the best way to the HCG drops.

There are many methods to accomplish a good cleanse and the best I’ve seen are listed in the breakdown above. The one I recommend and for the purpose of this article is juicing and in order to fulfill the needs of your weight loss plan, you should go grab a juice kit designed especially for this purpose. The best kits are all available online and you should buy the best so that you don’t waste time or your HCG drops.

Juice Cleanse - Blood, Liver an Kidneys

Suja juice is a cold pressed juice that is tasty and very good for you. The Suja Juice 3 day cleanser will set your body into motion perfectly for the HCG diet protocol that you are about to learn in detail.

The kit comes with 18 Suja Juice bottles and is exactly what the doctor ordered to clean out the old way and prepare to begin a new one. Detoxify with Suja Juice and get your body prepared for the next phase.

HCG Diet Protocols require that the body be clean before beginning the actual HCG drops diet routine. So one way or the other, you must get your body prepared for HCG and juicing is by far the best way to do this.

Rapid Cleanse - Colon and Intestines

The next important area to get clean is your intestines. Over time, the intestines begin to become a toxic wasteland that do not absorb nutrients and water like nature intense. Especially in today’s environment of artificial ingredients, the colon becomes bogged down with a sticky tar-like covering that makes getting vitamins and minerals (and HCG drops) absorbed into the bloodstream.

Rapid Cleanse is a quick way to begin expelling these toxins and it will prepare the way for your HCG diet to be as effective as you want it to be. Without these first two steps, you shouldn’t expect to get the results spoken about all over the internet. Without a clean system, your HCG diet protocol is like dumping money in the trash.

Phase One HCG Diet - Wrap Up

You may be new to the HCG diet or have read testimonials that are positive or negative. I can guarantee from personal experience that anything negative is 90% sure to have been related to failing at body detoxification. HCG is sensitive to a toxic environment, if you can’t afford to prepare the body for the HCG diet protocol two through four, you just won’t lose weight and should not invest anything toward this diet.

BUT if you can spend the money and invest your time, you are ready to move forward into Phase Two with a cleaner you at the helm.

You and Your Weight Loss Past

Phase Two HCG Diet Protocol

Now that you are clean and your body is ready to respond quickly to anything you put into it, you are now ready for the actual HCG in the HCG diet. Now, HCG is not inexpensive but you already knew that before you surge over here and began reading. Just remember that you want to ensure you purchase highly rated HCG drops.

You can get HCG at any health food store or diet section of your local grocery store. BUT I recommend you order them from Amazon because the Creative Science HCG Drops are better quality at a better price. Another reason I recommend Amazon is that if for any reason you are not satisfied with the products there, Amazon’s A to Z refund policy will protect you and allow you to get your money back.

In order to complete the diet, you should buy at least four 2 oz. bottles. There will be no pause period and so stocking up is the wisest way to ensure you don’t have to start over.

Part One - 3 Days of Heaven

This is one of the funnest and enjoyable diet plans in the scene. For three days you get to eat more than enough of your favorite foods and not feel guilty about it. I mean, you eat until you are so stuffed you feel nauseous. Not just any foods, but the fattiest and most divine foods that you could only dream about on any other diet plan.

Imagine the Possibilities - Three Days to Die For

So go on, start your morning with .125 mcg HCG drops under your tongue and repeat every 6 hours while eating your fill of your favorite meals. This was my Mexican and dessert days. I completely gorged on the greasiest and most devilishly delicious foods I could think of. What you decide to eat is all up to your personal taste, so, just let your imagination roam and dig in.

Part Two - 28 Days of Responsible Eating

The next part isn’t quite as lenient. It is very simple to complete, but requires counting calories and the diet is limited to 500 calories per day of whole foods. With my version, I only ate 500 calories per day solid foods but permitted 300 calories per day in fruit an veggie juice in the more active hours.

As the 28 days progress, maintain .125 mcg of HCG drop under your 3 times a day which works out to around every 6 hours. Get the cookbook above for delicious recipes that will help maintain the caloric limits that you need to maintain.

You should also consider looking for HCG Gourmet Cookbook Volume Two. There are over 150 extra ideas to get you through the harder phases.

Phase Three HCG Diet Protocol

After the second phase’s 28 days have passed, it is time to set up for a lifetime of weight maintenance. Before you begin the HCG Diet, you might think different about this phase but after the 28 days, this part is much easier to digest.

No starches and no sugars seems an almost ridiculous request. Looking for foods that don’t contain these ingredients is hard. Here is where a HCG recipe book comes in very handy and you should begin the HCG diet protocol with recipes in hand.

During Phase Three, maintain the weight you reached at the end of Phase Two. Do not lose more but do not gain any. To simply tell the truth, being lenient on yourself remembering your limits is alright in Phase Three, especially with sugars from healthy sources. Just keep it reasonable and you’ll be ok.

Continue to take your HCG drops as you have been, 3 times a day at .125 mcg every 6 hours and you’ll begin to transform not only your body, but also your entire way of eating.

