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Get Your Spirit Back With Some Of These Tips, Come On!


Get Your Spirit Back With Some Of These Tips, Come On!

Everyone, must have experienced unpleasant feelings. Or even lose enthusiasm in carrying out daily activities for days, sometimes even months, and still find it difficult to wake up.

Feeling tired, annoyed, sad, angry, and disappointed mixed into one. Maybe because of emotions that have been held back for a long time and can't find the right place to vent everything. However, it could also be for other reasons. Everyone has reasons and reasons that cause everyone's despair is different.

Here I want to share a few tips to restore the lost spirit. Hope it is useful.

1. Go to a Green and Fresh Place

A green and fresh place here, for example to a park where the trees are not dry, to a hill or mountain. Uh, but now our activities shouldn't be crowding. Well, usually if you want to see something fresh, I just open Youtube, look for vlogs that contain people traveling in mountainous areas.

Yes, although the sensation of visiting a place in person by watching a vlog is different, but it's okay to give it a try once in a while. Who knows you might find new ideas and passion from the vlog.

2. Do a Hobby

Yes, doing activities that have become hobbies can also be an alternative to getting out of the bad zone.

Hobbies that can be done are certainly different for each individual. Some like to read, knit, play games, watch movies, and so on. As for myself, I prefer reading and knitting.

Well, but the reading material you choose must not contain sad content, sad ending novels, or those that drain a lot of energy and thought, it will not have a good impact. Well, my advice—if you have the same hobby as me, when conditions are not fine—read books that contain motivation.

Not mandatory, it's just a suggestion from me. If you like something else, that's fine.

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3. Eat

Hmm, some of us, maybe his appetite will increase more than usual when his feeling condition is not good. Yes, there's nothing wrong with that. However, watch what you eat. Take care of the nutritional content and don't just think about being full, because health is very important.

4. Get together with friends

Gathering with friends can also relieve fatigue a little. However, I highly don't recommend this. Especially if you gather with friends who do not know the conditions. This does not refresh our minds and feelings, but instead makes us fall and fall.

The point of not knowing the conditions here is when you talk about sadness, they say, it happens because you are like this and that. In short, they think it's your fault. Yes, although sometimes problems do come from within.

Hmm, I used to think traveling, meeting friends was one way to relieve stress. However, now I don't want to hang out with friends anymore if I'm not in a good mood. Why? Because when I was in that condition. What I really need is quiet, and that comes when I really have time for myself.

The concept is this, people who lose their spirits do not need to be judged, but supported. If you don't get support, it's bound to get worse. So, rather than finally giving up again, it's better to avoid it for a while.

Unless you actually meet someone who is stronger than you, and he or she is highly motivated that can lift you up too. That's very good.

So for those of you who are discouraged, I wish you a speedy recovery huh? I believe you can. And I also believe, that you have a thousand ways to get out of this torturous zone.

Those are some tips from me. Hope it is useful. If you have other opinions, or have additional tips, you can share them in the comments column, okay? Let's share and spread the benefits. Who knows the tips that friends share, I can practice and inspire again.

That's my thread this time. If there is a wrong word please forgive, and hopefully no one feels offended. Because this is not to offend anyone. Just sharing.

Adiva Azahra.

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