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Gout Management

Are you new to suffering with the pain of Gout or are you a long time sufferer. Whether you're new or old to this experience it's never pleasant. Gout is tiny crystals that form from Uric Acid when the kidneys lose their ability to flush the toxins from your system. The joints of your body most of the time in the thumb, toes, knees and ankles take the hit causing swelling, redness, sometimes even bruising and lots and lots of pain. How do I know this? While Gout may be rare in women it is certainly no stranger to men and unfortunately I have taken care of my husband who suffers from Chronic Gout in his ankle, however we have learned a trick or two to help prevent it and even a few signals that it's trying to come back and that's what I'm going to share with you.

First of all your diet plays the main role in why you have Gout.Gout is known as the "Kings Disease" I know how you guys love red meat but eating too much can cause it to flare up so you either need to cut way back on how much steak and hamburger you eat or cut it out all the way. Avoid a lot of shellfish they too carry a lot of Purine which is what causes the flare-ups as well. While I am no medical profession you should always consult a doctor before doing anything major, but this could help relieve some pain after you have the "yes you have gout" answer.

Avoid All red meats if possible or cut your serving in half. Same goes for shellfish. Substitute for pork, chicken, or fish. No fried foods! Grill or bake to avoid unnecessary grease and fats. Go easy on the butter and salt but be generous with the herbs garlic, parsley, and basil add great flavors to the foods without all the extra salts. instead of white rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. Try brown and yellow rices, sweet potatoes, and whole wheat pasta and bread. Absolutely No Gravies! however there are some awesome ways to substitute that also with just a can of Cream of Mushroom Soup and French Onion Soup. Mix it together until you get the consistency of brown gravy and enjoy. Fresh fruits and Vegetables are a must. Fresh blueberrries, cherries, and pomagrante are the best source of vitamins when dealing with Gout as is fresh salads full of all kinds of vegetables. A few other things to watch out for is Boiled Peanuts, and Luncheon Meats. I have found the lucheon meat is hard to avoid with a family like mine where sandwiches are an easy fix to a long day, therefore we watch how many we eat.

Now while changing your diet will help out a lot there are a few other things that you should work on as well. First you should try to lose weight but not too fast or it may cause a flare-up. Start out by losing 2 or 3 lbs and I'm sure you will start noticing the difference. Next have your Blood Pressure checked, Third drinks Lots and Lots of water to help flush your kidneys of toxins. Try keeping a bottle of Naproxen or Alieve with you if you start to notice an ache in the joint where you carry Gout take some it has an anti-inflammatory in it that will help.

As always check with your doctor before doing anything.

fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden is not only a great source of Gout fighting nutrion but also a great source of excercise

fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden is not only a great source of Gout fighting nutrion but also a great source of excercise


Vicki Wood from Eldon, Missouri on January 14, 2018:

my mother suffered from Gout. She would eat fresh bing cherries and drink cherry juice with some relief.

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Dianna Mendez on July 22, 2014:

I have not heard of it being the King's Disease but after reading your background I can see why it is so called. Red meat is best eaten sparingly and this helps deter so many other body ailments. Good information here for all readers.

mizjo from New York City, NY on December 11, 2012:

Yes, red meat is the biggest culprit. If you read English novels of the last three to four hundred years, all the rich men (squires, dukes, etc) seemed to suffer from gout. Their diets were rich in red meats and all other meats. Vegetables and fruits were almost never mentioned in their menus. They drank lots of red wine. You'll also notice that they all were 'stout'!

So, yes, the answer to gout and obesity is fruits and vegetables, lots of them, and water.

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