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Good Things Have Come About Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Margaret Minnicks, an ordained minister and Bible teacher, is used to giving advice about life.

Family eating together

Family eating together

First of all, thanks for reading this article beyond the title. Make no mistake about it, COVID-19 has changed lives in the worst ways. It has been an entire year since the pandemic forced people to make positive changes.

Many new habits had to be developed. Employees are either working from home or not working at all. Children are learning virtually and have not been in the presence of their teachers and schoolmates for months. Many family members have experienced sickness or death. Church services, weddings, and funerals are not like they used to be.

With something as devastating as COVID-19, it is strange to admit that some good things have come about since the pandemic started. If the truth is told, many good things exist today that were non-existence a year ago. Keep reading to learn or to be reminded of some of the good things that have come about.

Families Have Gotten Closer

Now that the entire family is home during mealtimes, they often eat together. That action was rare before COVID-19 when everybody was out and about and ate separately when they went home at different times.

Now that the whole family is at home at the same time, family members have bonded and have gotten closer. They plan and cook their meals together. They sit down and eat together. They have conversations and share ideas.

Many households have family time where they play games together. For instance, so many people have developed the habit of completing jigsaw puzzles that puzzle companies can barely keep up with the demand.

Families Are in Touch More Often

Even though people are social distancing at home, some are more in touch with family and friends who live far away. They are unable to see them in person. However, they can see one another through free sites such as Zoom, Skype, Facebook, and other internet technology that is available for them to connect online.

Some families have weekly or monthly gatherings online that didn't happen before the pandemic.

Community Spirit

Since everybody is going through similar things, many communities have never been closer and are helping others. People in communities are volunteering to shop for their neighbors and pick up prescriptions for the elderly and those who are able to do it for themselves.

Some companies offer free practical support as well as psychological, legal, and help in many other areas.

Time to Enjoy Being Alone

Because people are spending more time at home alone, there has been a break in their usual routine. They are having free time to re-evaluate their lives and make changes they couldn't have been done over a year ago.

No one wanted a pandemic lockdown, but people have admitted to doing things they have always wanted to do, but never got around to doing. They are making some positive changes in their lives.


Resting Better

Some people are getter more rest than they used to get. They are sleeping better. Fitbit users have discovered that they are getting an average of 17 minutes more sleep each night since the lockdown. Getting plenty of rest helps people be in a good mood, be more productive, and have overall good health.

Woman working from home

Woman working from home

Saving Time and Money on Traveling to Work

Many employees have been working from home for almost a year. They are saving money because they do not have to travel to and from work. Their daily commute is from their bedroom to their office in the house. If they do not have an office, they work on the dining room table or in another location.

Car owners save money on gas and car maintenance by not having to travel back and forth to work. Now that people are not driving to work or to other places on a regular basis, insurance companies have offered discounts.

Essential Workers Are Being Recognized

During the pandemic, essential workers have been recognized like never before. Delivery drivers, grocery clerks, and shelf-stackers are considered heroes. They are the ones the public depends on for services.

Key workers continue to provide services to the public in spite of health risks. At long last, those essential workers are being appreciated for the work they do.

Virtual Travels

Technology has made it possible for people to travel to places without paying airfare, car rental, hotel fare, or admission to historic places. They can go to museums around the world and take virtual tours to see exhibits they have never seen before.

Cleaner Air

According to the Internationation Energy Agency, the pandemic caused the biggest shock to the global energy system in over 70 years. Carbon emissions decreased in 2020. The decrease has led to cleaner air in locations around the world. For example, emissions were cut by a quarter in China, the country with the world's largest carbon.

Clearer Waterways

Along with the reduction in pollution, clearer waters have also been seen in locations around the world. Waterways in Venice are clearer than they have been in years before the lockdown.

Fish can be spotted in waters now. In the past, that was not possible because of cloudy water. Fresh air and clean rivers have also been seen in India because of the coronavirus lockdown.

Church Services and Bible Studies

People have learned that they can serve God without being inside a church building. Church services and Bible studies are available online or through teleconferences. Because of social distancing, people can stay home and still participate in church services and Bible studies.

After people visit their own online churches, there are still plenty of others to attend online if they choose to do so. Services on Zoom, Facebook Live, and YouTube are not limited to only Sunday. They are available every single day.


Shopping Online

Shopping online has kept consumers out of stores. They can order everything they need by shopping online for household supplies, groceries and even alcoholic beverages. Items can be picked up at the store or they can be delivered directly to customers' doorsteps.

Not only is shopping online convenient, but it also saves time by not having to drive to stores and do their own shopping.

Feel Free to Comment

Feel free to share how being in a lockdown for so long has helped you and your family.


Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on February 08, 2021:

Sp Greaney, thanks so much for reading my article and agreeing that good things can come about because of the coronavirus pandemic. You stated that you know people who work from home and are happy doing so. My daughter has been working from home for almost a year now and she loves it also.

As for me, I love working from home and being my own boss. I have been writing on HubPages for a little over ten years and for Vocal, another online site for about eight years.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on February 08, 2021:

I definitely think that this pandemic has made everyone reaccess their life. I know people working from home who are so happy with this change as they don't have to spend hours commuting to work each week.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on February 08, 2021:

E Randall, yes indeed, we need to be reminded of the good things that are happening to us during these trying times. Thanks for reading and commenting on my article. It is interesting because my intention was to write about all the bad things. However, when I began to write I realized there are so many good things to be thankful for.

E Randall from United States on February 08, 2021:

Wow, you are absolutely correct. With all the negative things happening, I never thought to think of all the good that all around us. Thank you for writing this and opening my eyes. You have reminded me to be thankful during this strenuous time. Thanks again.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on February 08, 2021:

Ms. Dora, thanks a lot for reading and commenting on my article. Surely, the pandemic has brought about some bad things, but it is good to acknowledge that some good things have come about as well. I will add your comment about washing our hands to the list.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 08, 2021:

Good observations, plus they claim that washing hands so often resulted in fewer cases of colds and flus last year. We have added to our list of blessings.

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