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Ginger: The Perfect Remedy for Coughs

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Many people have the urge to cough when they don't have a cold or the flu. They sometimes have a tickle in their throat that makes them cough. They might have a chronic cough or have to clear their throats so often that they end up with a sore throat that lasts for several days. Sometimes the cough and sore throat are caused by acid reflux. If that's your case, then you should turn to ginger as a home remedy.

Ginger is not limited to a cooking spice. Ginger is a natural stimulant, a tasty spice, and an ideal home remedy for some things that ails you. It is comforting and makes you feel much better no matter which forms it comes in whether powder, pills, tea, beer, or candy.

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that help increase the body’s immunity and help in relieving sore throat and the pain associated with it. Because ginger is a spicy and pungent herb, it provides the heat that the body needs. Ginger increases immunity that keeps infections at bay. If you are suffering from a chronic cough and a sore throat, give ginger a try.


Acid Reflux Causes Coughs

People might not be aware that acid reflux can cause a sore throat. Research led me to find out what was causing me to cough especially at night when I was sleeping. My discomfort had nothing to do with a cold or the flu. Acid reflux was the culprit.

Acid reflux caused me to have a chronic cough, and the cough caused me to have a sore throat. I learned that acid in my stomach came back up into my throat and irritated it. It felt like a fishbone was stuck in my throat.


About Reed's Ginger Chews

Reed's Ginger Chews can help keep coughs at bay. That means there would be no more sore throats. Reed's Ginger Chews can be purchased from the Amazon Fresh section of The 2-ounce box of nine pieces cost only $1.32. However, there are more choices in larger quantities that cost so much more that can be bought from other sections of Amazon Prime.

The chewy candy has been enjoyed by millions over many years even if you are just finding out about it now. It is a unique product from the Pacific Islands. The candy contains a combination of only three ingredients with a sweet and spicy taste. The sweetness comes from a little amount of sugar and non-GMO tapioca. The spicy taste comes from fresh organic ginger. Pieces of the candy are individually wrapped to keep them fresh.

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Why I Ordered So Much of Reed's Ginger Chews

The first time I ordered Reed's Ginger Chews from Amazon Fresh, I was quite disappointed. I had no idea the box contained only nine pieces of the delicious candy. I immediately placed another order for more boxes. I ordered 25 boxes, but only 22 boxes were available. That means I received 198 pieces of the tasty and chewy treat. That should last me for a while.

One 2-Ounce Box Holds Only 9 Pieces of Wrapped Ginger Chews


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Nutritional Value of Reed's Ginger Chews

The serving size of Reed's Ginger Chew is only one piece. The one-inch rectangular piece of candy will keep you chewing longer than other chewable candies on the market. Even though the serving size is only one piece at a time, it will not harm you to chew at least three pieces or more during the day.

Reed's Ginger Chews contain no fats, sodium, carbohydrates, or protein. There are only 20 calories per piece, but chewing will not cause someone to gain weight. On the other hand, ginger will keep you from gaining weight as well as keeping the blood sugar level balanced in diabetics.


I recommend Reed's Ginger Chews to anyone who coughs regularly. The small box allows women to carry them in their purses, and men can take some out of the box and keep them in the pocket of their pants in case they feel a cough coming on, especially when they are out in public.

Because of the COVID-19, people look at you funny and might start moving away from you if you cough when you have a tickle in your throat. Therefore, you should keep a supply of Reed's Ginger Chews on hand at all times. They are much better for you than peppermints and other mints that have no healing properties.

If you attempt to order from Amazon Fresh and they have none in stock, it is because I purchased all the small boxes that were available. You can go to the regular section of Amazon Prime to purchase bigger containers. However, the price is much more than the small price of the 2-ounce boxes that I purchased.

You can also purchase different size containers from Reed's website.


I am the source of all the images included in this article. I wanted to let readers know exactly how much of the Reed's Ginger Chews I ordered to convince them that I finally discovered something that keeps me from coughing so much.

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