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Top 3 Best Free, Online Arm Workouts for Women

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Women love cardio because it burns calories, but nothing beats strength training for creating your best body. Arm workouts for women can be hard to find. Many cardio-based fitness programs intrinsically target the legs—running, squatting, and jumping all use your bodies largest muscles and allow you to move quickly and increase your heart rate. Luckily, it's easy to integrate simple arm exercises or circuits into your home workout.

Love this gal!

Love this gal!

1. PopSugar Fitness: Anna Renderer

Looking for a 10-minute arm workout on YouTube? PopSugar fitness offers several awesome 10-minute arm workouts that focus on arm strength and toning. These include dumbbell exercises for arms, so you can do them at home. Plus, you can easily adjust to your personal skill level by choosing a different weight.

My fave Popsugar trainer? Anna Renderer: adorable, encouraging, peppy—but not too peppy. The first arm workout (below) focuses on all parts of the arm, including the biceps and triceps, but with a particular emphasis on working out the shoulders. The second video features some of the best tricep exercises, in addition to some ab exercise in plank.

Checkout all of Anna's PopSugar Fitness videos here.

10 Minute Arm & Shoulder Workout With Anna Renderer

10 Minute Tricep Workout With Anna Renderer

Tracy Anderson & her BFF Gwen

Tracy Anderson & her BFF Gwen

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2. Tracy Anderson Arm Workouts

Tracy Anderson (who is famously Gwyneth Paltrow's trainer) has an entirely different approach to women's fitness. She believes that using a lot of dumbbell weight creates bulk (whether or not this is true is TBD), so she focuses on the small muscle groups. In her arm workouts, she uses quick, small, repetitive movements. The awesome part about these workouts (or annoying, depending on your style), is that there's really no instruction. You just follow along. Better to watch a Tracy Anderson video through once or twice before trying it out—you want to hit the angles with some precision even if it looks like Tracy is only flailing around. Tracy Anderson's workouts are funky and weird—but the burn tells me that I'm really working. So close the blinds, and get to work!

5:27 Tracy Anderson Arm Workout Video

Andrea Orbeck

Andrea Orbeck

3. Popsugar Fitness: Andrea Orbeck

While I love Popsugar's Anna R. best of all, Andrea Orbeck has some pretty awesome arm exercise videos, too. She's not quite as... huggable? as Anna, but she knows her stuff. She's trained Victoria's Secret models and Heidi Klum.

The youtube bicep workout below is one of my favorites because it really focuses on working all of the angles of the biceps and throws in a few triceps moves as well.

Andrea Orbeck: 10-Minute Bicep and Tricep Workout

Arm Workouts–Without the Video

Finally, you don't need a video or even 10 minutes to complete a great arm workout. The internet offers some of the best arm workout plans with only text and pictures. The below calendar, for example, keeps you focused on increasing your output a little each day, and uses only four basic moves: push-ups, dips, bicep curls, and punches. Classic moves that we keep doing because they work! Just make sure you understand correct form before you embark on any workout challenge.

Interested in finding more great arm workouts? Check out my article on the best arm workouts for women available on DVD.

30-Day Arm Challenge



Dumbbells for Arm Workouts

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