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Get The Best Out Of The Rest Of The Year

Karla is extremely passionate about personal development. She practices goal setting and researches the topic regularly.

The Year Isn't Over Yet

November is already in full swing but fear not, you have got this. You might be all in for a sleepy season, aren't we all! But how will that affect your business? Your personal brand? Your home life?

We're going to dig deep and find targets that will benefit you in your life, targets that you can accomplish by the end of this year!

If you set goals for yourself at the beginning of this year then you might have revisited them often. You might even be able to pull them up and tick them off. If not then I do suggest that's something you start doing in the New Year.

Many people set New Year's Resolutions and expect to be able to reach their goal because of one set intention and a bit more effort throughout the year but what they don't know is that only 2% of people actually reach their New Year's goals and that they too, could be smashing their own New Year's Resolutions year after year if only they'd revisit their progress once a month... That's only 12 times in total.

New Year, New Decade


Opportunities Are Year-Round

If you think that you can't reach a New Year's Resolution then you're wrong. It isn't just about willpower or having the time or the money to reach your goals; it's about conscious awareness.

You have 365 opportunities to implement your goal into tasks.

You have 52 opportunities to make real progress on your goal.

You have 12 opportunities to review your progress and surprise yourself.

If you set one single goal and worked on it for 12 months, it would be difficult to fail.

Identify Your Targets

Think of a target that you could complete that would really benefit you going forward into the New Year. Maybe even something that you were planning on putting off until after Christmas.


Make Room For Festivities

It is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year. Don't overdo it. Choose between 1-5 targets for yourself to work on for the remainder of the year. It's important that your targets will benefit you; make time to prioritize.


Now that you have identified your targets and spent time prioritising, you can seize November and December like never before.

Squeeze the very best out of the final moments of the current decade and get a head start on the 20's.


Take your most important targets and break them down into weekly tasks. If you have one target then you can break the steps down into weekly tasks. If you have more than one target then you could assign weeks to your tasks but you should always insert your tasks into your schedule how it suits you best.

November could be dedicated to two of your tasks. Let's say: writing a menu for your business and cleaning out the attic.

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November Week 1:

  • Clear everything off attic floor
  • Throw away unwanted items

November Week 2:

  • Clean attic floor
  • Put everything back in the attic
  • Choose Menu Template

November Week 3:

  • Dust the attic
  • Write Main Menu Sections

November Week 4:

  • Write Drinks and Deserts Sections for the Menu

You can break these weekly targets down into daily tasks which is how you can best ensure that you're going to reach your goals and targets.

If you know you only have one day off work in the first week of November then you know you need to complete your tasks on that day or on the evening of one of your work days depending on your plans for your day off.

When you schedule your days in this way, you have better control over the design of your life. Does it suit you better to spend your day off cleaning so you can enjoy 6 glorious after-work evenings with your feet up or would it suit you better to spend two or three of your after-work evenings clearing the attic so you don't have to worry about it all day on your day off work. Even if you have to worry about 100 other things, you won't have to worry about this because it's in your schedule. It's either done or going to be done.


December can be dedicated to the targets you have at the bottom of your list. Remember that your days will be full of not only joy but things to do! Allow time and schedule wisely.

Simply setting goals and targets with the single intention of completing them isn't enough, not for those who are ready for 2020.

© 2019 Karla Taylor


Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on November 07, 2019:

I think I get it.

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