Phase Four HCG Diet Protocol

The “rest of your life” phase is just that, the rest of your life. This Phase lasts forever and now that your system is prepared, you won’t have any difficulty maintaining a healthy schedule and eating habit. You’ve reached the end of your work and HCG drops usage and can now begin eating whatever you love again but without the over-eating desires you once had.

The last phase is the reason the HCG Diet Protocol is the best diet out there. The HCG diet reprograms your body and your chemistry so that you simply can’t continue to eat wrong. You gain a healthier appetite and your belly tells you when you are done.

You are done with HCG drops and your system is clean. You have lost an amazing amount of weight and all your friends are jealous. Congratulations, your are at your best weight and your life if back on track.

Don’t Keep Failing at Weight Loss

Many people have tried and tried very different weight loss program that comes into popularity an ten fades. People either lose weight and then gain it back, or they simply give up on weight loss in the middle of the diet because it was too hard to persevere.

The HCG diet is not a hard diet to complete. You will lose weight and a lot of it because the methods are tried and true. The HCG diet protocol is not about abstaining from the things you love, it is about managing your intake and becoming aware of it while helping to change body chemistry an habits under an appetite suppressed environment.

With HCG weight loss, you get to eat what you like during some phases, but you simply no longer will feel the need to eat a lot of those things. The HCG diet protocols work and you will lose weight quick and without exhausting requirements. In fact, walking for weight loss will be enough exercise to help speed up the shedding of unsightly fat to its maximum loss potential.

HCG diet foods are delicious!

HCG diet foods are delicious!

The HCG Diet Protocol Works

You’ve spent a long time at the weight you are and it takes work to get your body and habits back into the shape that is better for you and your family . Don’t sell yourself short as a lifelong unhappy person. The HCG diet and HCG drops can be the source of your new life and a much longer and happier life ahead.

HCG Diet Protocol Conclusion

With the help of juicing fruits and vegetables and sticking to any HCG diet plan, amazing weight loss can be had by anyone that needs it. Take it upon yourself to get the results you have only dreamed about before.

Don’t sit still anymore and do something that can make you proud of yourself and allow everyone around you to be proud of you.

The HCG diet an HCG diet drops ave worked for thousands and they will work for you.


Betty Mayes from La Follette on May 14, 2019:

Excellent! Thanks for the info!

Suzie from Carson City on January 21, 2014:

You are extremely well-versed on this topic. I appreciate the education. Never too old to learn. That's my motto.

JRs (author) from United States on January 20, 2014:


Thanks. Yes, it is real. I didn’t do the Dr. version. I didn’t feel like I needed injections. My weight issues stemmed from a health problem, and like you, I was always called skinny. I started gaining while recovering from surgery and it got really out of control.

From my experience, I think that HCG may work well for some with certain issues but I would not recommend anyone doing it either way without a doctor’s advisement. I think it puts the body back on track. I felt healthier and more able to accomplish my goals while taking HCG. But I really feel that juicing while following this regimen is very important to sustain health.

I have read a lot of HCG plans and to tell you the truth, I think a lot of them are too harsh. I believe that the caloric intake limitations might be good only for certain types of calories. In my experience, juice calories are absorbed and used quicker than say a piece of chocolate cake. So, I allowed myself more calories that came from healthy sources and still lost weight on schedule.

I think the longer someone spends with weight on them, the harder it might be to lose that weight because the body conditions to store calories because it can. HCG works to recondition the body and the way in which our metabolism works. So, it is probably one of the best methods to lose weight as long as your doctor approves it. It is getting hard to find a doctor to approve it because everyone assumes the FDA is supposed to OK these things and they never have and never will.

Thanks again.

Suzie from Carson City on January 20, 2014:

JR....For 90% of my life (over 60 yrs now) I was always described not as,"Slender, Slim, Slight or Trim," but just plain old "SKINNY.".....a word I learned to hate. Even after 4 pregnancies, I came home from the hospital each time, with maybe only 4 or 5 extra pounds, that I'd lose quickly.

Then, for whatever reasons, yet unknown, I started to gain and keep extra weight. Still, I was not what could be described as chubby or overweight, but due to the "difference" in my body and for the sake of my prized wardrobe....I decided to get back to my normal size. (I believe I had gained about 30 lbs over a 2 year period.)

I actually went to a Dr. who put me on this diet you have so excellently described. He gave me the injections and I followed his diet.

I'd just like to confirm to your readers that you speak the absolute truth and know precisely what this about and how it works.

This was a long time ago and I'm trying to remember how much I lost in total and exactly how long it took......but what I can say in all honesty is.....It was as though someone simply waved a magic wand over me and in the blink of an eye, I was back to ME. I say this in all seriousness. I know that the only people who can believe this are those who have experienced the identical results on HCG.

Funny thing can't find a Dr. who does this anymore. I'm wondering if it is because HCG has not been approved by the FDA...but neither have hundreds of products that Drs will often recommend. Anyway, if the drops work as well, I am one who is all for this particular method.....

Great hub....UP....pinned & tweeted.

JRs (author) from United States on December 26, 2013:

Thanks! You too!

passionate77 on December 26, 2013:

very informative article, thanks for sharing, stay blessed!

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