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The New and Improved Nike Training Club. Get Fit for Free!

May is passionate about health and fitness and can often be found running or cycling along the beach track near her home in Australia.


The New NTC app! 2016

Nike have just updated their fantastic free Nike Training Club App, available for free from the App Store. There are two major changes. Firstly, the new version is designed for both men and women. Secondly, whereas previously the demo video of each exercise played only for a few seconds, now it plays constantly throughout the workout.

The new look app is more sleek and stylish and designed to get you enthusiastic about improving your fitness.


What is Nike Training Club?

Nike Training Club is a fantastic free app, perfect for anyone who can't find time to get to a gym, or afford a gym membership.

Workouts are designed by Nike trainers, and some are by elite athletes such as Serena Williams and Angelica Bengtsson.

The Nike Training Club mobile app allows you to choose your own workout program using your iPhone or iPad. You can select a workout based on your fitness levels and fitness goals, as well as choosing a workout to target a specific area that you want to tone up. You can also use Airplay to play it on a big screen with an Apple TV.

The app offers videos demonstrating hundreds of exercises and has workouts to suit every level of fitness. Some of the exercises use equipment such as kettle balls and hand weights but they can also be completed without them. You can also substitute weights with other household items such as plastic bottles of water or rice.

In the updated (2016) version, the video demonstration plays for the duration of the exercise, so you are able to keep time with the on-screen trainer.

You can share your progress and your workouts with your friends on Facebook by linking the app to your Facebook account, so even if you and your friends can't workout together, you can still be inspired and motivated by each others' results.


How to Use Nike Training Club

1. Download the free Nike Training Club app from the iTunes store onto your mobile device.

2. Open the app and either log in (or if you already have an account, or want to use your Facebook account) or create an account by filling in the required fields.

3. The app will then ask how often you work out and will suggest a work out. You can override this and search for a workout that you like though, so don't worry!


Browse workouts

1. Once you're logged in, click on "Workouts" (top menu bar) to browse through over 100 workouts to see what inspires you. You can search by category to narrow the field a little based on your fitness goals (Strength, Endurance, Mobility) or by type (Athlete workouts, No-equipment workouts, short workouts, or NTC classics).

If you're a sports fan you may like to check out the "Athlete workout categories" and follow workouts created by athletes such as Mario Gotyze, Allyson Felix, Serena Williams and Roger Federer, to name a few. Don't expect them to be the athletes leading you through the workouts though, which is a bit disappointing!

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Doing your first Nike Training Club workout

1. Before you start your workout, select the music that you want to listen to by selecting the little music icon at the bottom of your screen (see right). I suggest selecting an upbeat playlist, maybe creating a workout-specific one at a later date. You also have the option of using Apple Music if you have an account.

2. Once you've downloaded your workout, you can press 'start' to begin the workout. In the new version it launches straight into the first exercise, but if you click on the list button on the right, it will bring up a list of the exercises you will be doing during the workout so you can see what to expect.

3. The workout commences. Try and keep in time with the instructor and watch and listen to their instructions carefully. Success with the exercises depends on completing the exercises correctly. Form is important!

Some of the workouts are timed - for example, you may need to do a certain exercise for a minute. In some other workouts you may need to do a certain number of reps before you 'tick it off' on your device to move on to the next exercise.

4. Pause your workout if you need a break. Don't push yourself too hard - especially at first!


When You've Finished

Once you've completed your workout, your workout results are sent to, and stored on your profile so you can keep track of how many workouts you've done.

If you have linked NTC with your Facebook and/or Twitter account, you can choose to share the news of your workout with your friends.

Set a plan

If you want to take the guesswork out of creating your own plan, you can have NTC creating one for you. Click on "My Plan" on the top of the menu under "Workout". NTC will ask a couple of questions about your fitness and create a plan, including leaving free days for 'recovery days.'

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May Galnou (author) from Melbourne, Australia on November 13, 2012:

Hmm, I wonder what device you are using? Sounds strange. Is your device's software up to date?

mary on November 05, 2012:

I've got the app loaded and I can see the screen and hear the audio but can't play the exercise videos. I hit the green arrow and nothing happens. What can I do?

May Galnou (author) from Melbourne, Australia on July 19, 2012:

Hi Jody, Unfortunately no. It needs an iPod touch, phone or iPad. Thanks for reading my hub

Jody on July 15, 2012:

Is there an alternate way to view the hub if you do not own an iPad or iphone?

May Galnou (author) from Melbourne, Australia on April 19, 2012:

Thanks Pinkchic18!

May Galnou (author) from Melbourne, Australia on April 19, 2012:

As long as you have an iPhone or iPod, it should work fine.

Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on April 11, 2012:

Nice hub! I've done this as well, awesome!

Shayo on April 09, 2012:

Can I use this software on microsoft vista?

May Galnou (author) from Melbourne, Australia on August 24, 2010:

Hi Nifty@50, thanks for taking the time to read my hub. Yep, that old excuse can be used no longer.. of course, there's always the one about your internet being too slow, or something like that! May.

nifty@50 on August 23, 2010:

Man, you just took away my favorite,I can't exercise because I can't afford a trainer excuse! Great hub!

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