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Get Flat Stomach in one week


It's me Bintehawa .I will tell you about Weight loss..weight loss Is a major problem now a days


  • Don't Drink Water After meal.
  • Eat Food Little by Little.
  • Drink Honey mixed with lukewarm water every morning.
  • Instead of drinking milk tea , drink Antioxidant rich Green Tea or Black Tea.
  • Take a morning walk Daily.
  • And do not forget to take a walk even after Dinner.
  • Fasting atleast once a week.
  • Get proper Sleep.
  • Drink warm water Before Breakfast
  • And Also Drink warm water After Breakfast
  • Drink warm water Before lunch
  • And Also Drink warm water after Lunch
  • Drink warm water Before and after Dinner
  • Eat low calorie Fruits.


  • Do some Exercise Every Day
  • Do jumping For 15 minutes
  • Do Morning walk for 30 minutes
  • Do pushups For atleast 30 Seconds
  • Do Squats For atleast 30 seconds
  • Do Side Planks For 20 seconds.
  • Do Planks For atleast 1 minute.



Bintehawa (author) from Sialkot, Pakistan on January 05, 2021:

Umesh chandra Bhatt Thank you for the comment

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 05, 2021:

Good points.

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