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Free Baby Stuff For Parents

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Marissa is the writer of "ThePracticalMommy" and owner of Mommy Knows What's Best. She's a former teacher and a stay-at-home mom to four.

Free Baby Stuff

Find all sorts of free baby stuff!

Find all sorts of free baby stuff!

Free Stuff for Baby

Having a baby can be expensive, especially for parents today who are not as financially secure due to the economy. Just by buying the baby basics, like a car seat, stroller, crib, etc., parents can spend upwards of $500-$1000 if they were buying things all on their own. That's not even counting clothing, diapers, or wipes. Yikes!

Finding some of these things for free or free coupons to save on these items can be a huge relief to both you and your wallet.

Here you'll find some ideas for free baby stuff parents can find before their little bundle of joy arrives.

Free Baby Samples

Free baby samples

Free baby samples

How to Get a Free Baby Registry Welcome Box from Amazon

Did you know Amazon has a free baby registry welcome box? It contains at least $35+ in samples for Mom and Baby.

There are a few steps to follow in order to get it, which can be found here.

Find out how to get a FREE Welcome Box!

Go to Mommy Knows What's Best to find out how to get your free welcome box!

Go to Mommy Knows What's Best to find out how to get your free welcome box!

Free Pregnancy Stuff

It's the greatest feeling knowing you have a child growing inside of you. Why not add to that feeling by getting some free pregnancy stuff?

Free Pregnancy Apps

If you want to track your pregnancy on a daily basis, there are some great free pregnancy apps to try:

  • My Pregnancy Today from BabyCenter (Android and Apple)
  • I'm Expecting by MedHelp (Android)
  • BabyBump Pregnancy Free (Android)
  • What to Expect Pregnancy Tracker by Everyday Health (Android and Apple)
  • Pregnancy by Week (Apple)

Free Pregnancy Newsletters

If you'd like to receive updates via mail or email about your pregnancy, you can visit almost any pregnancy or baby website online and simply sign up! Here are a few to try:

  • AmericanPregnancyAssociation
  • (free pregnancy wristband for signing up!)
  • Fit
  • Baby

Free Pregnancy Clothing

Once your belly bump begins to show, you'll want to start collecting maternity clothing. Maternity clothing sold in stores, especially boutiques, can be expensive, but you can get some maternity clothing for free:

  • Talk with family members or friends who have maternity clothing they are not using and ask to borrow. My sister-in-law and I do this, and it has saved us a bundle on maternity clothing!
  • Visit free-clothing drives at churches, clinics, or shelters. This is generally for low-income families who are struggling financially to meet the needs of their families. Charitable organizations will do all they can to provide you with maternity clothing so that you can be comfortable during your pregnancy.

Free Pregnancy Apps

Screenshot of the BabyBump pregnancy app. It comes in both a free and paid version.

Screenshot of the BabyBump pregnancy app. It comes in both a free and paid version.

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Free Baby Magazine Subscriptions

Two common baby magazines that are free are Baby Talkand American Baby. They are pregnancy and baby magazines from well known parenting magazines Parents and Parenting. Simply visit their websites and subscribe to Baby Talk and American Baby. There's no need to pay for the other subscriptions until you decide you want to after the baby is born.

Another way to get these magazines is to visit your OB/Gyn or a health clinic. They often have these magazines to give away for free in their offices. Inside the individual magazine is a postcard to fill out and send in or the link to the website to subscribe.

Other free magazines are given away at doctor's offices or in goodie bags when you register in stores, like the New Parent magazine given away from Babies R' Us.

A bonus of all of these magazines is that they all have their own websites and online parenting communities where you can connect to other parents and obtain valuable pregnancy and parenting information!

Pregnancy and Baby Magazines

A sample of the New Parent magazine from the Babies R' Us gift bag.

A sample of the New Parent magazine from the Babies R' Us gift bag.

Free Pregnancy Websites

There are so many free pregnancy websites available. Some of my favorites include:

These tend to have the most accurate information when it comes to pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy weeks, and they also have forums where you can ask questions or speak with other women.

Win FREE Baby Stuff!

There are so many blogs out there who give away FREE baby stuff! Check out Mommy Knows What's Best for awesome baby, kids, and family giveaways and reviews!

Free Websites or Magazines?

