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Guys, Wanna Know What Women Want- Really?


What Women Want (starring anything but Mel Gibson)

Hey guys, I'm an avid weightlifter and trainer and I've been studying up on some reviews by a few popular fitness magazines. I'm not going to site any references or anything official, just overview the general consensus of some polls along the lines of what women are typically attracted to when it comes to the male physique. Now before my female readers send me loads of hate mail for lumping all women together, let me just say that this article is not meant to generalize all women's appeals, but to simply inform my readers of what seems to be an impressive trend in the polls I've reviewed. Obviously, not all females will hold to the following opinion. Having said that, I'd like to state my findings.

On the numerous polls I've reviewed, several body parts and characteristics were discussed repeatedly; namely, chest, shoulders abs, arms, and so forth. However, as you might expect from a report such as this, one attribute stood above the rest. Not only will I tell what it is, I'm gonna give you several tips on attaining it. Ready?

And The Winner Is....

That one male characteristic that stood above the rest was actually not a single body part; It was an overall body shape: the coveted "v" taper. By this I mean a broad chest and pair of shoulders retreating down to a slender, lean waist. There was not one report I reviewed that did not attribute at least 75% of the women polled as preferring the "v" shape above all other body types. Now obviously, you must engage in healthy eating habits and a weightlifting routine to accomplish this, but, beyond that there are several things you must do that are vital in chiseling out a "v" body.

Widening The Upper Body

You must widen the upper portion of your frame to achieve the "v". This is accomplished by working 3 primary muscle groups: chest, deltoids and lats. To lengthen the pecs, and therefore widen the appearance of the chest (because the pecs are stretched across the chest), you must regularly widen your grip on pushing exercises like push-ups, dips, and the bench press, and focus on stretch-and-squeeze movements, particularly the chest fly. Varying the amount of resistance and number of reps per set will help, as with anything else you do in the gym. Next come the deltoids. Posterior (back) and anterior (front) deltoids will not contribute much if any to the "v" taper appearance, however the medial (side) deltoids can add a tremendous width to the upper body if trained correctly. Shoulder press and lateral (side) deltoid flies are the best exercises that I've found for burning those medial delts. Lastly, but not in the least we find the lats. These are the upper back muscles that bulge to the sides down below the armpits. You basically have to attain at least decent lats to get a "v" body. Pull-ups are the old-reliable for training lats, but don't overlook the various types of rows. There are many different types of rows that will work the lats in several unique ways; experiment with different types at various weights and reps to get a ripped pair of lats.

The Waist: Dos and Don'ts

Attaining a thin, ripped waist obviously requires training with major movements like squats, dead lifts, and lunges to raise metabolism and get as lean as possible, not to mention building leg muscle. But there is one movement to avoid, the lateral lean or "love-handle blaster". This is any exercise that requires leaning to the side and working the side of the torso and hips. The two most common forms of this movement involve 1- standing up straight with a dumbbell in one hand and leaning deep to the opposite side (laterally, or to the side; not to be confused with bending over at the waist), 2- lying side-down and partially off the end of a workout bench (with someone or something stabilizing your feet) and leaning from the side down as far as you can. These exercises build up the muscle around your waist on the sides and reduce that slim look, even if you're very lean. Abdominal exercises, on the other hand are perfect, especially if they involve a twist, which usually means you're training the obliques. If you have very defined obliques, then you get a striated appearance on the upper sides of your trunk and this has a definite slimming effect.

Now you should be well on your way to that much-coveted "v" taper. I sincerely hope that this has helped you guys in your search for a better body. I'm including in this article some products that I personally endorse as useful in the quest for a "v" shape. Good Luck

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Jesse Claffee (author) from Winston-Salem, NC on November 23, 2012:

Thanks Helen, it's hard to ignore the consistent results of multiple polls, although not all heterosexual woman will have the exact same opinion.

Helen Bolam on November 22, 2012:

Really interesting Hub. You hit the nail right on the head about the most attractive male physique. A well toned and maintained male body is a sight to be seen.

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