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Ginger, Magical Effect on Weight Loss and Some Ginger Weight Loss Tips.

I served the healthcare industry for more than 10 years, especially on herbal products. Here i am sharing my intakes to help readers.

Can Ginger Help In Weight Loss

Ginger has being used for eras as a popular supplement for weight loss and other health benefits.

In Thailand a type of ginger is found, which is looked similar to our regular ginger but its inside color is deep purple, color becomes blackish after drying. This species is known as black ginger. Black ginger too has weight loss properties like our regular one.

Weight gain is a resultant effect of multiple health disorders. Metabolic disorder is found the most common among the obese group worldwide.

A poor metabolism alleviates obesity, diabetes type 2, arthritis and many other health hazards.

This can be treated with strong antioxidants.

Ginger contains Gingerols and Shogaols which exhibit 2 properties- antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Let us see how these 2 properties work on fat burning.


Ginger’s Antioxidant Property and Obesity

Antioxidant is an agent which neutralizes oxidants which are highly reactive harmful free radicals. These oxidants damages cell DNA and due to this, huge misbalances or disorders are developed inside our body, metabolic disorder is one of them.

A metabolic disorder is one of the major causes for obesity. So when metabolic disorder is corrected an obese person can get relief from those stubborn fats. Some studies even found that a regular ginger therapy can reduce abdominal fat.

Ginger’s Anti-inflammatory Property and Obesity

It is quite often found that a person with arthritis or joint pain hardly tend to be active, do exercises, walk, move outside etc. In a nutshell their agility is somewhere compromised. A compromised agility promotes weight gain.

Ginger’s anti-inflammatory effect reduces these pains and inflammation. A lot of therapies are available today where ginger extracts are used. Relief from the pain and inflammation make one tends to be agile.


Some More Health Benefits of Ginger

  1. Controls Blood Sugar Level
  2. Controls Cortisol, a type of stress hormone
  3. Smoothens Bowl Movement
  4. Helps in Digestion
  5. Beneficial for Cardiac Health
  6. Ginger Powder prevents cancerous growth
  7. Improves Immunization
  8. Improves Brain Functions
  9. Improves libido (Black Ginger)
Black Ginger

Black Ginger

Nutritional Value of Ginger Per 100 gm

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Ascorbic acid








Copper (Cu)




Iron (Fe)




Calcium (Ca)



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Ginger Weight Loss Tips

Here you will find some usages of Ginger for weight loss recipe, so that the health benefits can be maximized.

1.Ginger Water for Weight Loss

Ginger water is for weight loss and good for health. Ginger alone is sufficient to give you desired result.

Here is a simple process to make Ginger Water:

Just put 1/2 tsp grated ginger, boil it in 3 cups of water. Sieve the juice. Half lemon can be used for added taste and digestion. Take this in early morning for 2 months.

It is common use of ginger for weight loss style craze.

Ginger Water

Ginger Water

2.Green Tea Ginger Weight Loss Drink

It is well known that Green tea helps metabolism, weight loss and reduces several other health complications. An addition of ginger increases the overall effect of weight loss process.

Here preparation is for 1 cup:

While brewing green tea , add 1/2 tsp of grated ginger. Half lemon may be added for flavor. Sieve the tea and daily 2-3 times consumption brings a remarkable change in weight and overall health activities.


3.Ginger Garlic Soup for Weight Loss

Here, take peeled ginger, around 25 gm, garlic 5-6 pieces and 1 small size onion ( all chopped).

Fry it very light (saute'). Boil the mixture for 1/2 hr (30-35 min). Sieve the extract, add corn flour for thickening, add black pepper and salt for taste and can be garnished with coriander leaves or broccoli leaves.

This is an ideal juice for arthritis, cough and cold, digestion, heart problem, constipation and blood cholesterol.


4.Ginger Cinnamon Weight Loss Drink

Take 1/2 tsp grated ginger and 1 inch cinnamon, boil it for 8-9 min. Taking the juice half an hour before meal removes acidity and improves digestion. This juice is a reliever for cough and cold also.

Ginger Cinnamon drink

Ginger Cinnamon drink

5.Grapefruit and Ginger Weight Loss Drink

Grapefruit is a strong antioxidant, when added with ginger the combined effect is obviously highly beneficial for metabolism, iron deficiency and cardiac health.

Recipe for 1 cup.

Here, first finely grated ginger,1 tsp and honey, 1 tsp are boiled. In a separate container Grape juice is made by smashing 2 grapes. Let the boiled ginger honey juice come to room temperature. Then mix the grapefruit juice to it. A fabulous ginger weight loss drink is prepared. A regular consumption for 2-3 months is highly beneficial for weight loss style craze community.

6.Cucumber Ginger Weight Loss Drink

One of the simplest recipe, people tell it Detox water also. It is good for your digestion, acidity, bowl movement, rejuvenation of energy along with weight loss.

Here is the process:

Take 1 small size cucumber, 2 inch sized ginger and 1 lemon. Slice all the ingredient, put them in a jar, fill the jar with water. Keep this for 4-5 hrs to get this water soak the ingredients properly. Some fresh mint leaves can be added for flavor. Take this detox water early morning, evening and before dinner. A gradual weight loss improvement will be noticed after 10-15 days.


Ginger Contraindications And Precautions

Dosage: A daily 3-4 gm is safe

Consuming Ginger is safe and extremely useful for health but an over consumption may lead to some complication and following precautionary measures should be taken prior to consume it.

  1. Gall Bladder disease: A regular and high amount may increase the bile secretion, so people suffering from Gall Bladder disease should be cautious in taking regularly.
  2. Under medication of high bp: As ginger has tendency to lower blood pressure, combination with medicine may cause to further down of BP and irregular heart beat.
  3. Under medication of Blood Thinner: should consult a doctor before using ginger.
  4. Diabetic medication: Ginger decreases sugar level. So when it is added with diabetic medicine sugar level can fall drastically and patient can be blacked out.
  5. Pregnant ladies: Ginger is often suggested to avoid vomiting tendency and is good for digestion etc. But an overconsumption may lead to several complications, even possibility of miscarriage cannot be ruled out. So it is better to take it under doctor’s observation.
  6. Diarrhea : It stimulates intestine flow and bowl movement, so excess consumption may lead to diarrhea or cause stomach uneasiness and gastritis.


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Entire information is based on personal experience, knowledge and reference of renowned medical and food journals. Here processes and methods should not be substituted with medical advice. Images are used only for illustration and ornamentation of the article. Here, author has no intention to sell anything.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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