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Good News For Filter Coffee Lovers, 3 Cups Of Coffee Daily Can Keep You Away From Diabetes!

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Good news for coffee lovers. Actually researchers have found that 3 cups of filter coffee can keep you away from Type 2 Diabetes. If you drink black coffee or boiled coffee, then this good news is not for them. NDTV has published this report citing research published in the Internal Medicine General. During the research, the differences and connections between boiled coffee and filtered coffee were explored and it was found that the process of making and preparing coffee makes it good and bad for our health.


Researchers from University of Technology and Umiya University Sweden used biomarkers in this research. Blood samples of all the people participating in the research were taken in which biomarkers such as their molecules were identified. There was a hint of their drinking different types of coffee from biomarkers. Researchers found that filter coffee prevents the risk of type-2 diabetes from increasing. The research showed a very positive effect of filter coffee on type 2 patients whereas no such effect of boiled coffee was observed as compared to filter coffee.

This Result Was Found

This study found that those who drink two to three cups of filter coffee per day are 60% less prone to type-2 diabetes than the person who drinks one cup of filter coffee per day.

How Is Filter Coffee Beneficial?

When you filter the coffee, the Diterpenes present in it remain in the filter. All the harmful elements of coffee are filtered here and every small and big benefit you get. In this way, if you drink 2 to 3 cups of filter coffee daily, then you can get positive health benefits.

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