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From Dude to Dad: Things I Wish to Tell My Husband About Pregnancy

I am Hina; and I am a highly personalized writer. I like to put a lot of my emotions, experiences and opinions into what I write.


My husband and I were trying to conceive for about a year and a half and finally our golden moment came when I found I have conceived. Since it is our first baby and being new expectants, we were pretty elated about the fact. Things seemed favorable and I was in the pinks of my health but ever since the surprise unveiled and I stepped into my first trimester, both my physical and emotional health underwent a total 180˚ rotation and the turmoil has put me on am ambiguous roller coaster ride.

Although I am happy with the fact that I am married to a man of commitment who above all is super caring, positive and upbeat about the whole thing. He actually tries his best to be supportive and protective about me and our baby and I am humbly grateful to him for being there always like a loyal companion. But there are things, he just didn’t get. There are myriads of things I wish my husband knew; like

1.Pregnancy hormones dictate my mood:

Nasty pregnancy hormones have literally turned me into a delicate bomb of emotions ready to explode into helpless tears at the slightest tease. So, please spare me of the guilt that I am playing as a “drama queen”, and acknowledge that I haven’t been like that always.

2. Don’t push me too hard:

Being pregnant, my body is going through a great number of changes physically and mental health deterioration is no exception. At this point what I need is “A little Space”. It has always been very hard for me to accept the changes and the turmoil of emotions. So, don’t push me. I know your concerns are genuine sweetheart but trust me I know whatever I am doing is in the best interest of me and our child.

3. I don’t always have an answer:

There isn’t always an answer to “what’s wrong?” I totally understand that you intend to help me with your best and want to ease whatever ails me. Darling, but there are moments when it is so difficult to phrase the feelings into words. Yes, I am grateful to be pregnant but at times the feelings get so complex and overwhelmed that it’s difficult to comprehend “what’s wrong?” It’s often too much to explain.

4. Not every day is same:

Pregnancy is such a roller coaster where every turn is met with unpredictable surprises. Every day and even every moment is uncertain. There are days when I wake up so full of energy, ready to conquer the mountains and also there are days when I can’t even gather the energy to walk across the room. Both situations area real crap. It’s not that I have become lazy but the phase I am going through, drains me so much that performing the simplest of the chores become an impossible fact.

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5. Be empathetic:

You are no doubt exceptionally kind and gentle but try to put your foot in my shoe and realize the situation from my perspective. I don’t need to be judged for not being able to adjust with the pace my body is changing rather I need you to be empathize me. I want to be hugged and assured that the time will pass and we have to create memories together that we may cherish later. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on anything else.


6. Remind me that I still look beautiful to you:

People call it “the pregnancy glow”, but all I notice while standing in front of a mirror is how my body is transforming. The acne, stretch marks, never mind the oversized, tender breasts, add up to nothing more than something unpleasant. Whatever the reason may be, I need to be reminded that I am still the queen of your heart and no matter how I look you are always going to love me the way you do.

7. Don’t remind me when it was the last time, we were intimate:

My love! I am also aware of how much you need me to share with you the same feelings with the same passion but emotional and physical drain gravitates me so much that I can’t push myself any harder.

At the end I can’t wait to watch you as a Super Dad for our Super Prince. I know you are going to be the best dad ever.

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