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Do You Have These Symptoms? No One Tells You About These Symptoms If You Have Acid Reflux, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux

Human Body digestive system.

Human Body digestive system.

1. Persistent abdominal or stomach pain or feel burring.

If you feel that you have pain in the stomach near the liver that not means that you have a liver problem or you feel burring on the chest or in stomach. When you are going for sleep and feel the stomach pain than not to sleep straight or right side. Sleep on the left side that helps you on reduction of your stomach pain and acid re-flux will not come on esophageal and affect your throat. Use two Pillows when you sleep.

This image shows how acid comes or stays on your esophageal when you sleep on the right side but if you sleep on the left side acid stay on the stomach and not come on the esophageal.

This image shows how acid comes or stays on your esophageal when you sleep on the right side but if you sleep on the left side acid stay on the stomach and not come on the esophageal.

2. Pain in throat

If you feel pain while you swallow something and your food is not going down and you feel your voice is changing then you must go to your doctor and tell him. Before sleep doesn’t drink water or eat something. Eat dinner around evening or 4 hours before sleeping. Your stomach must be empty before sleep. If you don’t follow these steps then you must suffer from throat pain and voice changing.


3. Pain on head and body or heavy ears

If you daily feel your ears are heavy and pain on body or joints and head then consult your doctor or health specialist and tell them. In this situation your body wants relaxation and especially the brain wants happiness and comfort. If you do or take stress then H. pylori affect your brain functioning. And gradually you feel that you are forgetting things. Also, the stress and anger affect your stomach and digestive system. Therefore, don’t take the stress and talk to your friends and do work that gives you happiness.


4. Acne

Some people suffer from acne in acid re-flux or h. pylori. The acne occurs if you take stress or your food is not properly digested. This acne is called bacterial acne or hormonal acne. Take a healthy and proper diet. Don’t use oily and spicy food or dairy products like milk, egg, and processed food.


5. Loss of appetite

If your appetite is lost and feel heavy all the time or if you eat something and feel vomiting then consult your doctor. Eat apple and banana daily. After an eating apple you feel that you are hungry.

6. Nausea

You feel nausea daily. Also feel that you have not too much stamina to do something or feel restless. This happens because of your stomach not digest your food and make too much gas and your body needs vitamins and minerals. So, that’s why you must take a proper diet.

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7. Unintentional weight loss

You feel that your weight becomes lose without doing exercise or anything else and you become weak or you have pain in your bones. This happens because you don’t eat properly and also due to loss of appetite.


8. Bloating

If you feel that your stomach become bloat and your liquid in your stomach come on your throat. Then don’t take heavy meals and eat food in 4 to 5 sections. Also don’t drink water during the eating meal. Drink water before a meal or after half-hour of an eating meal.


9. Bloody or black tarry stools or vomit

This may happen when your condition becomes severe and you have ulcer due to acid re-flux or H. pylori. Or when your food as chunks has passed from your stool. In this condition you must take the consultation of your doctor. If you will not take proper medication then it may cause cancer.


10. Difficulty swallowing

If you have difficulty in swallowing or your food comes on your mouth it tells that your stomach food is not digested and it stays in your throat or esophageal. So, do proper medication and chew your food well when you eat something.

11. The Bitter taste of Mouth

If your mouth taste is becomes bitter or when you eat a sweet dish or dairy product and taste become bitterer it’s mean you have stomach problems. Don’t eat meat, milk, eggs, or any kind of non-veg because it makes your stomach weak or the cause more stomach problem. Please don’t take the stress and do anger. It is harmful if you have a stomach problem.


asereht1970 from Philippines on June 17, 2020:

Hello there! I am suffering from GERD right now for more than a week. It's been an on and off thing and it's really disturbing. I feel weak, bloated, pain on the throat, head, and also at the back. I'm taking omeprazole since this was prescribed to me by my doctor a few years back. Since then, whenever I have these attacks, i just buy some from the drugstore.

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