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Top 8 Guidelines for dieting.


Many people will choose to diet in order to keep fit and healthy in their lives. The big question however is, what are the best guidelines for excellent dieting?

Well, let us look at the basics and the best way to diet.

1) Be physically active

The most important change that you can make in your life is to be physically active.

This increases your strength not only in the outter body fitness but your emotional and psychological strength. Don't forget your confidence as well as lifting depression. By being physically active, you are likely to lose weight without even dieting.

2) Eat a wide variety of food

With every food that you eat, having a balanced diet by eating a variety of food and making every bite nutritional can really contribute to your dieting. Ensure that you cut out the junk foods. Follow a general eating guidelines for a good result.

3)lose weight slowly

If you lose weight slowly, you are likely to be successful in dieting.Set your goal within twenty pounds of your present weight . Remember not to restrict your calorie intake of more than 500 calories a day under what you eat when not on diet. When you eat carefully, it is nay impossible to get your main nutrients from food on less than 1200 calories. You need more to get all your nutrients.

4) No magic foods or pills to help lose weight

When trying to lose weight, there is no using pills or magic foods to this pathway. It is known that some people try to use pills to reduce weight. Most over- the-counter weight- loss pills contain PPA (phenylpropanolamine) which speeds up the process. In the end, one is likely to have blood pressure and agitation as well as dizziness.

5) keep a food diary of what you eat

Just like keeping a diary of your daily activities, you can do the same to the food you eat. Keep a diary of what you eat, When you eat and why you eat it to give you meaning to the type of diet, and give you insights into the psychological meanings of food for you and to help you discover when you get hungry during the day. This can help you change your eating habits if they are undesirable.

6) Trust yourself and your body signals

Eat when you begin to get hungry. Don't wait until you are starved. If you feel ill, check what and when you are eating. You should not have any severe symptoms like abnormally dry skin,hair loss etc.

7)Don't weigh yourself frequently

weighing yourself more than once every one or two weeks is an obsession. You can limit it. This is because your body water changes daily.

8) Join dieting groups

Remember, you are not walking this journey alone. Join other people in groups to discuss dieting,feelings about yourself and your body and societal issues.


A partial list of important nutrients.


Chief functions

Important sources

1) proteins

Provide nitrogen and amino acids for body proteins for antibodies which fight infections.

Milk,cheese, meat,eggs, beans certain vegetable combinations.


Provide energy.

Whole milk, most cheese,butter,margarine,oils,nuts meats.

An afternoon samosa snack. A combination of meat,green onions and flour as the main ingredients.

An afternoon samosa snack. A combination of meat,green onions and flour as the main ingredients.

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Millicent Okello (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on October 04, 2020:

Hi Ankita

I appreciate that you like my informative article on dieting. Thanks

Millicent Okello (author) from Nairobi, Kenya on October 04, 2020:

Hello Umesh Chandra Bhatt

Dieting is the only way to be healthy in life. We have to be careful on what we consume.

Thanks for that.


Ankita B on October 04, 2020:

A very helpful and informative article. Thank you for sharing.

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Interesting tips. Useful article.