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Fruit Enzyme Recipe : Tomatoes

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Tomato fruit enzyme (Day 1)


Oligo and Pure Honey


Fruit enzyme recipe : Tomatoes

This article is about fruit enzyme recipe with tomatoes. Have you read my introductory article on the benefits of fruit enzyme? If not, you may first like to click and read that article “Benefits of fruit enzyme”. In that first article you will read about the benefits of fruit enzyme and the proper procedure to prepare fruit enzyme.

The recipe here is very simple and only requires tomatoes. Many people mistakenly consider the tomato as a vegetable, but in actual fact tomato is a citrus fruit. Tomatoes contain high level of lycopene which is believed to have potential effect to prevent certain types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which help to reduce age related illnesses. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients with niacin, folate and vitamin B6 which help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Pure honey (bottom layer) and oligo (top layer)


Tomato pieces (400gm)


Recipe for tomato fruit enzyme


1. Tomato (Preferably organic) 400gm

2. Pure honey 250 gm (200 ml)

3. Pure Oligo (liquid) 300 gm (225 ml)

Oligo is a healthy substitute for sugar. You can buy oligo in any organic health store.

The method :

1. Wash the tomatoes. When they are dry, cut into smaller pieces.

2. Make sure the knife is clean and dry. The cut tomato pieces should not be in contact with water.

3. Prepare a clean dry glass container with air-tight cap of at least 1.5 liter size.

4. Put all the tomato pieces into the container.

5. Mix the oligo with the honey, and slowly pour the mixture over the tomato pieces into the container.

6. Tightly close the bottle with the cap, and place the bottle in a dry cool place for 7 days.

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7. Lightly shake the bottle everyday to ensure the liquid covers the top ingredients.

8. On the 4th day, you may open the container, and use a wooden or plastic spatula to push down the floating tomato pieces. Remember to close the container tightly after that.

9. After one week, remove the tomato pieces, and transfer the liquid enzyme to a glass bottle.

10. The tomato residue can be eaten or cooked in your meal, or may be discarded.

Dosage instruction:

Dilute 30ml of enzyme with 300ml of water.

You may drink once or twice a day, anytime to your convenience.

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Tomato fruit enzyme and the tomato residue. (Residue can be discarded)


Tomato fruit enzyme (Day 7)


Tomato fruit enzyme drink (30ml enzyme to 300ml water)


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