Free Baby Registry Gift Bag

When you start a free baby registry at a store, they often give you a goodie bag with free baby samples, like this one from Babies R' Us.

When you start a free baby registry at a store, they often give you a goodie bag with free baby samples, like this one from Babies R' Us.

Free Baby Registry

Having a baby shower or making a list of things you'll need for the baby? Sign up for a free baby registry! It's very easy and free to do so, and you have the option of creating one in a store, visiting a website, or using a mobile app.

Stores with Free Baby Registries

  • Babies R' Us: Free gift bag with samples and coupons, plus a 10% coupon when your registry/shower is over. Also, register for items online or via their mobile app, both for free.
  • Target: Register in store, online or via their mobile app. Receive 10% off at the end of your registry or shower.
  • Walmart: Register in store or online. Returns can be made with gift receipt.
  • Kohl's: Register in store or online. Registry can be seen on their website and on TheBump.
  • Buy Buy Baby: Register in store or online. Receive 10% off at the end of your registry or shower.

Free Baby Registries Online

  • Register through any website by using their browser add-on to add items to your list. Receive 10% off at the end of your registry, plus there's a free 90 day return policy.
  • Register online. Free shipping on all items bought from the registry. Get $50 registry reward cerdits, plus register for diapers! Free returns.
  • Allows you to manage all of your online registries in one place. Registries from other websites or stores are included.

This is just a basic list, but each of these will give you a great start. Just remember to check all of the policies about returns, especially those from the websites. Some claim to be hassle-free while others have specific policies, especially when items come from third-party vendors.

Free Samples for Baby

Free baby items samples can come from a few places. Here are places you can get some free samples for babies:

  • Baby registry gift bags
  • Contacting a baby company or signing up online
  • OB/Gyn or clinic office
  • Childbirth classes
  • Pediatrician's office

Below you will see some specific baby item samples, like diapers and formula, and how you can get them.

Free Baby Samples and Coupons

Free samples from the Babies R' Us Registry gift bag, including the VIB card.

Free samples from the Babies R' Us Registry gift bag, including the VIB card.

Free Baby Diaper Samples

Diapers, especially disposable ones, can end up being really expensive. Even if you purchase store brand diapers, you might still pay about $40-$50 a month, for a total of nearly $500 a year. Since babies are in diapers for roughly 2-3 years, you could be spending upwards of $1000 or more for diapers.

While it is possible to score free diapers (see box to the right), it would be nice to receive some free samples so you know in advance which diapers you'll use. Here are some ways you can receive free diaper samples:

  • Visit each diaper company's website and register to receive their newsletter or other promotions. Not only will they send you free samples, they'll also send you coupons via the mail and email.
  • Ask for samples at the doctor's office or clinic.
  • Receive samples in registry gift bags.
  • Ask family or friends if you can see what they're using for their babies.

Receiving 'free' cloth diaper samples actually costs some money. Some sites like The Honest Company started by Jessica Alba require that you pay shipping for a free-trial, and you will be enrolled for a monthly shipment of goods (which can be cancelled at any time). Others require an up-front fee plus shipping for a sample pack of cloth diapers, of which most of the money will be returned if the diapers are returned on time.

How to Get Free Diapers

  • Register for them on your baby registry (Sizes 2-3 since the baby won't be in NB or Size 1 for long).
  • Have a diapers and wipes wishing well at your baby shower.
  • Ask for them while in the hospital.
  • Join Pampers Gifts to Grow program and earn free boxes of diapers.
  • Join Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards program and earn free boxes of diapers.
  • Use Babies R' Us Rewards card to earn free boxes of diapers.
  • Join the rewards programs offered by cloth diaper companies.
  • Search for diaper deals and use coupons to earn free boxes of diapers.

Free Baby Formula Samples

For those who can't breastfeed or choose not to, formula is another baby item that tends to be expensive. You may end up spending more per moth than you would even with diapers!

There are a few ways you can get free formula samples:

  • Ask your OB/Gyn for samples.
  • Ask your pediatrician for samples.
  • Ask your hospital for samples.
  • Sign up for the formula companies' programs for free samples and coupons.

If you choose a particular brand, you often get other freebies along with the formula samples. I have received free tote bags, freezer packs, bottles, bottle bags, and other goodies from formula companies when I had my kids.

