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Guideline Principle of Positiveness

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Have you ever admire positive thinking. What is positive thinking for you? Is it the attitude of positive sate of mind and to stay positive , however what situation you are dealing with? In real, it's not the clear definition of positive thinking you need to know.

QUOTE: "Be the reason of your own Happiness,Choose wisely, do not let it on others hand."

What is positive thinking in life?
Positive means the manner of THINKING in a sanguine way in which you look for solutions, expecting good results and comfort, expect the satisfactory reaction, free of worries mind state, optimistic about the future weather whatever is happening in your life. A real definition of positive thinking is to think positively in which a dark light doesn't matter but a single glimpse of the light can be seen through a positive mind that matters a lot.

How positive thinking impacts your life?

Positive thinking impacts our lives in many ways. Positive thinking is the essential need of our health which can affect a lot on ongoing matters in our life. Positive thinking not only impacts your health but it can lead you to the solutions of the problem that you've been finding,a result what we were expecting,a plan for a goal also impacts our moves,our decisions, a great positive state of mind is the prior need of ourselves.

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

According to the Researchers and study:

a.Researchers proving the impact of positive thinking:

Researchers from the University of Kentucky examined autobiographies written in 1930 by nuns living together at the same convent in their early years, between the ages of 18-32 years old and rated them on a scale of positivity. Sixty years later the researchers contacted the surviving nuns, now aged 75-90. Of those that were still alive, half had lived beyond average life expectancy. Of the longest living survivors, all of had them scored high on positive thoughts or feelings about life in their journals written back in 1930, regardless of the circumstances!


b.Study proving the impact of positive thinking:

In this positive thinking study, published in March 2016 in the Journal of Behavior Research and Therapy, researchers from Kings College in London tested 102 subjects diagnosed with anxiety disorder. They asked one group to visualize an image of a positive outcome to each of the three worries they’d had in the past week, another group to think of verbal positive outcomes and the last group to visualize any positive image whenever they started to worry. The two groups that visualized a positive image, whether it related to a specific worry or not reported greater happiness, restfulness and decreased anxiety.


Why do we need to think positive in our life?

Positive thinking is a mandatory part of our life that provides our life an aim. There are many reasons, why we should think positive. The essential reasons are given below:


Positive confidence awakes your happiness. It doesn't matter who you are whether you are rich or maybe your financial state is not acceptable, what matters and most important is your confidence. Confidence about how you deal with the situation you're chained in or how you look for solutions or how positively you find the solutions to your problem. When you embrace yourself in a positive frame of mind you can become happy. Happiness does not depend on external causes and situations. It comes from the inside you. A smile can bring you happiness depends on how you look around the world.


Health plays a deep part in positive thinking. Better health can lead you to an energetic and healthy way to lookout your problems and difficulties. Health brings a strong effect on the Minds and Body. If you just do simple care and pay attention to your health you can do much more better than you are doing now. When you think positively it greatly affects your Immune System. As we grow healthier it comes to us in a way so that we can think positively. It is not anyone doing but can be. It is hard for people to handle their anxiety, their frustration even if they are working on it, they failed many times in controlling their position but some said:

" Even if i failed i will always try to convince and try to understand my self weather in the hardest times. "

This is it , people just need to work on their courage and stay on positive thinking to find the solutions they've been looking for a long time.

According to a study:

The study is related to "coronavirus pendemic" because it is also depends on our positive thinking to face the pendemic with positivity ,as positive thinking can become a main reason for saving many lives.

a.Strong Immune System Plays an Important Role Against Coronavirus

A strong immune system for protecting against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) has become more important during the epidemic process. İstanbul University Aziz Sancar Experimental Medicine Research Institute (Aziz Sancar DETAE) Director and Head of Immunology Department, Prof. Dr. Günnur Deniz pointed out that the immune system plays a role as a shield against viruses. And she talked about some important points to be considered before the beginning of the month of Ramadan; which is April 24.​

The immune system is the organism which perceives the structures different from itself such as virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites. And this system protects the organism by activating various defense mechanisms to detect foreign pests and get rid of it. Prof. Dr. Deniz said: "The immune system's most important characteristic is that it has the ability to distinguish what is and is not from itself. The first task of the immune system is to prevent the entry of foreign substances into the body, and to prevent the spread of them and destroy those who manage to enter in any way. The second most important characteristic of the immune system is that it has a memory. Thanks to this trait, we never catch the same disease for a short or long time again.”



