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Game Developer Advice: Do Not Reinvent The Wheel!

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Game Developer Advice: Do Not Reinvent The Wheel!

Hello! In this article I’m going to advice you not to reinvent the wheel!

Before we get started here’s a video version of the content of this article!

So what I mean by “Do not reinvent the wheel” is, if you have an idea for a game that is similar to a game that is already published, when developing your game it will benefit you to look at the mechanics of those similar games. Especially if you’re thinking about creating a game that is influenced by a previously played game.

Do not think that you have to create an entire game from scratch. It is not illegal to use the mechanics or systems of other games. Games with similar mechanics are often categorized into genres.

Do not feel wrong for copying the favorite aspects of a game that you love and making it your own. Most games have similar mechanics to other games and many codes in the programming world are often forks or copies of others.

There’s no point in spending your time and energy recreating a complex mechanic that works exactly or worse than a mechanic that’s already available for everyone to play.

It is much more cost and time effective to start with a known mechanic or idea and build on it until it becomes entirely your own, if you’re not planning to creating an entirely new game mechanism or system.

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