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How to Take Control Over your Anxiety?

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Anxiety Disorder has its roots deep down someone’s soul. You can do nothing about it, because the person should learn to fight it by him/herself. However one may work on realizing the other outside triggers that may give the person severe anxiety. These triggers from the outside world may be little things that do not have any effect at you, but they do affect a lot someone with anxiety. By understanding what is causing anxiety you can help the other one feel at ease.


1. The need for perfection - someone with anxiety may also need to make everything perfect in his/her life, even regarding relationships, family relations, or friendships. Your job is to show them that nothing is perfect, and nothing will ever be. The beauty of it lies in the imperfection.

2. Family problems - the fear that something may happen to her/his family, even though they may be healthy and fine, triggers anxiety to someone with anxiety disorder. It may not happen all the time, but it does happen when they think a lot about it.

3. Sirens - this happens when they have overcome a difficult time. The siren may make the memories come back.

4. Loud music - as much as they have the tendency to turn the volume up because they do not want to hear their thoughts, they also do become anxious when the music is so loud that they cannot perceive what is going on around them, or the music blocks their thoughts completely.

5. Dead ends in life - knowing that a relationship, friendship, or any other relation in their life is going nowhere triggers anxiety as well. Of course they have the power to end things, or make changes, but they can not, because they suffer from anxiety: this means they are afraid: to hurt people, to say no, to miss opportunities, to regret decisions.

6. Being around people for too long - this does not turn them into introverts, but being around people for too long may trigger anxiety as well. Why? Because they can not think peacefully without somebody else disturbing them. They need their time to process all they have learned that particular day.

7. Complete darkness - it triggers the fear that they may be hurt because they can not see what is going on around. Even though they may be completely safe and no harm at all can come to them, it does not matter. Someone with disorder anxiety knows that he/she is safe, but still they will fear the unknown in the darkness.

8. Temperature - if they get too cold their body will become tense enough to strain their back and shoulders causing the person to feel stressed. Even when the body heats up in a minute, they will experience a little anxiety, because hot body temperatures are linked with the severe anxiety they may feel in some cases.

9. Time passing - New Year, anniversaries, birthdays, events they all trigger anxiety. They may be cheerful at these days, but once these days pass they will become anxious because they think too much of what is coming up next.

A good technique for when you feel like losing control of the situation, even though not the best cure for those with OCD.

  • Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.
    It’s normal to feel anxious. We are human beings, not machines. When we leave our comfort zone, we naturally experience fear, and from this point we start to grow, this is human nature.

The Art of Mindfulness to Control your Anxiety.

Mindfulness is the next word that will be the dictionary 'trend' of 2017. It is otherwise described as the art of being in peace with yourself and recognizing not only your potential but also the blessings of everyday life.

I confess I have a couple of phobias, but I have had much more a few years before. I worked to overpass them as I did not want to be defined by a phobia, or feel / be limited by it. Overcoming a phobia is not an easy thing, because your mind is always working against you and this makes it harder for you to just think straight. It is definitely not a thing that happens overnight as well. I, myself, have a phobia of heights and darkness, other than what I have had in the past like being alone and get scared as hell when I heard any noises. What I try to do is to just hold my breath for a while and just try not to think of what I risk, or what are the possibilities that the worst things, that my mind thinks of, can actually really happen.

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Once your mind starts giving in to the phobia, you can't stop it anymore. It is like trying to stop Usain Bolt once he starts running. What you would like to do in that case is to stop him at the starting line, or else you won't stand a chance. Coming up with this example was fun for me, but at the same time it is the best explanation of the process of how the human mind works when it comes to phobias, or at least mine works this way, maybe even because I have an issue with General Anxiety and other forms of it, like all of anxiety types in fact, but at different levels.

So it is hard to see any blessing in the eye of the tornado, but that does not mean that there is not something good in there. Mindfulness is practiced best through Meditation by breathing in the light and out the darkness and all its shades. The trick is to focus your intention not on your surroundings, but within yourself. Most of the times you will find me alone in a cafeteria, with a cup of coffee in my hands and my eyes lost somewhere. I won't be checking my phone or reading anything. I will be loving my solitude and cherishing my thoughts. You see, meditation can be practiced anywhere, however you please.

You must know though, meditation does not consist on simply an empty-mind moment. That's where the trick to control anxiety comes in: you should let your thoughts dance in your mind and let them slip by, without dwelling on them, and that's how you reach that state on when you thank the universe and you realize life is good and life is wonderful, which is named "mindfulness".

I feel like this may be something that would add to my anxiety and not reduce it, but who knows? Give it a try.


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Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on September 25, 2020:

Well written and expressed with the supportive examples. Thanks for sharing

Denise McGill from Fresno CA on September 12, 2019:

It is a common problem these days and I feel like the media wants to make it worse just to sell more drugs to cover up the symptoms of a broken society. Thanks for all the information.



Sheila A Myers from Oregon on September 05, 2019:

All so true!! Thank you for writing this... Following you!

Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on July 05, 2017:

Same for me. I feel like the body is lighter without food, and it is gets harder to control the shaking and the breathing. What I have listed are some of the most common causes. I get to know my anxiety issues while reading stuff on the Internet, and that's how I understood what I had, so I want people to create a perception of anxiety, and maybe recognize any kind of pattern that happens for them. I do know though that it is an unique kind of struggle to anybody, and not two persons feel the same thing.

Denise W Anderson from Bismarck, North Dakota on July 04, 2017:

Anxiety can be triggered by so many things! Right now, I am at a crowded beach with my family and it is over 100 degrees. I knew the heat would be an issue for my anxiety, but what was even worse was at lunch time, there was no food ready, and when I get hungry, my anxiety skyrockets!

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