The definition of self-value yourself, If you adopt positive confidence and starts to think positive, you will have a better opinion of yourself, which means a sense of self-value yourself. Having a sense of self-value that you value yourself and starts knowing yourself as worthy. On contrary, giving value yourself is a BEHAVIORAL attitude than an emotional attitude.

Choose to look yourself in the light rather than dark. Remember what's positive and good in you and also the thing or a sentence of your loved one which will give you strength.

Don’t care about negative people, and about what they think and say about you. People always demoralized you because they already saw you in the light of success and found that you will become stronger, strong person is one which people afraid of and a strong state of mind is main pillar of strong minds for a strong person. When you have positive confidence towards yourself, the people around you will have a better opinion for you and would treat you with more respect.

"People don,t usually care about your struggles that you made but what they care about most is results,so work out on yourself than hearing other people opinion.People change opinion like it is nothing to them but many times it hurts others more."

Loving yourself, being good to yourself, and being happy, are expressions of thinking positive. This positive confidence would also enhance your self-value, your courage, and your inner strength and the light in which you want to look yourself.

According to the study:

People with low self-esteem find it very difficult to have a positive outlook on life.

Self-esteem is affected by early life experiences and is a blend of internal confidence and external achievements. Self-esteem is something anyone can increase and maintain at a higher level. Two key components of self-esteem are self-image and self-talk.

A positive attitude is at the heart of optimistic and successful people. Successful and confident people have positive attitudes. Self-confidence is based on a belief that one’s efforts and abilities will allow one to reach a goal. Successful and confident people have positive self-images. This image of self—or self-image—is largely developed in early life. Self-image is how you see yourself in relation to the world. Self-image includes:

  • what you think you look like physically—and acceptance of your physical characteristics
  • what kind of person you think you are—your values and beliefs
  • what you think others think of you—how your personality comes across
  • what you believe your strengths and weaknesses are—your ability to have an accurate and objective view of yourself
  • how much you like yourself—and how well you take care of yourself



Everyone gets demotivate easily. People get easily demotivated when they are trying to fight for them, their minds to actives the certain thought "what if I'm wrong" and at that time they get perplexed easily and failed to understand the echo from their hearts, and they just that effortlessly want to quit. People petrified from the things which they can't control,they have fears which they failed to let go and also from describing things to others because, they know that every one discourages them and criticize them, and people do so, they criticize the wrong person and mostly append women, because their thinking which doesn't seem to change they criticize everyone they want, but such the people who choose to criticize others later get criticized by the other hands, but the main thing is people gets reflects by the way people blame and say things and stuff like in such criticism, nobody does have the courage to take that cause nobody wants to hear or admit about their mistakes or their weaknesses easily. Every time a human get depressed when they hear about their weakness or their fears that they don't dare to admit the positions and they starting to choose to live in a place in which they gets demoralized rather than "a place In which the struggles take the way but their strong character/minds gives a way of life which they choose to live in."

Everyone should motivate themselves because like an engine needs service, people also needs motivation too. Motivate and energize yourself because when you're motivated, you have the confidence to shape your life. Motivation drives you towards your goal because of a desire for change. Motivation helps you simplify and clarify your goal and plans so you know exactly what you're looking towards. Motivation clarify your desires and goals towards change. Being optimistic get motivated that's all we need.

According to research:


There are many health benefits of increased motivation. Motivation as a psychological state is linked to our physiology. When our motivation is depleted, our functioning and wellbeing suffer.

Some studies show that when we feel helpless in exerting control for example, we tend to give up quickly when challenged (Peterson, Maier, & Seligman, 1993). Others have proven than when we find ourselves coerced, we lose access to our inner motivational resources (Deci, 1995).

High-quality motivation allows us to thrive, while its deficit causes us to flounder. Societal benefits of increased motivation are visible in greater student engagement, better job satisfaction in employees, flourishing relationships, and institutions.

But unhealthy fluctuations in motivation also explain addiction, gambling, risk-taking, and excessive internet usage. The motivation that underlies addictive behaviors shares the neurological underpinning associated with dopamine centric rewards system and tricky inner working of the pleasure cycle.



Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action                     " WILLIAM JAMES"

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action " WILLIAM JAMES"


MOTIVATION CONCEPT TABLE according to researcher with the given name and year.Describing the definitions of certain behaviours.


Robert White,1959

All humans have a need to feel effective in the world.

2.Ego Devlopment

Jane Loevinger,1976

As the adults ego develops a sense of self-awareness emerges in which one become aware of discrepancies between conventions and one,s own behaviuor.


Edwin Locke,1968

The theory basic assumptions is that goals and intentions are cognitive and willful,and that they serve as mediators of human actions.


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