Note: It is becoming common practice for hospitals to not offer new moms free formula or other freebies. If you plan on formula feeding, speak with the hospital ahead of time to see if they offer the formula.

Free Baby Formula

  • Have a formula wishing well at your baby shower.
  • Use a combination of store deals and coupons to get free formula.
  • Use rewards programs from stores or companies to earn free formula.
  • Sign up for the Babies R' Us VIB card and ask for donations to the card from family and friends.

Free Baby Bottle

Free Similac bottle from signing up with their Strong Moms program.

Free Similac bottle from signing up with their Strong Moms program.

Free Baby Bottle Samples

Free baby bottle samples are a little hard to find, but it is possible to get them. Companies such as Similac will send you a sample of their bottles if you sign up for their Strong Moms program. Other bottle related samples can be found in gift bags from registries.

If you are interested in a particular bottle, it wouldn't hurt to contact the company and simply ask for a sample. Companies want long-term customers, so they'll most likely send you a product to keep you interested in their brand.

Free Baby Clothes

Baby clothing can be just as expensive as maternity clothing or other adult clothing. Here are a few ways you can get some free baby clothing:

  • List baby clothing on your baby registry. Remember to list clothes that will fit baby at various stages, from birth to 12 months.
  • Borrow from family or friends. If you have family or friends with children older than yours, you may be able to borrow what they no longer need for your baby. I have done this myself and have saved a lot of money since I have had to buy very little everyday clothing for my kids. For instance, my sister-in-laws and I have little girls all around the same age. We have been rotating clothing now since they were all born, and when another girl was born into the family, we passed the clothing on to that family as well. It has worked out for all of us. Baby clothing is usually only gently used since babies grow out of them so quickly, so it was like getting new clothing every few months.
  • Trade in at consignment shops. Many consignment shops allow you to trade in gently used or like-new clothing for larger sizes.
  • Visit a free clothing drive at an area church or other organization. Many churches and charitable organizations have semi-annual clothing drives to help families in need.

Baby Giveaways

Many stores, companies, magazines, blogs, or websites have baby item giveaways for a great number of free baby supplies, ranging from a sippy cup to a stroller travelling system. To enter the giveaways, you usually have to do one or more of the following:

  • Fill out a form with your name, address, email and phone number
  • 'Like' them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter
  • Create a board on Pinterest with their items
  • Answer a survey
  • Leave a comment on a blog
  • Write a review for a product you already own

These can be fun and require very little time. Just be aware of scams that try to get you to sign up for other offers which may require you to spend money or of scams that sell your information to third parties.

Free Baby Items

It's nice to get things for free, isn't it? Have fun finding and receiving these free baby items before your bundle of joy arrives!



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Carlene, congrats on your new addition! Best wishes to you!

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shan liu, for the free gift bag and samples, go to Babies R' Us and start a baby registry. Have fun!

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i will like to get free gift bag and some free samples.

thank you

Marissa (author) from United States on October 01, 2012:

jimmythejock, that's interesting to see what goes on over in the UK; I like that the midwife gives a 'bounty pack'! And what a great idea to register with supermarkets for vouchers and gifts.

Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

Jimmy the jock from Scotland on October 01, 2012:

In the uk the midwife presents us with a "Bounty pack" which is similar to the one in your first picture, we also registered online with local supermarkets and receive vouchers and gifts on a monthly basis from them.....jimmy

Marissa (author) from United States on September 30, 2012:

randomcreative, thanks so much for reading and commenting! :)

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 30, 2012:

This is such a great resource! Thanks for putting it together. So many great ideas out there for many different moms.

Marissa (author) from United States on September 30, 2012:

Janis Goad, what a good idea to use a diaper service that friends or family could contribute to! I bet that helped tremendously. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing! :)

Janis Goad on September 29, 2012:

I loved having a diaper service when my child was wearing them. Friends could give gift certificates for the service parents have chosen, and the monthly cost is less than buying disposable diapers.

Lots of good information here. I am sharing!

Marissa (author) from United States on September 29, 2012:

SimeyC, there really is a lot out there if you know where to look for it. Now you know for the next grandchild! ;) Thank you very much for reading and commenting!

Simon from NJ, USA on September 29, 2012:

Excellent article - wish I had this resource when my daughter was prengant!!! I didn't realize there was so much help!

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