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Fruit Enzyme Recipe : Aloe Vera, Apple And Kiwifruit

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Fruit enzyme on day 1


Fruit enzyme recipe : Aloe vera, apple and kiwifruit

Hope you have read my article on the benefits of fruit enzyme. Otherwise you may like to read "the benefits of fruit enzyme" article first before reading this article on fruit enzyme recipe. In the other article I wrote about the benefits of fruit enzyme and how to make the fruit enzyme the proper way.

This article is only on the fruit enzyme recipe. This particular recipe has three main ingredients, aloe vera, apple and kiwifruit. Aloe vera is effective for healing skin problems. Kiwifruit is good for healing oral ulcer and reducing inflammation. Kiwifruit also stimulates bowel movements and prevents constipation. Apple contains a very rich source of antioxidant compounds.

Aloe vera, apple, kiwifruit


Pure honey and Oligo


Pure honey (bottom layer) and oligo (top layer)


Diluted fruit enzyme ready for drinking (30ml enzyme to 300ml water)


Fruit residue (eat or discard)


Recipe for aloe vera, apple and kiwifruit fruit enzyme


(Preferably to use organic ingredients)

1. Aloe vera 300 gm

2. Apple 300 gm

3. Kiwifruit 200 gm

4. Pure Oligo (liquid) 225 ml (300 gm)

5. Pure honey 200 ml (250 gm)

The method :

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1. Aloe vera 300gm. Wash the aloe vera. Make sure it is completely dry. Then remove the skin with a dry knife and keep only the plain clear translucent flesh. Do not wash anymore, and make sure there is no contact with water.

2. Apple 300gm. Wash the apple and dry it completely. Cut the apple with a dry knife into small pieces. Make sure there is no more contact with water.

3. Kiwifruit 200gm. Wash the kiwifruit and wait till dry. To speed up, dry with a clean cloth. Peel with a dry knife and discard the skin. Cut the fruit into small pieces.

4. Please ensure that during the cutting process, all the ingredients are not in contact with water.

5. Prepare a clean dry glass container with air-tight cap of at least 1.5 liter size.

6. Place the apple pieces first into the container, then the aloe vera and kiwifruit together.

7. Mix the oligo with the honey, then slowly pour the mixture over the ingredients into the container.

8. Tightly close the bottle with the cap, and place the bottle in a dry cool place for 7 days.

9. Lightly shake the bottle everyday to ensure the liquid covers the top ingredients.

10. If you notice that the top ingredients are not in contact with the liquid, you can open the cap and use a dry wooden or plastic spatula to push down the ingredients. This is preferably done only once on the 4th day. Remember to close the container tightly again.

11. On the 7th day, remove the ingredients, and transfer the remaining liquid fruit enzyme into a glass bottle and keep in fridge. You should have about 750ml of the liquid fruit enzyme.

You may eat the residue ingredients or discard them.

Dosage instruction:

Dosage is 30ml of enzyme diluted with 300ml water.

Drink once or twice a day, at any time to your convenience.

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Fruit enzyme : On 7th day


Final product : The fruit enzyme (750ml) (The small dark particles are the kiwifruit seeds)



Justin Choo (author) from Malaysia on July 20, 2020:

Hi Jo, Yes, you can use any fruit of your choice.

Jo on July 17, 2020:

Can use any fruist to make fruit enzyme

For Example:





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